Majestic Saigon

Hotel MAJESTIC situated right on the corner of Catinat St. (Dong Khoi St.) and Quai de Belgique St. (ton Duc Thang St.) was established since 1925 by Huibon Hoa Company. ( The owner was a Chinese - Vietnamese called uncle Hoa). The design was from France with 4 stories and 44 guestrooms at the beginning. In 1948 the Indochina Tourism & Exhibition Department bought the main part of the building consisting of the first floor and the ground floor, and rented in 30 years the remainder of 44 rooms. Mr Franchini Mathieu, a French corsican, signed a contract to exploit the property within 15 years as from 1951. (He was also at htat time the owner of Hotel Continental). In the due year of 1965 the Hotel was managed by the National Travel Bureau and the General Department of Tourism Development. In 1968 two more stories in which an international conference room, a restaurant, and some other guestromms were developped that time was rename as Hoan My - coming from the initials of Hotel MAJESTIC). In 1995 the Ho Chi Minh City Committee decided to set up the Saigontourist Company to manage a lot of hotels among which was Hotel MAJESTIC, now also bearing a new Vietnamese name "Cuu Long". At that time Hotel MAJESTIC had only 99 guestrooms of different types, an European restaurant, an Asian restaurant, an international conference room, a souvenir shop, etc... Through a long time of operation, the premises had been so much downgraded that the management of Saigontourist company decided to inverst in upgradint it. The upgradation took place step by step, and finally on August 1st, 1994 the Hotel was completely closed for total renovation. Aiming at recovering the classical style of Hotel MAJESTIC of 1925, the Saigontourist company has instructed its own construction firm to design and carry out the project with and investment of about USD 5,500,00.
92 / 30 Rooms
Catinat Lounge Cyclo Serenade Breeze Merry Pool Bar
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Majestic Saigon
Country: Vietnam
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Opening date: 1925

Note from the Host

General Manager Tran Hung Viet


1 Dong Khoi Street - District 1
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: +84-8-8295517, 8291376
Fax: +84-8-829 55 10

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