Lausanne Palace

host to many politicians, from Nov 1922 onwards, peace talks betw. Turkish, Greek, French, English, Bulgarian, Italian, Rumanian, Yugoslav and Japanese delegates took place. Numerous celebrities were guest in this hotel, siehe brochure... Over 80 years of eventful history marked by happiness and glory or sometimes tears and anguish in which kings, noblemen, magnates, stars and refugees made and shaped history - their own personal history and that of society. From peace treaties to conferences and all kinds of seminars: for thousands of people from all walks of life, Lausanne and its Palace have been indelibly recorded in the annals of memory. At the beginning of the century, Lausanne asserted its identity as a city of exchanges and study. It felt an obligation to provide a worthy reception for its guests. Already reputed as a “Mecca of Medicine”, it welcomed in 1915 the fragile Olympic institution whose reviver, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, wanted to shelter from the upheavals of the world conflict.
150/31 Rooms
Le Relais, elegant dining with piano music Open-air terrace Le Bar du Relais, piano bar, Le Tinguely, modern bar &coffee shop
health club, indoorpool, jacuzzi, whurlpool, sauna, solarium, massage, Fitness Schönheitscenter - modernstes der Stadt
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Lausanne Palace
Country: Switzerland
City: Lausanne
Opening date: 1915, June 19

Note from the Host

General Manager Jean-Jacques Gauer Esq.
Hotel Manager: Ex Ass Man. Pierre Berclaz


Grand-Chene 7-9
1002 Switzerland, Lausanne

Tel: +41-21-331 31 31
Fax: +41-21-323 25 71

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