The brothers’ master plan was a hotel to inspire wonder and emulation—and for nearly a century, the Drake brothers’ dream in Chicago has endured. Conceived by John and Tracy Drake, The Drake Hotel was highly acclaimed from the outset, its rise to fame hastened by the popularity of the radio broadcasts it delivered to a nation weary from war and ready for change.

The circular door’s wooden frame, complete with painstakingly carved filigree, ushered in The Drake’s first distinguished guests on New Year’s Eve in 1920. Standing upon the checkered Bottacino marble floor, guests marveled in wonder at one of the nation’s first urban resorts—by every measure, an auspicious beginning.

Embracing progress, The Drake was the first hotel in Chicago to provide air conditioning in every room and the first to have color televisions in all guest rooms. However when modern marvels would have diminished services, The Drake became the only hotel in Chicago to retain elevator operators. Years later, it spurned the advent of ice machines until the quality of the ice became comparable to handmade cubes. For while the property is majestic, there exists an atmosphere within these walls that is notably inviting, comfortable, and always rewarding.

As the eras have passed, The Drake has solidified its reputation as a Chicago original, its timeless story inextricably woven in to the very fabric of this great city. The Cape Cod Room has been one of the city’s most popular restaurants, it’s Coq d’Or, opened the day after the repeal of Prohibition, is one of Chicago’s best loved bars. And its private Club International has enjoyed a lengthy waiting list for membership. These authentic Chicago experiences endure, for no other Chicago hotel inspires more legendary acclaim, nor does there exist another address that affords its guests a level of prestige, refinement, and service on par with The Drake.

The Drake Hotel was constructed in 1920 by the architect Ben Marshall. In February 2006 Hitlon Hotels Corporation bought the Hotel and sold it in September 2006 to WWL DHotel Investors, L.L.C., a partnership led by Chicago-based Lodging Capital Partners. The Drake Hotel was to open in 1920, and the March 1919 issue of "The Economist" reported that the structure would be "of unusual magnificence, nothing like it in appearance, arrangement or finishing having ever been attempted in this country", Ben Marshall (1874-1944), responsible for this magnificence, had no formal architectural schooling. It was just intuition, divine guidance and a knack for flying by the seat of his pants. An unconformist from the outset, he became an office boy at seventeen and by twenty-one he was a partner in the architectural firm of Wilson & Marshall. It was Ben who decided in 1917 that the Near North Side would be Chicago's most strategic and important section and therefore, the most prominent location for The Drake's magnificent structure.

Ben Marshall persuaded veteran hotelmen John and Tracy Drake to construct this luxury hotel on an area previously water (Lake Michigan) which was landfilled. Stylistically, The Drake takes its balanced formal composition and restrained detail from the Italian palaces of High Renaissance Rome and Florence. Constructed of smooth limestone, the building is thirteen stories high. It rises from a rectangular base, which changes at the third story to an H-shape. A distinctive feature of Italian Renaissance design found in The Drake is the "Plano Nobile" which was the principle story, raised above ground and containing the public rooms. This concept was especially appropriate for adaptation to a grand hotel, particularly in the case of The Drake, which was ideally located to afford a panoramic view of the park, beach and lake. Canopies provide a sheltered entrance in the both Walton Place and Oak Street. These are connected by an interior arcade, which provides showcase space for various shops on the street level. In emulating sixteenth' century Italian architecture, Ben Marshall wisely chose a historical precedent noted for the dignity and serenity of its designs. After he designed and erected The Drake, Ben Marshall busied himself decorating the Gold Coast room, the Cape Cod Room and the Club International. The interior of The Drake was no less impressive than the exterior. It was extolled by "Good Furniture" magazine in 1921 for creating "a reposeful spirit of welcome and home surroundings planned in a large and, to be sure, more or less monumental way. It stands to the credit of the architects that the ideal of the hotel has found such appealing and noble expression." Innovations at The Drake such as the much-acclaimed Cape Cod Room (1933) have only enhanced the Drake's original appeal to both out-of-town visitors and native Chicagoans. The Drake cost $10,000,000 to build, including land, building and furnishings. Nine hundred employees served its original eight hundred rooms. Flo Ziegfield, Ben's intimate friend, stimulated his interest in theatrical productions. For years, Ben personally directed the top-flight shows in The Drake's huge Gold Coast Room. In those earlier days, WGN's first radio broadcasts were aired from atop The Drake, where the fabulous big bands of that era played