Like a beautiful fairytale castle, the hotel is sits in the fantastic alpine landscape of the Upper Engadine. All around it, the mountaintops rise majestically into the sky. Lakes glitter deep down in the valley, dark blue in summer, covered in ice in winter. Suvretta House has its own kind of magic.?
1911 Building work is commenced on Suvretta House. The architect Karl Koller is commissioned with its completion. The hotel pioneer Anton Sebastian Bon fulfils his dream. 1912 Opening of the hotel on December 21st, 1912. The infrastructure of the luxury hotel included some 350 beds and 110 bathrooms. 1915 Marie Bon takes over Suvretta House following the death of her husband. 1916 Hans Bon, son of the founder, takes over the management of Suvretta House. 1919 Last appearance of the dancer Vaslav Nijinsky at Suvretta House festival hall. 1925 Opening of the Suvretta-Champfr ski school (today Suvretta Snow-Sports School). 1935 Inauguration of the first ski-lift in Switzerland from Suvretta to Randolins by Hans Bon and the actor Douglas Fairbanks. 1940 Suvretta House shuts its doors (World War II). 1946 The wait has been worthwhile: a new beginning and the reopening in summer of Suvretta House after the turmoil of war. 1950 Following the death of Hans Bon, Rudolf Candrian-Bon takes over the management of the hotel. 1955 Albert Candrian is the new manager at Suvretta House. 1966/67 Building of the staff lodgings "Casa Nova". 1968 New building of the indoor swimming pool 1968 Dorli and Rudolf F. MŸller take over the management of Suvretta House. 1974 Acquisition of the restaurant Chasellas at the Suvretta valley station chair-lift. 1983 Building of the mountain restaurant Trutz (skiing and hiking restaurant) at 2'214 m. above sea-level. 1985/86 Extension and enlargement of the Suvretta Club (club restaurant with bar, hall and terrace of informal character). 1989 Helen and Vic Jacob are bound as the new management 1989-93 Installation of a modern heating / water processing plant with heat recovery. 1989 Building of the staff property "Chesa Nanin". 1993 Opening of the new "Teddy Club" children's restaurant. 1995 Inauguration of the hotel golf driving range. 1996 Refurbishment and enlargement of the "Suvretta Sports & Pleasure" fitness and wellness facilities. 1996 Opening of the new restaurant Chamanna at 2'672 m. above sea-level (lease operation). 1998 Rebuilding and opening of the modernised hotel kitchen. 1999 Redesigning of the "Anton's Bar". In honour of the hotel's founder, Anton Bon. 2000 Extensive redevelopment of the entrance area (reception, conciergerie) and the ConBrio festive hall ensemble. Renovation of the indoor pool and installation of the first outdoor whirlpool in St. Moritz. 2001 Construction of the new staff quarters "Chesa Chavaglietta". 2003 Extensive refurbishment of guest-rooms / suites in the hotel's east wing. 2006 Extensive refurbishment of 44 guest-rooms / suites in the hotel's south-west wing
The year was 1911. Hotel pioneer Anton Sebastian Bon had long been thinking of building a grand hotel with views of the lakes Champfèr and Silvaplana on the Chasellas Plateau, not far from St. Moritz. The time had come to carry out his dream. The foundations were laid on 22 April 1911 and over the following year and a half a palace-like, stately building destined to achieve worldwide fame was erected on this beautiful spot - Suvretta House was born. 1912: The hotel was inaugurated on 21 December 1912 with great pomp and circumstance. Anton Sebastian Bon's dream had become reality.
Managed by: Helen & Vic Jacob
Discover the hotel by yourself. Suvretta House moves with the times. Tradition has a future. Six generations of hoteliers have managed Suvretta House during the nearly one hundred years of its history; and each has left its imprint on the exclusive house. The hotel has undergone various phases of regeneration dictated by the changing requirements of its demanding cosmopolitan guests. The integration of an unrivalled wellness paradise was one milestone, as was the creation of the ConBrio banqueting complex or the total renovation of the guest rooms. Constant change does not exclude tradition. Suvretta House will always be a place that upholds the values of hospitality.?
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Country: Switzerland
City: St. Moritz
Opening date: 1912, 21 December

Note from the Host

General Manager Helen and Vic Jacob


Via Chasellas 1
7500 Switzerland, St. Moritz

Tel: +41 (0) 818 36 36 36
Fax: +41 (0) 818 36 37 37

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