Mount Lavinia

Sri Lanka has a rich collection of (British colonial) historic hotels, but only a handful was able to maintain a reasonable standard. The Mount Lavinia is our choice beach hotel outside of Colombo. Overlooking a bay, it sits on a huge rock. It is privately owned and maintains a high standard, thanks to a Malay general manager, who speaks perfectly Swiss German (married to a Swiss) and who keeps a perfect high European level of service in the hotel and in the restaurants. The hotel is a perfect setting for young couples and honeymooners. The food is outstanding even for Sri Lankan standards (which are in general high).
The Mount Lavinia Hotel is built up around the original residence of Sir Thomas Maitland who was the Governor General of Ceylon from 1805-1811. It was at a welcoming party held in his honour on his arrival in the island that he set his eyes upon a beautiful young dancer, Lovina, whose father was the headman of the dancing troupe. Sir Thomas was smitten by her smile and charms and soon found himself obsessed by her and taking any measures possible to see more of her. He built a house on a remote rock, in view of the capital city of Colombo, however, in a distance safe enough to create a wonderful legend away from the rumours of British colonial rule. As it was highly unconventional for an unmarried British Officer to be seen associating with a local dancing girl. Hence Sir Thomas and his lover met in secret. She was smuggled into his mansion through a secret tunnel that led from her fathers well into a wine cellar in the house. Thomas Maitland ultimately left the country (in 1811) for Malta where he lived and died as a bachelor. The tunnel was eventually sealed up in 1920 and the Gypsy village that surrounded the Governor’s mansion developed into a modern bustling city that took it name from the beautiful Lovina. But the Governor’s home which he named Mount Lavinia House and his monument to his only love has been preserved within the walls and high ceilings of the Mount Lavinia Hotel, where its staff and management alike take pride and glory in its rich history. The official opening date of the "Grand Hotel Mount Lavinia" took place in 1877. The romance (and the history) has made the hotel a natural choice for a long line of history making visitors…Vivian Leigh, Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck, Yuri Gagarin, King Leopold of Belgium and Somerset Maugham were among its guests. In 1975 the hotel was purhcased by the late Mr U.K.Edmund, who completed a Garden Wing and a Sea Wing. In 1980 the new Bay Wing was completed, the ballroom transformed and elevated. 1985: Sanath Ukwatte, U.K. Edmund's son, takes charge as chairman of Mount Lavinia Hotel. Under his chairmanship the hotel develops further and becomes A Select Member of the Most Famous Hotels in the World.
275 Rooms
The Governor's Suite Relive the past surrounded with Antique furniture such as four poster beds, timber floors, authentic almirahs, high ceilings and tall windows. Large sitting and dining areas, a mini bar, cable TV, VCD and CD players are some of the facilities of the modern world which will make your holiday a magical and yet practical experience.
Governor's Restaurant (open 24hs, western and Oriental cuisine) The Terrace – Dine under the stars Tropical Bar The Seafood Cove The Hut (Night Club)
snorkelling, scuba diving surfing,health center,tennis , mini golf, snooker table
Smart Casual - Refrain from shorts, skinnies and slippers
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Our Select Member Hotel

Mount Lavinia
Country: Sri Lanka
City: Mount Lavinia
Opening date: 1877

Note from the Host

General Manager Cassim Bazeer


100, Hotel Road
Sri Lanka, Mount Lavinia

Tel: +94 11 2715221-7
Fax: +941 730 726 738228

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