in the Gold Coast Room. Ben's fame as a continental host carried over The Drake and such a reputation all over the world that today visiting royalty and heads of nations check in at The Drake as routinely as they pocket their passports. Ever since its opening on New Year's Eve 1920. The hotel continued to operate under the Drake the brothers' ownership until 1930 when the Brashears family took control during the ravages of the depression. When Brashears later went to serve in World War II, the hotel was leased to a national hotel chain, which maintained the property for military lodging, while still under the ownership of the Brashears. When the war ended, The Drake was completely refurbished to once again provide elegant hostelry. In 1979, Jerrold Wexler and Edward W. Ross, who maintained the hotel in its accustomed splendor, purchased The Drake. On January 1, 1981, Vista Hotels commenced operation of this property offering increased international appeal to The Drake. A milestone in The Drake's history occurred in May 1981 when it was proclaimed a historic place. The U.S. Department of Interior and the State of Illinois now list The Drake Hotel in the National Register of Historic Places, joining other landmark structures such as Louis Sullivan's Carson Pirie Scott building and the old Water Tower structure. The Drake Hotel has been through many phases of renovation since its construction in 1920. Working with Turner Construction Co. of Chicago and the Gensler Architect Co., the most recent and most costly project to date has been the $45 million dollar renovation, which was completed in April 2003. All guest rooms are have been fitted with a new sprinkler system and additional fire hose cabinets for the safety of our guests. Guest rooms and corridors were renovated with new vinyl, paint and carpet. All guest rooms have new furniture, drapes and upholstery. Bottachino Classico Italian Marble has been installed in the bathrooms as well. The exterior of the building completely tuckpointed. For the convenience of our guests The Drake Hotel is also equipped with the latest technology for the convenience of its guests such as high speed Internet and an advanced dual line telephone system with caller ID in all guest rooms. Interior architecture of particular note includes the large banquet rooms such as the Gold Coast Room, the Ballroom, the French Room, and the Drake's private Club International. The Gold Coast Room, situated in the north central section of the Drake has as architectural style that is purely Italian. The colonnades of columns carry a spiral of vines covered in tones of cream and gold; the floor of Tennessee marble; the chandeliers of crystal. This room, used primarily for large weddings and banquets, extends 142' long x 52' wide. The windows on the north overlook the East Lake Shore Drive, beautiful Lake Michigan and a small park. This room can seat up to 700 people. The Grand Ballroom is sufficiently large enough to seat 600 people utilizing the balconies. This room of Georgian architectures has many unique features. A balcony extends around the room on all four sides. There is a hardwood floor conducive to dancing, illuminated by eight crystal chandeliers and art wall scones. The lighting system can be controlled for optimum or minimum lighting. It is grandly proportioned for the entertainment of large parties and so placed in the southeast corner of the main floor away from the regular business of the hotel. This room also has a movie projection booth skillfully concealed when not in use. The French Room, 56' x 72', is a cheerful, beautifully decorated room in the Louis XVI period; its square French columns adorned with ribbon relief. Located on the northeast corner of the building, the French Room windows allow views of Lake Michigan, Michigan Avenue, and Lake Shore Drive. This room is one of the most popular banquet rooms in the hotel, lending itself well for large receptions. The Drake's Private Club International is a reproduction of Haddon Hall, an English mansion in Derbyshire, and a notable example of medieval residence. The room's finish is oak, the walls in palm plaster, the ceiling a scroll pattern in relief, and the cozy corners inviting their atmosphere of comfort. A Gothic opened hearth fireplace ads warmth to this room. ON THE DESIGNER DAVID T. WILLIAMS 1981-1987 When David T. Williams was given the assignment of redoing The Drake, he sat back and grinned with satisfaction for he spent many years in Chicago, and The Drake was a place he visited many times. His traditional Chicago ties date back to the 1940's when he attended Chicago's Institute of Design and the Academy of Fine Arts. In the late 40s he entered a career of design with Marshall Field and Co., and progressed to the chief designer of the contract division. After 4 decades in the business, he is known as one of the 'great names' in the International Design for hotels, restaurants, and public rooms. His achievements cannot be measured in numbers, but all one need do is visit the beautiful Kahala Hilton in Honolulu, Canada's Chateau Frontenac, and Chateau Champlain, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Gloucester, in England, to appreciate his creative talents.
