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Since 1903 Park Hotel Vitznau reigns majestically over this bay of Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstätter See). In March 2013, the Park Hotel Vitznau reopened completely renovated and in great shape.

Since 1867, a boarding house called ‘Pension Pfyffer’ welcomed its guests. In 1903, when the sparkling new construction of the Park Hotel opened adjacent to this Pension Pfyffer, a new era began. The Park Hotel was regarded as the most beautiful hotel architecture in Switzerland at the time.

On the romantic lawns marriage vows were made; families were joyously reunited in the elegant salons. Some people met discreetly, others toasted business success, many sat down to sensational gourmet extravaganzas at lavishly laid tables.

by michelle chaplow

In 2009 it was closed, luxuriously renovated and reopened in 2013. The reopening of the Park Hotel was a milestone in international hotel business. A design concept without peer had inexorably become reality to create a new stage for all of the performances of the future. This fairy-tale castle, all the legends, right here in the heart of historic Switzerland, hundreds of historic documents and pictures and, last but not least, the splendid contemporary photography of Michelle Chaplow make this book a unique document.

vitznau park hotel by andras augustin
The book PARK HOTEL VITZNAU offers a deep insight into the history of Swiss hospitality and the rise, fall and resurrection of a Swiss icon.

Vitznau around 1900 was certainly one of the most idyllic settings in Europe. In the background the Rigi funicular railway. In 1903 the Park Hotel opened its doors.

In 1866, the Villa Von Pfyffer stood alone on 15 hectares of land at the foot of the Rigi, the queen of mountains, on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

On the grounds of the Villa Pfyffer, from 1901 – 1903, the Park Hotel Vitznau was designed. Architect Karl Koller who, in 1912, also built the Suvretta House in St. Moritz, built it in the belle époque style.


The Rigi summit is directly accessible from Vitznau - a major attraction since over one century.

1903, 22 April: the Park Hotel Vitznau opened its doors for its first summer season.

In summer 2009 the Park Hotel Vitznau was sold to Peter Pühringer's group of companies, the POK Pühringer AG, Switzerland. The Pühringer Group is carrying out extensive renovation and restoration work on the Park Hotel Vitznau to make it into the "fairy-tale castle of the future."


In March 2013, the Park Hotel Vitznau reopened as an all year-round luxurious all-suite hotel.

Composer Bela Bartok enjoyed the tranquil gardens; Hollywood stars like Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis shot scenes of a movie there; Wimbledon champion Jaroslav Drobný won the hotel’s tennis tournament, violonist Anne Sophie Mutter loves the hotel were also water ski and tennis championships were held, books were written, songs composed, ...

1892 Josef Anton Vinzenz Bon (1854–1915)
kauft die Pension Pfyffer/Hotel du Parc
1892–1915 Primus Bon (Bruder von Josef A.V. Bon)
1915–1923 Primus Bon ( Sohn von Josef A.V. Bon)
1923–1935 Anton Bon (Sohn von Josef A.V. Bon)
1935–1943 K. Bieri
1943–1951 Rudolf Candrian-Bon
1951–1958 Eugen Rüegger
1958–1968 Erich Hofmann
1968–2004 Peter Bally, kauft 1971 das Hotel, verkauft
1980 an Oetker, bleibt Direktor des
Hauses für Rudolf-August Oetker bis 2004.
2004–2009 Thomas Kleber für Rudolf-August Oetker.
2012–heute Urs Langenegger für die POK Pühringer Grupper
45 suites Rooms
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Park Hotel Vitznau
Country: Switzerland
City: Vitznau
Opening date: 1903-2009, 2013 March

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