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Since the year 1998 this quiz puzzles our readers. Only a handful of people were able to solve all its riddles. We update the questions from time to time, so it is never the same.

Test your knowledge in the field of hotels.

Your answers are reviewed by a real person and should you have managed to answer all questions correctly we will personally contact you via your mail address.

ATTENTION: the correct answers are not automatically shown after posting this test. So, please don't fill in nonsense in order to see the results. We will inform you about your results only if more than 80% were correct.

1. Who founded a South-East Asian city and had a hotel named after him some 70 years later?

2. Vivaldi couldn't have named it better (in German) - harbour city sounds like popular fast-food.

3. A new tower on a 1928 hotel block lead to a better view over original homeland China.

4. First came the cake, then the hotel (1876), both were named after the same man.

5. Named after a continent in a city which is not - as many erroneously believe - named after its founder.

6. More than Royal, quickly refurbished palace to be opened in time for the world-expo of 1873.

7. Longest surviving royal house in Europe, 'stranded' in UK capital.

8. Oh, what a famous hotelier, next to the Prado.

9. D for deer - NO! It's a stag, G for gold, All in Sound of Music environment and near Mozart's birthplace?

10. 'Hof'!, not 'sausage'.

11. On the shore of the Mother of all Waters, opposite of occidental.

12. Facing the last of all remaining seven (antique) wonders of the world.

13. Its terrace overlooks Elephantine Island.

14. A salad bears its name and when Conrad H. bought it, he called it 'the greatest of them all'.

15. Royal for sure, founded in its capital when Elisabeth was Queen of Hungary.

16. A TV series star on the West Coast of America. Not in Hollywood, but on a nob(le) hill.

17. Sharing the same name with a British Earl and an English city, located between an opera house and answer to 6.

18. A paradise garden overlooks the Atlantic, very British in Portugal.

19. Agatha Christie's Constantinopel headquarters.

20. Named after a mausoleum, at the Gate of India.

21. Grand Hotel with one crown at ski-jumping winter Olympics venue 1928?

22. US settlement - at least by its name - in the Holy Land?

23. The city became the NEW capital of its country in 1911 (called New ...), the hotel came in 1936.

24. A romantic castle at Austria's warmest lake.

25. The mother of all Russian cities and its "first" palace.

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