He uses no standardized techniques, but develops the feeling of the structure. Some call him an Environmental Designer and others call him a 'Creator of Distinctive Living', but The Drake was extremely selective when choosing Mr. Williams to do the restoration. The Old Grande Dame had to be brightened to come alive in a classic, traditional style. Mr. Williams knew Chicago and what The Drake meant to the local community. THE PALM COURT For several years, Mr. Williams had his eye on the antique urn, which today is the focal piece of The Drake's Palm Court in the upper lobby. The 270-year old urn belonged to the Florentine Craftsman House (a garden sculpture house in New York). The urn was purchased as soon as Mr. Williams knew of The Drake assignment. Today, the urn looks like it has always been a part of the Palm Court environment. The floral print fabrics on the couches, the greenery, the custom built fountain base and lobby appointments were all hand picked by Mr. Williams to create a proper setting for the urn, English afternoon tea is served in this elegant setting. His Associate Designer, David Leavitt, a former Director of Architecture and Interior Design, played a major part in the detailing of paneling for the lobbies and the marble work in the front entryway and fountain areas.

Both Davids worked together to make the Palm Court a showpiece with a cozy atmosphere. When Mr. Williams is questioned on how the Palm court was created, he quips, "I really don't know how to explain it, but I do know I just love to sit there and enjoy it." THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE He next was given the challenge of creating a Presidential Suite that soon would achieve worldwide acclaim. On the fifth floor of The Drake Hotel is a masterpiece! The six-room home for dignitaries houses antiques, 'objets d'art, ' appointments, specially designed carpets, crystal and mirrors that sparkle with elegance. Several antique pieces are original Drake pieces that were refinished and recovered. Much of the furniture, paintings, and ceramics were purchased from Chicago's own Marshall Fields and John M. Smythe stores. A French crystal chandelier, with amethyst and amber crystal fruit, adorns the formal dining room of this suite. The total effect of the suite is one of regal comfort. Since this suite was created, and completed in January 1982, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Prime Minister of Tunisia, the Queen of Thailand, the Italian President, Nancy Regan, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands have all enjoyed the royal atmosphere of The Drake's Presidential Suite. It is truly worthy of the Grande Dame.
An interesting bit of history is associated with the Suite's fifth floor location. The widow of the clothing merchant Maurice L. Rothchild occupied this area for 58 years until her death in 1980, at the age of 102. The sweeping views of Lake Michigan and Lake Shore Drive provide an ideal location for a Presidential Suite. The Cape Cod Room, a much honored seafood restaurant, boasts of fresh seafood from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, from the lakes and freshwater streams. It has been consistently named as one of America's finest dining spots since opening in December 1933 " was opened for the World's Fair, designed by Ben Marshall architect for The Drake Hotel".
Zagat's consumer survey also picked the Cape Cod Room as atop hotel restaurant. It was recently inducted by Nation's Restaurant News into the Fine Dining Hall of Fame.

