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In 1822, Giuseppe Dal Niel, nicknamed "Danieli" was able to rent a part of a palazzo and transform it into a hotel, called "Danieli". Today it comands one of the best locations of the city, only a few steps away from St. Marco place. We like the rooftop terrace and its view. Something here must have inspired George Sand's "Love and Genius".

For decades the hotel was part of various hotel groups: CIGA, later The Luxury Collection, Starwood, and finally Marriott International, The Luxury Collection and Marriott Bonvoy. 

Starting from 6 January 2023, Marriott International, The Luxury Collection and Marriott Bonvoy will no longer manage or be in any way affiliated with the Hotel Danieli (decision taken jointly by Marriott International and Statuto Group, owner of the structure). 

The structure was built at the end of the 14th century by the Dandolos, a noble Venetian family. In the 16th century the building was divided into three sections for different members of the family. The richly embellished building, which gives the appearance of a single unit from the exterior, was then the venue of social gatherings and lavish parties.

In the 17th century, ownership was with the Mocenigo and the Bernardo families who continued to hold grand social events. At the wedding celebration of Giustiniana Mocenigo with Lorenzo Giustinian in 1629, Giulio Strozzi's Proserpina Rapita was performed with music by Monteverdi. The two families were still the owners of the building at the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797. After the building had suffered the effects of the city's decline, the Venetian Giuseppe Dal Niel of Friuli, known as Danieli, rented the first floor of the building from 24 October 1822 for his own use and to house his guests. In 1824, appreciating its potential as a centrally located meeting place, he bought the entire building, lavishly restored it and converted it into a hotel which he appropriately renamed "Danieli". 

Hotel in the late 19th century
Many notable artists, writers and musicians stayed here, among them Goethe, Wagner, Charles Dickens, Byron, Peggy Guggenheim, Leonard Bernstein, Benjamin Britten, Harrison Ford, and Steven Spielberg. John Ruskin stayed here when he was working on The Stones of Venice. One of the most popular rooms in the hotel is Number 10. It was here that Aurore Dudevant, better known as George Sand, stayed with her lover Alfred de Musset. The biography of George Sand, under the section "Love and Genius", brings out the romantic details of their stay in this room. During this period, the famous restaurant, first known as the Caffè Brigiacco, came into being among the shops which developed on the ground floor. As it was run by two Greek brothers who had a liking for oriental dress, it later became known as the "Caffè Orientale".

A large terrace with a balustrade was added on top in 1924.

Giuliano Corsi
Dr. Antonello De Medici

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Rooftop Restaurant Terrazza Danieli Dandolo Hall, Afternoon Tea

clients can use the swimming pool and tennis of our sister hotels in Lido of Venice

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Country: Italy
City: Venice
Opening date: 1822, in 1824 "Danieli"
First owner/Manager: Giuseppe Dal Niel, nicknamed "Danieli"

Note from the Host

General Manager

Claudio Staderini

Hotel Manager: Mr. Emanuele Nasi


Castello 4196 Riva degli Schiavoni
30122 Italy, Venice

Tel: +39 041-522 6480
Fax: +39 041-520 0208

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