History Hotel Yukhary – Karavansaray, Sheki

Hotel Yukhary – Karavansaray, Sheki

Hotel Yukhary – Karavansaray, Sheki

Among our most exotic Select Member Hotels is certainly the Sheki-Karavansaray Hotel in Sheki in Azerbaijan. It is so old that nobody could tell us precisely when it actually opened.




"It was a caravansary hosting caravans with hundreds of men with their camels and horses. Today it is a hotel offering acceptable standards of service and can accommodate for up to 75 people (without camels). It is the place to stay outside of Baku, and you must take this with a certain sportive attitude! Inside there is a warm friendly atmosphere created by polite hospitable hotel staff. The hotel is located next to the main sight of the city - Shirvanshakh Palace. The food, we hear, is also very good. So this is the most famous hotel of all Azerbaijan.
About Sheki: Sheki is another beautiful and major city in Azerbaijan which is surrounded by natural splendors. Bordered by Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, the city offers panoramic view of the mountain and enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year.

The city is also home to many tourist attractions including the Caravan Palace, Juma Mosque, The Palace of the Sheki Khans, Silk Factory, M. Fuzuli Adina Park, Cultural and Resting Park of BU M.F. Achundov, Hadar Aliyev Museum and the Sheki Government Painting Gallery.

The city of Sheki is located 380 km to the west of Baku close to the Georgian border. Sheki is set in a picturesque mountain area rich in narrow gorges and green valleys, springs, purest rivers, water falls and mineral water springs framed by dense woods and alpine meadows. Not far from Sheki in one of the most beautiful and picturesque places of the country is the Markhal Resort. Archeological data testify that the city can be considered one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus ; many finds on its territory are dated as old as 2,500 years.

Merchants and traders from the countries of the Great Silk Road used to gather there. Therefore, great attention was paid to the construction of caravansaries. In the 18th-19th centuries 5 big caravansaries were active in Sheki. Only two of them have survived. The Upper and the Lower built in the 18th century. Even then the craftsmen tried to provide worthy service to lodgers. Caravansaries were built with a view of all convenience and safety of merchants and their goods. In Sheki caravansariy merchants stored their goods in cellars, traded on the first floor and lived on the second.

The caravansaries were rather big: The Upper one was 6,000 sq.m. The Lower - 8,000 sq .m. Their height was about 14 m. Each one had more than 200 rooms. According to the tradition caravanserais had two and even four entrances. When closed, caravanserais turned into fortresses The Upper caravanserai today is used for its direct purpose - it is a hotel complex. Location: in a north-east part of Sheki city in a block "Yukhary Bash". The building of hotel is the restored inn of the end of XVIII – the beginning of XIX centuries, it is protected by the state as a historical-architectural monument.

The city can boast many historical and architectural places of interest , but its pride is the ancient majestic royal palace of Shekin khans erected in the 18 th century without a single nail (!) with magnificent wall paintings and tracery windows in the stone citadel. Very attractive are Gemsen-Geresen fortress (8-9 th centuries) , numerous caravanserais, house of Sheki Khans, Djuma Mosque (18th century), the Gileilin Mosque minaret (18th century), and medieval baths. Sheki is a major center of crafts. Here you can buy jewels and engravings by local craftsmen. Sheki has its own theatre, a historical museum, the house-museum of the Azerbaijan writer and philosopher M.F.Ahundov. Sheki was famous as the city of craftsmen and merchants.

1) Kervansaray Hotel - in the centre of the town - a real Kervansaray from medieval ages, still used for hosting, but today there are tourists rather than merchants. Cheap accommodation rates, but it turns everything to be paid when you arrive (bell boy, breakfast, et.c). Also the rooms are not well maintained seem to be serving merchants again. (Webforum) ______________ Food was difficult, apart from in Sheki. THE place to eat in Sheki is the restaurant of the Kervansaray Hotel (see below)...in summer it relocates to the garden, and is usually quite busy entertaining the local bigwigs. It isn't expensive for foreigners, but I imagine for the average Azeri, prices would be considered steep. All the basic ingredients of Azeri cooking are available...lule Kebab, chicken, cheese, salad, dolma, and manti ( a sort of small dumpling, similar to a mini Georgian khingkali, served in a clear broth). When important officials were eating there, far more items were available, but you won't get much say in the matter...they will ask, but you'll get what they've got! This is true of most restaurants outside Baku. Breakfast at the Kervansaray was great...omelettes, cheese, olives, tomatoes, butter, honey and as much bread as you can eat...plus never-ending tea, and sometimes good strong black coffee, a real luxury here! As for other restaurants, well I didn't see many. //virtualtourist.com

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Some of the prominent room facilities are as follows: * Satellite TV with cable connection * Private bathroom * Internal Garden * Mini Bar * Hot and Cold Water Dining in Hotel Yukhary – Karavansaray, Sheki Hotel Yukhary – Karavansaray boasts of good onsite dining facilities that are available for the in-house guests. It is especially during the peak seasons that you will be served with some of the exclusive dishes of the city. Also, there is a well stocked bar in the hotel. In addition to this there is a nicely built cafe where all sorts of snacks are available. Health and Recreation at Hotel Yukhary – Karavansaray, Sheki There are abundant recreational and fitness options that you will be getting in the accommodation at Sheki. One prime thing that you are going to enjoy is the small ground where you can laze during a cool evening. There are other abundant amusement options that you will be getting in the well-kept garden. Other Facilities and Services in Hotel Yukhary – Karavansaray, Sheki Some of the hotel facilities that is included in Hotel Yukhary – Karavansaray in Sheki: * Car Parking * Shop with antique products

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Hotel Yukhary – Karavansaray, Sheki
Country: Azerbeidjan
City: Sheki
Opening date: Karavansaray from the 18th century

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