Punkaharju’s Valtionhotelli is the oldest lodging house in Finland and its history is full of fascinating details for the hotel history buff. Built in wood, it reminds the visitor of a chalet in the heart of the Swiss Alps – and indeed this was the inspiration. It is typically Finnish though and is something of a monument for the local region.
Setting the Stage HISTORY IN BRIEF 1845: Opening year 1978-9: A highly challenging restoration programme was carried out on the wooden hotel. HISTORY IN DETAIL 1803: Recognising the beauty of Punkaharju, Tsar Alexander I urged that the esker forests be protected. 1840: Punkaharju was submitted to the State. 1845: The oldest part of the hotel was built as a forest warden’s house where modest lodging facilities were also provided for tourists. Designed by Ernst Bernhard Lohrmann, it was one of the first Swiss chalet-style buildings in Finland. 1879: The forest warden’s house was extended by adding an annex of ten guest rooms. After the extension the building was used as a lodging house, and the forest warden moved to a separate residence. 1893: 10 guestrooms were added. 1898: Construction and extension work at the hotel. A separate annex building, the so-called Empress’s Villa (also known as “Villa Punkasyrjä” in old documents) was built less than 200 metres from the main hotel. The Empress’s Villa There is no knowledge of how and why the Villa got its name, and neither is there any proof to show that an Empress was accommodated there. The wooden building contains guest rooms and its architecture is very different from the hotel building. The style indicates the revival of Neo Renaissance and has some resemblance to some villas built at the end of 19th century on the Karelian Isthmus. 1899: A new kitchen was built. 1906: The Punkaharju Railway Station, designed by Bruno Granholm, was completed in 1906, in connection with the construction of the SavonlinnaElisenvaara railway. 1978-9: The hotel was completely renovated.
Managed by: Lomalitto
cosy restaurant for 150 people a terrace
Have a tour of stunning Punkaharju. This is a narrow esker formation between Puruvesi and Pihlajavesi, two lakes that are part of the Lake Saimaa water system. The esker was formed approximately 10,000 years ago during the most recent glacial period. It has been estimated that it took some 30 years for the esker to build up: loose soil was brought with glacier water along a crevasse in the continental ice sheet to form the sevenkilometre esker. There are lots of cultural sights to make the journey even more interesting, not least the hotel itself which is a vital part of this region’s history.
The hotel has its own pier, lakeside sauna, beach, tennis court and beach-volley court. There are also bikes available.
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Country: Finland
City: Punkaharju
Opening date: 1845

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