The Drake has accumulated guest book signatures of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip and Princess Diana of England, King Hussein of Jordan, Nehru of India, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, presidents Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Ronald Regan, and many celebrities such as Charles Lindbergh, Walt Disney, and Charleston Heston to name a few. The widow of the clothing merchant Maurice L. Rothchild occupied this area for 58 years until her death in 1980, at the age of 102. THE DRAKE HOTEL HEADS OF STATE AND CELEBRITY GUESTS 1920's 1929 Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister 1940-45, 1951-55 1930's 1931 President Herbert Hoover Cecil B. DeMille, Motion Picture Director (April) 1932 Bing Crosby & wife Dixie Lee, Singer/Movie Stars (June) 1933 George Gershwin, Lyricist, Musician (June) Walt Disney, Animation/Movies (July) Kathryn Hepburn, Actress (June 10) Guglielmo-Marchese Marconi, Inventor of Telegraph (September) Amelia Earhart, Aviation (October) Irene Rich, Movie Star (October) Walter Winchell, Commentator (November) Gloria Swanson, Movie Star (November) 1934 Mary Pickford, Movie Star (August) Sinclair Lewis, Author 1936 Lionel Barrymore, Actor (January) Lily Pons, Opera Singer (February) Gloria Vanderbilt, Designer (February) 1940's 1940 Maureen O'Hara, Actress (September) Don Ameche, Actor (September) Louella Parsons, Hollywood Gossip Columnist (November) 1941 Salvador Dali, Surrealist Artist (May) Dick Powell and Joan Blondell, Actor and Actress (June) 1942 Dorothy Lamour, Actress (May) 1943 Mdme. Chiang Kai-shek, Wife of Chinese General (March) 1944 Gene Tierney, Actress Groucho Marx, Actor 1948 Abbott & Costello, Comedians (September) Irene Dunne, Actress (September) Jack Paar, Tonight Show Host (November) Agnes Moorehead, Actress (Novenber) Lucille Ball, Comedian/Actress (November) 1949 His Excellency Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India (October) Ann Jeffreys, Actress (December) 1950's 1959 His Excellency Ahmed Sekou Toure, President, The Republic of Guinea HRH Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, United Kingdom (July 6) Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Ethiopia (October 23) 1960's 1960 Prince Bertil and Princess Desiree of Sweden (November 13) 1961 His Excellency Chen Cheng, Vice President of the Republic of China (August 6) President of the Republic of the Sudan (October 12) 1962 Prince Bertil and Princess Desiree of Sweden (March 25) His Excellency General Guillermo Rodrigues Lara, President of Ecuador (July 25) His Excellency Joao Goulart, President of Brazil (August 4) 1963 Prime Minister of Ireland (October 14) James McDivitt, Astronaut (June 14) 1965 John Young, Astronaut (March 30) Gus Grissom, Astronaut (March 31) 1966 Prince Philip, Consort of England (March 15-17) 1967 His Excellency General Ceudet Sunoy, President of the Republic of Turkey (April 11) Prime Minister of Afghanistan (April 6) 1968 His Majesty Mahammed Reza Pahlevi, Shah of the Empire of Iran His Majesty Olav V, King of Norway (May 7-8) His Excellency J. Klaus, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Austria (April 12) 1969 Buzz Aldren, Apollo 11 Astronaut (November 7) His Excellency Errol Barrow, Prime Minister of Barbados, West Indies (December) 1970's 1970 His Excellency Georges Pompidou, President of the French Republic (February 28) 1973 Spiro Agnew, Vice President of the United States (October 4-5) 1975 His Excellency Walter Scheer, President of Federal Republic of Germany (June 18-19) Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako of Japan (October 7-8) His Excellency H. H. Mahammad Anwar Al-Sadat, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt (October 30-31) Mrs. Nancy Kissinger, Wife of Henry Kissinger, Secretary of Defense (October 30-31) 1976 His Excellency Yitzhak Rabin, Israel (February 2-3) His Excellency Liam Cosgrave and