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Grand Resorts Bad Ragatz is the new name for a combination of the historic hotels Quellenhof and Grand Hotel Hof Ragatz and other spa-related institutions including a casino. It is among the oldest spa hotels in the world. Bad Ragaz in Eastern Switzerland, near Austria and Liechtenstein, served as a retreat for the international aristocratic clientele, namely British, Austrian, German, Italian and Russian gentry. The hotel Quellenhof first opened for the summer season of 1869. Today it is again a leading spa destination in Switzerland, set amongst lush green mountains, clean crisp air and fresh flowing water.
Location: Situated in the beautiful foothills of the Alps in Heidiland in eastern Switzerland, approximately one hour by train or car from Zurich (110km) and 45 minutes from Altenrhein airfield. The nearest helipad is just 5 minutes from Bad Ragaz. Liechtenstein, Chur and the Bündner Herrschaft region are on the doorstep; St. Moritz, Lake Constance and Appenzell are all within easy reach.
1242 Fifty years before the foundation of the Swiss Confederation was laid, hunters from the Benedictine monastery in Pfäfers discover hot springs gushing from the treacherous rocks of the Tamina Gorge. Hot water in abundance – a veritable miracle! These 'akrato' waters, a term derived from the Greek language meaning 'pure, hot springs with a low mineral content', emerge 20 m to the right of the Tamina River at 639 m.a.s.l. and have a constant temperature of 36.5º C. This natural outflow of ground water originates from the Tödi catchment area, seeping through the crystalline sedimentary rocks of this region and finally springing forth in the Tamina Gorge a decade later. 14th c. It’s small wonder that soon afterwards the notion of bathing in these thermal springs catches on. The abbots build the first bathhouse near the source. 1840 On 31st May, a 4 km-long conduit is completed to transport the thermal waters from the source directly to Hof Ragaz. 1868 After prolonged negotiations, the internationally acclaimed Swiss architect, Bernhard Simon (1816 – 1900), acquires the domain of Ragaz from the Canton of St. Gallen as well as a licence to utilise the hot springs for a period of 100 years. Upon signing the licensing and sales agreement, Simon commits himself to building not only "a splendiferous inn set among gardens and a gracious park", but also drinking fountains, a Kursaal and new bathing facilities by the beginning of the 1870 holiday season. Thus, a Swiss architect, whom the Russian nobility often commissioned for their imposing St. Petersburg edifices, becomes the founder of today's Health, Spa & Golf Resort. 1869 Grand Hotel Quellenhof and the Helenabath, named after the Russian grand princess, open their doors at the end of July. 1870 The opening of the Kursaal. The Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71 proves disastrous for the spa: numerous guests stay at home or pack their bags and leave in a hurry. 1871 Bernhard Simon builds Europe's first indoor thermal pool at Bad Ragaz. 1872 Bad Ragaz establishes itself as one of the world's most fashionable health resorts. A cosmopolitan clique of the rich, beautiful and powerful congregate here during the holiday season. The Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz remains operative without interruption over the ensuing decades. 1900 Bernhard Simon, founder of the world-renowned health resort, dies on 28 July. His grave is to be found in Bad Ragaz cemetery. Bernhard Simon had previously passed on his possessions including the Resort to his three sons in 1891. 1904 The first 9-hole golf course is built in the Heulöser area. Golf had previously been played in the “Fluppe”. 1939 With the outbreak of World War 2, the Quellenhof closes. 1957 The Hotel Quellenhof reopens under new management. The building, baths and Medical Health Centre are renovated and expanded under the supervision of Zurich architect Otto Glaus. New, spacious landscaped grounds are created. 1962 Acquisition of the tennis courts by the Bad Ragaz tennis club and refurbishment of the tennis facilities on Maienfelderstrasse. 1970 Opening of the Valens Clinic. The Pfäfers bath building continues to operate as a restaurant in the gorge. 1973 Transition to an all-year-round operation and opening of the 3rd thermal swimming pool with relaxation hall and solarium; at the same time, the old bath is renovated and a new heating system installed. 1986 For the first time, refreshing 'Ragazer Wasser' is available as salubrious table water at Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz and in other establishments in Bad Ragaz. 1992 Opening of a new wing at Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz with 57 single and 20 double rooms plus 4 suites. 1994 Opening of the wellness oasis over an area of 2,000 m2. 1995 Subsequent to the demolition of the old Grand Hotel Quellenhof, construction of a completely new building is started. 1996 On 31 October, a ceremony is held to mark the reopening of the new Grand Hotel Quellenhof after just 22 months of construction time. The inaugural Bad Ragaz PGA Seniors Open is held on the Bad Ragaz golf course. 