This is our most famous hotel in Belgrade. It occupies an excellent position in the central part of the city and the building still features its original secession façade from the time it was built.
The Hotel was uilt in the style of Russian Secession with elements of Greek and antik style. In 1908 it ws opened by Serbian King Petar I Karadjordjevic in person. The facade was designed by architects from Sankt Petersburg and the moulds have been preserved to this day at the HUngarian „Zsolnay“ factory of Pecs where they were originally made. For the whole century this was the „epicenter of the Balkans“ the most renowened hotel. In ist history the hotel saw nine states and many political systems.
Alfred Hitchcock, Leonid Brezhnev, Michael Douglas, Ray Charles, Robert De Niro, Jean Paul Sartre, Albert and Mileva Einstein, Phlippe Gonzalez, Indira Gandhi, Kirk Douglas
121, 36 apartements Rooms
6 Suites
Wireless internet
Situated in the heart of Belgrade
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Country: Serbia
City: Belgrade
Opening date: 1908

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General Manager


Terazije 20
11000 Serbia, Belgrade

Tel: +381 11 2686 225
Fax: +38 11 2688 389

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