Mrs. Cosgrave, Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland (March 19-20) His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden (April 17-20) Their Majesties Hussein I, King of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Queen Alia (April 1-2) His Excellency Zeid Rifai, Prime Minister of Jordan and Mrs. Rifi (April 1-2) Her Majesty Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik (May 13) Their Majesties Leka I, King of Albania in exile and Queen Susan (June 10-11) Jean, Grand Duke and Josephine Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (July 20-21) His Excellency Bulent Ecevit, Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey (July 31-August 3) 1977 Princess Grace of Monaco (July 26-29) His Excellency Carlos Andres Perez, President of the Republic of Venezuela (July) His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (October 18-20) 1978 His Excellency Gaston Thorn, Prime Minister of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (March 23) His Royal Highness, Prince Henri, Hereditary Grand Duke of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (March 23) His Excellency Adrien Meisch, Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to the U. S. (March 23) Carol Burnett, Actress/Entertainer (April 27) Honorable Sayed Marei, Speaker of Peoples Assembly of Egypt (July 12) His Royal Highness Abdul Magid Aziz of Saudi Arabia (July 19) Dragoslav Markovic, President of the Assembly of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (July 21) 1979 His Excellency Jack Lynch, Prime Minister of Ireland (November 13) Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, United Kingdom (October 11-15) 1980's 1981 Anthony Quinn, Actor (September) Her Majesty The Queen of Thailand (November 15) 1982 Mohamed Mzali, Prime Minister of Tunisia (April 30) Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus of the Netherlands (June 23) King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden (November 19) 1983 Her Royal Highness Princess Christina of Sweden (April 4) The Honorable Pertini, President of Italy (May 27) Charlton Heston, Actor (October 18-19) Brig. General Chuck Yeager, Test Pilot (October) 1984 Mayor Oshima of Osaka, Japan (June) Giorgi Arbatov, Soviet Central Committee (November) The Honorable Olaf Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden (November 11) Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg (November 18-19) The Honorable Salim Salim, Prime Minister of Tanzania (November 29) The Honorable Cyrus Vance, Former U.S. Secretary of State (November 30) Honorable Pierre Trudeau, Former Prime Minister of Canada (November 30) 1985 Mr. Turgut Ozal, Prime Minister of Turkey (March 31) Dr. Raul Alfonsin, President of Argentina (March 22-23) Li Xiannian, President of the People's Republic of China and Lin Jiamei, wife of 1980?s President Li (July 26) Prime Minister and Mrs. Mulroney of Canada (December 4-5) 1986 Robert Mondavi, Mondavi Winery (May 21) Steingrimur Hermannsson, Prime Minister of Iceland (May 21) His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (September 4-5) President and Mrs. Oscar Arias of Costa Rica (September 25-26) Johnny Mathis, Singer (October 13-17) His Excellency Dr. Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany (October 16 & 17) 1987 His Excellency Ingvar Carlsson, Prime Minister of Sweden (September 11) Bob Hope, Actor/Entertainer (October 6-11) Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Entertainers (April) Dean Martin, Actor/Singer (October) First Lady Nancy Reagan (October 7) The Crown Prince and Princess of Luxembourg (October 23-26) 1988 Crown Prince of Thailand, Vajiralong Korn Mahidol (January 12-17) Mr. Tadeusz W. Mlynezak, Vice President of the Polish National Council (March 9-11) Paul Anka, Musician/Lyricist (April) King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden (April 19) Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol, Princess of Thailand (May 17-20) Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte, Princess