2000 The existing wellness area is enlarged by 500 m2 to 2,500 m2. New 'luxury treatment rooms' provide the requisite space and tranquillity for innovative treatment methods. The Medical Centre's vein treatment centre opens its doors in September. This is followed in November by the rebuilding of the golf clubhouse and the 18-hole golf course. An application for the operation of a casino is submitted. The Valens Clinic is extended and gains a new therapy pool. 2001 Bad Ragaz is granted a B-concession for the operation of a casino. Casino Bad Ragaz AG (shareholders: 66.66% Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz AG, 33.33% ACE Casino & Entertainment AG). Building application for the 9-hole golf course. The luxury treatment area in the “to B. Health Club” is expanded yet again. 2002 Construction work begins on the Bad Ragaz Casino in February and the Casino is officially opened on 27th December 2002. 2003 March sees the beginning of conversion work on "Café Wintergarten" in Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz, transforming it into the "Olives" Restaurant. The Garden Pool close to Grand Hotel Quellenhof is built. The new franchise agreement for the source - which continues to apply until 2067 - is signed. 2004 The Medical Health Centre is accredited as the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre. Opening of the new fitness centre To B. with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment and a Pilates studio. In August the building of the 9-hole Golf course begins. 2005 The To B. Health Club is accredited as a Leading Spa of the World. Opening of the Driving Range Golf Club Heidiland in June and the whole golf course in September. 2006 Official opening of the Golf Club Heidiland and its 9-hole Executive Course in May. The Golf Club Bad Ragaz and Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz host the Bad Ragaz PGA Seniors Open for the 10th time. Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz’s management set a new benchmark with plans for the construction of a new Spa Suite hotel and the total modernisation of Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz. In addition, Tamina Therme will be given a facelift, a modern business and event centre will be built and the Medical Health Centre will be enhanced with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The Board of Directors of Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz plan for the future with an Investment Programme totalling 115 million Swiss Francs. 2007 On 28 November, the founders of the Tamina Therme hold a meeting. In future, it is to be managed as an independent joint stock company. November sees the start of construction of 56 exclusive new Spa Suites. On 7 December, the renovated Kursaal opens as a modern Business & Event Centre. 2008 The Tamina Therme is closed on 2 March. It is demolished and rebuilt. On 25 March, Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz closes. During the planned refurbishment, the central courtyard building is completely demolished and rebuilt. The rooms in the Palais undergo gentle renovation. In April, the new therapy building at the Medical Health Centre is ready for occupation. The renovation of the existing medical centre begins. At the Annual General Meeting on 20 May 2008, the Resort’s name is changed from Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz AG to Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG. This also entails a rebranding: the company promotes itself all over the world with a new, modified logo. It retains the waves, the symbol for water. At the same time, a capital increase of around 40 million Swiss francs is carried out. The main shareholder’s stake rises to 73.3% and the number of shareholders to around 600. In the meantime, construction costs total around 160 million Swiss francs. On 15 September, 70 rooms in the Helenabad wing of Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz open, as do part of the new “To B. Wellbeing & Spa” and“To B. Beauty & Care”. On 20 December, James Good opens his “James Good For You” hairdressing business directly opposite the beauty department. At Christmas, the new “sauna world” opens together with the extravagant 100-square-metre Andeer Private Spa. It also incorporates the world’s first Swarovski embellished herbal steam bath. 2009 With effect from 10 April, the remaining rooms and suites in the renovated Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz are ready for use. At the same time, the new Asian restaurant Namun and the new Mediterranean restaurant Olives d’Or, as well as the Salon Davidoff also open. Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz now also accommodates a cinema. “To B. Wellbeing & Spa” now has a further five luxury treatment rooms, a sauna by the Helenabad pool and two new relaxation rooms with waterbeds and Napshells®. With an area of 5,500 square metres, “To B. Wellbeing & Spa” can justly claim to be the largest wellness oasis in Switzerland. On 1 May, a further 56 new Spa Suites and Spa Lofts are scheduled to reopen. This new construction work has cost 40 million Swiss francs. Each has a “wellness oasis” bathroom equipped with a whirlpool and steam bath, some even have their own private sauna. In addition, these new Spa Suites enjoy Bad Ragaz thermal spa water on tap. The 440-square-metre Penthouse Suite is one of the largest hotel suites in Switzerland. On 12 June, the new and modern public thermal spa the Tamina Therme has reopened on 7,300 stunning square metres. On 26 June, the official opening party with more than 800 guests is held. On 31 August the resort is honoured for a second time with the GaultMillau “Hotel of the year 2009” award - and restaurant Namun (thai/chinese cuisine) is distinguished with 13 GaultMillau points.
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