The Half Moon Treasury – Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica (English) 2018

The Half Moon Treasury – Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica (English) 2018

Andreas Augustin




376 historic and contemporary photographs and illustrations

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Welcome to Half Moon; the legendary beach resort. As some have it, Half Moon represents the third wave of beach resorts for Americans: the first generation established Palm Beach as their getaway from New York, their children built Nassau to get away from Palm Beach and the 1950s generation made Jamaica their retreat to get away from their parents. For Europeans, Jamaica was the guarantee to get away from it all. They all were the first true ‘generation cool’.

Jamaica was emerging as the most beautiful of the southernmost islands of the British West Indies. A group of connoisseurs of freedom and luxury created Half Moon, ‘invited’ friends to also purchase a stretch of land upon which to build their own bungalow. The bungalows could be rented out to tourists when the owners were not around. A hotel management would take care of all this. Sounded good!

This book is the little brother of HALF MOON, the elegant coffee-table book with over 500 photographs. It has, however, taken years to compile and without the help of all the wonderful people of Half Moon’s past and present, it would not have been possible. May I invite you to follow me down memory lane, into some pages of Jamaican history, before we tackle the story of Half Moon?

Andreas Augustin

Special thanks go to Guy III Steuart, Chairman of Half Moon, and Sandro Fabris, who initiated the research work about the history of Half Moon.
We are indebted to Guy II and Margaret Steuart, Cornelius Reid, William H. Pearce, Nina Pearce, Peter Kellond, Richard Whitfield, Peter Komposch, Robin and Trina deLisser and Shernette Crichton.
We are most grateful for the memories of Heinz and Elisabeth Simonitsch, and thankful for all assistance and advise to Giorgio Rusconi, Elvis Malahoo, Spencer Edwards, Wordsworth Watson and of course to Half Moon’s public relations and archives manageress Laura Redpath.
Personal thanks to Tony and Sheila Hart for various private consultations,
to Chris Blackwell, Mark Kerr-Jarrett and Josef Forstmayr.
We are indebted to Attila Becsy, Brian Langford, Christopher Golding, Paula Lilly, Everette Baker, Fitzroy Kirlew Dobson, George Palmer, Georgia Rookwood, Hans Heusinkveld, Joan Coore, Jonathan Greenland, Josef Forstmayr, Myrtle Dwyer, Peter Wise, Shirley and Annabelle Arber, Solomon Gardner, Stella Gray, Tamika Williams and Ras Natango, Tanya Vassell, William C. Marlatt, Alford Anglen and all the others who so enthusiastically contributed to this book.
Photography: Cindy Steuart, Holger Leue, Joplin Sinclair, Casey Cronin, Roberto Bonardi, Archives of Half Moon.
Historic photos: Steuart Family Archives, William Pearce, Cornelius Reid, Jamaica National Heritage Trust, The National Library of Jamaica
Half Moon History Database ( Carola Augustin
© Andreas Augustin The Most Famous Hotels in the World (2017)

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