History The Nile
The Nile had opened in 1959 as the first American hotel in Egypt.

The Nile

Flying under the flag of Hilton, "Conrad Hilton's 'Jewel on the Nile' opened with great fanfare and a cast of several Hollywood celebrities and journalists ..." (press text, 1959) Image The Nile welcomed all Egypt's VIP visitors. Heads of States, film stars, famous athletes. It was the antipode to the legendary and historic Mena House at the city's outskirts (in Giza, at the Pyramids). Above a photograph of King Hussein of Jordan at the Nile (Hilton), taken in September 1969, showing the monarch relaxing at the swimming pool bar, prior to lunching with the Jordanian delegation in the Tropicana Club.

In 2009 the hotel changed management, it was operated by Ritz Carlton until 2010. The historical impact of this hotel on the society of modern Egypt is enormous and will be subject of a study which we will publish in the near future.

Opening: 1959

details to follow.

Jeffrey Seward (2009 08 23 – current)
Martin Kleinmann (2008–2009)
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The Nile
Country: Egypt
City: Cairo
Opening date: 1959, February

Note from the Host

General Manager Jeffrey Seward


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