One of the rare hotels built during World War 1, the "Great War". It was opened two month before the war ended, so it is in fact a hotel of the Austro-Hungarian empire. It quickly became a legend in the Hungarian capital and still, to this day, remains one of the most famous hotels of the continent. It has seen good days and less good ones — and this shows. A facelift would do it any harm.

History in brief: The hotel was built during the last years of World War I (1916-1918). The new bilding was shown to the press on 18 September 1918, on 19 September the representatives of the government paid their visit and on 26 September 1918, it ws officially opend to the public. The name Gellert was originally derived from the holy Bishop Saint Gellert. In October 1918 it was taken over for military purposes and closed again for the general public, after that taken over by the Romanian army. Later it became the HQ of General Staff of National Army. Since the 1920s it was among the best hotels in the city, its name was and still is a synonym for Budapest. However, we now wait for the legendary quality to return. Contemporary sources reported about the building, completed in 1918, as follows: "... The monumental architecture, classical in its propertions but Hungarian in its design with a slight Oriental touch, of the enormous building of the Saint Gellert Spa and Spa Hotel Gellert catch the eye of the visitors." Indeed, the artistic impression of the spa, located in the heart of Budapest near the Danube, is created by the wonderful sculptures, ceramic mosaic tiles and tinted glass incorporated. This artistic effect is present not only in the interior, but characterises the open air facilities, such as the pools and the wave pool, as well. 1921: Committee decides on adding 60 rooms and a thermal pool. 1927: Artificial Wave pool, dressing cabins & lockers opened; guest rooms extended to 234 (total of 70 bathrooms). 1934: Bubble Baths opened 1938: 900th anniversary of King Stephen's death: catering to various occasions, e.g. lunch buffett for 250 persons 1940: charity Opera Ball with buffet for 1500 persons 1940-1944: various large receptions, festivities, events and food catering On December 26, 1944 the Gellert was closed 1945: Bombs on the Gellert with heavy damages.

It reopend after the war. Under the management of Dr. Andras Rubovszky it became a centre of social affairs of the Hungarian capital.

Albert Szirmai, 1961 Gabor Carelli, 1961 Marina Vlady, 1962 Richard Nixon, 1963 Prof. Heisenberg, 1963 Bruno Kreisky, 1964 Anthony Quinn, 1966 King of Nepal, 1967 Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, 1971 Peggy Rockefeller, 1973 Pignon, 1973 Arthur Miller, 1975

Dr Andras Rubovszky
Janos Gyurasza(2005)
Gabor Bencze (2007)
Andreas Schuster

Managed by: Danubius Hotels Group
221 rooms Rooms
13 Suites
At the shores of the River Danube.
Panorama Restaurant and Terrace, view over the danube and Budapest, April to November a gypsy orchestra entertains in the evenings, Saturday evening folklore shows, Brasserie Restaurant with Terrace, Friday evening music and dance shows Gellert Espresso with terrace - here you enjoy the special Gellert roll Bar
World famous Gellert Bath, Outdoor (closed in winter) and indoor pool, Jacuzzi, wave bath, sauna, solarium, thermal bath, steam room, Beauty Parlour. In the famous Gellert Bath - 13 pools- almost all health services are available, it has a complete physiotherapeutical department (outpatient hospital), a physiotherapy unit and an inhalatorium. Apart from the jacuzzi and the whirlpool, popular are the sun bathing roof terrace for women and the other one used jointly by naturists. The guests of the Danubius Hotel Gellert are also regular visitors at the spa. Composition of the water in the thermalbath: Gellert thermal water containing sodium and calcium-magnesium-hydrocarbonates and sulphates, with significant fluoride contents.
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Country: Hungary
City: Budapest
Opening date: September 24, 1918

Note from the Host

General Manager Gabor Bencze


Szent Gellert ter 1
1111 Hungary, Budapest

Tel: +36 1 889-5500

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