Grand Hotel London

The Grand Hotel London was established in 1912, and since then it has been known under various names, including Grand Hotel Musala Palace, but the standard of luxurious and stylish accommodation and superb service has always remained high. The name Grand Hotel  makes an impressive entrance. We feel this needs a slight correction. The hotel comprises only 24 rooms and suites, they are all in perfect order, and one might get them impression one stays at a Grand Hotel or even a Palace when inside. The small hotel is located in the very heart of the Bulgarian city of Varna. As an the architectural and historical monument it has preserved its unique character. All places of interest are within walking distance. The opera house, the railway station, the sea station and the port of Varna can easily be reached. The hotel is 10 km away from the airport.
The Hotel was built between 1906 and 1912 after the design of architect Dabko Dabkov. At that time its name was Grand Hotel London and it was one of the most beautiful buildings of Varna. Furnished to the highest standards of comfort, it was on the standard of many great Western European hotels.
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Grand Hotel London
Country: Bulgaria
City: Varna
Opening date: 1912

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General Manager


3 Musala Str.
9000 Bulgaria, Varna

Tel: +359 52 664 100
Fax: +359 52 664 196

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