Parker House

The hotel provides the public with little information about its history. Our team researches the hotel's past, from the very beginning, verifying its exact opening date and providing an overview of its history up to the present day.?If you have any useful information and would like to share it, please send it to you This is what we know so far (attention: unverified history!): Famous for many things such as Inventing Boston Crème Pie, Parker House Roll, The term Scrod and much much more Ho Chi Min and Malcolm X were employed, Charles Dicken's performed a reading of A Christmas Carol for first time in America and lived at the hotel. JFK hosted his First announcements for political office and more more

Paul J. Sacco

535 Rooms and Suites Rooms
Parker´s fine dining and breakfast/brunch. The last Hurrah, bar and grille, lunch & Dinner
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Parker House
Country: USA
City: Boston
Opening date: 1855

Note from the Host

General Manager Richard Mason


60 School Street
MA 02108 USA, Boston

Tel: +1 617 227 8600
Fax: +1 617 742 5729

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