The hotel provides the public with little information about its history. Our team researches the hotel's past, from the very beginning, verifying its exact opening date and providing an overview of its history up to the present day.?If you have any useful information and would like to share it, please send it to you This is what we know so far (attention: unverified history!): Over one hundred years ago, when hotel operator Myron O. Brown sought to build an exclusive resort community on Lake George in the Adirondacks, he looked for support from four Philadelphia millionaires who were summer residents of the area - E. Burgess Warren, William B. Bement, Robert Glendenning and George Burnham. Together they bought Green Island for a hotel site and formed The Green Island Improvement Company. Later they were joined by investor John Boulton Simpson of New York City, who became the company's president. The Sagamore opened in 1883 with luxurious and spacious accommodations that attracted a select, international clientele. Twice damaged by fire, in 1893 and 1914, The Sagamore was fully reconstructed in 1930 through the efforts of Dr. William G. Beckers of New York City, one of the hotel's early stockholders, and William H. Bixby, a St. Louis industrialist. Together they financed the cost in spite of the bleak economic climate of the period. Throughout its history, The Sagamore has been a social center for the wealthy residents of Green Island and Millionaires Row, the stately mansions along the island's western shore. In 1954, the hotel hosted the National Governor's Conference, presided over by Vice President Richard M. Nixon, and hosted by Governor Thomas E. Dewey. The hotel eventually fell into disrepair before closing its doors in 1981. In 1983, one hundred years after construction of the first Sagamore, builder and real estate developer Norman Wolgin, of Philadelphia, purchased the hotel and restored it to its former grandeur. With Kennington Ltd., Inc. of Los Angeles, Wolgin formed a partnership under the name Green Island Associates to bring about this splendid restoration. The Sagamore is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The area surrounding The Sagamore is rich in history. As early as 1642 the land was explored by the French who named the lake "Lac Du Saint Sacrement" since the waters of the now named Lake George were considered sacred to the local natives. Fighting among the French, British and native population occurred in the lake region during the French and Indian War, and is recorded by James Fennimore Cooper in The Last of The Mohicans. After the final British victory the lake was renamed for King George II. William (Bill) Preston Gates has published History of The Sagamore Hotel, a 124-page book filled with historic photographs and narrative about the century old New York landmark. To purchase the book at $19.95 plus shipping and handling, contact the Emporium at 518-743-5080. Lake George and Bolton Landing are within the borders of the six million acre New York Adirondack State Park, created in 1892. Sagamore Ghost stories: Hotel Sagamore, Bolton Landing, New York; The Story: The hotel, which has been open since the 1880s, has ghost spottings going back to the 1950s. The Haunting: In the 1950s, a little boy was often seen chasing golf balls and selling them to the pro shop for extra cash. One day, he was hit by a car while running after a ball. The little boy is still seen by guests out on the course. In the Dining Room: In the hotel's fine dining restaurant, The Trillium, a couple who were among the first guests of the hotel in the 1880s are often spotted walking down the stairs and sitting in the reception area. In the Kitchen: On one occasion, a tall woman dressed in white spoke to a prep cook in the other restaurant, Mr. Brown's. She then walked towards him -- and through him -- and disappeared. The spooked cook quit his job immediately ----------------------
Richard Nixon Thomas E. Dewey

Myron Brown, Karl Abbott

54 r + 46 s + 120 Lodge suites/120 Lodge rooms Rooms
Situated in the unspoiled Adirondack Mountains, The Sagamore features the Historic Hotel, with its elegant décor, and The Lodges, decorated in a relaxed Adirondack style.
Trillium Sagamore Dining Room Mr. Browns cafe Club Grill Pool Terrace The Morgan, Dinner Cruises
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Teepee Club is an enrichment program designed to help our younger guests get the most our of their Sagamore vacation. Offered 7 days a week from the end of June through Labor Day and holidays year-round. When your child joins Teepee Club you can be sure that he or she will take home as many memories as you do. At The Sagamore, we believe in having fun no matter what your age!
Teepee Club evening programs, offered 5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. for children ages 4-12 includes children's dinner buffet in the Sagamore Dining Room in season, or choice of child friendly food at Teepee Club. ( Pls note extra fees are charged)
Swimming pool, Spa, tennis, raquetball, Donald Ross golf course, boating
Max. 600 pax
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Country: USA
City: Bolton Landing
Opening date: 1883(I.II.II.)

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General Manager S. Lee Bowden
Hotel Manager: see GM
Concierge: Randy McCane


110 Sagamore Road
NY 12814 Lake George USA, Bolton Landing

Tel: +1-518-644 9400
Fax: +1-518-644 2604

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