of Denmark (June 8-9) His Excellency Bob Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia (June 19) His Excellency Noboru Takeshita, Prime Minister of Japan (June 22-23) His Excellency Karoly Grosz, Prime Minister of Hungary (July 19-20) Lily Tomlin, Actress/Entertainer (August 22 - November 20) Senator Dan Quayle, Indiana (October 18-19) President Vigdis Fimmbogadottir, President of Iceland (October 19-20) His Royal Majesty Major General Mohammed Ibin Nassar, Prince, Saudi Arabia (Oct 28 - Nov 1) 1989 Prince Lamoral de Linge of Belgium (February 10-16) President and Mrs. H. E. Hugh D. Hoyte, President of Guyana (June 21-29) Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Entertainers (October 12-15) Dr. B. J. Habibie, Minister of Republic of Indonesia (October 20) Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Danish Foreign Minister (November 1-2) 1990's 1990 Sammy Davis Jr., Actor/Entertainer (January 16-20) Lord and Lady Alexander, of the United Kingdom (June 7-8) His All Holiness, the Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios I, Archbishop of Constantinople, Head of the Eastern Orthodox Church (July 20-24) Princess of Morocco, Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasna (August 4-11) Sid Caesar, Actor/Entertainer (September 12 - December 14) Red Skelton, Actor/Entertainer (October 1-7) 1991 His Excellency Michael, King of Romania, in exile (April 10-13) Sophia Loren, Actress (October 11-13) Paul Anka, Musician/Lyricist (May 31 - June 5) Bill Murray, Comedian (July 7-13 Dustin Hoffman, Actor (October 6-9) Shirley MacLaine, Actress/Author (October 13-14) The Honorable Mary Robinson, President of Ireland (October 13-14) The Honorable Francesco Cossiga, President of the Republic of Italy (January 10-12) His Excellency George Vassiliou, President of the Republic of Cypress (March 29-30) Bill Cosby, TV/Movie Actor (March 30) Jim Belushi, TV/Movie Actor (April 24 - May 24) Jack Nicholson, Actor (May 15-30) Prince and Princess Takamado of Japan (May 30-31) Loretta Young, Actress (June 2-7) Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas/President-Elect (September 21-22) Hugh Hefner, Publicist, Entrepreneur (October 11-18) John Updike, Author (November 13-15) Daryl Hannah, Actress (November 23-25) Page Hannah, Actress (November 23-25) John F. Kennedy, Jr., son of former President John F. Kennedy (November 23-25) 1993 Jaclyn Smith, Actress (April 12-13) Vanessa Williams, Actress/Singer (September 9-11) Robin Givens, Actress (September 9-20) The Honorable Albert & Mrs. Reynolds, Prime Minister of Ireland (September 16-18) Bob Hope and Dolores Hope, Actor/Entertainer/Comedian (September 20-21) Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe 1993 (September 20-22) Sir Georg & Lady Solti, Master Conductor/Musician (October 16 - November 28) Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain (November 9) Steve Martin, Actor/Producer/Comedian (November 19-21) Governor Evan Bayh, Govenor of Indiana (December 18) 1994 Matthew Epstein, Columbia Artists, Artistic Director (January 17-29) Ambassador Daniel Smith, South Africa (March 10-13) The Honorable and Mrs. Albert Reynolds, Prime Minister of Ireland (March 14-15) Edward F. Kennedy, Senator of Massachusetts (March 18) The Honorable and Mrs. Albert Reynolds, Prime Minister of Ireland (May 12-14) Gary Sinese, Actor/Director (April 21) General Bosigniero, Jr., Chief of Staff, Italy (May 5-7) Kiri Te Kanawa, Opera Star (May 12-15) John Malkovich, Actor/Director (May 14) Rosalyn Carter, Former First Lady (June 8-9) H.R.H. Prince of Asturias, Felipe de Borbon & Grecia (June 27-28) Aretha Franklin, Singer/Entertainer (June 29) The Honorable Dan Quayle, Vice President of the United States (June 12) Katarina Witt, Olympic Gold Medalist 1988, 1992 (July 18-19) Sonny Bono, Entertainer/ U. S. Representative/Arizona (July 19-21) Herb Alpert, Musician/Songwriter (July 21) Congressman Joseph Kennedy (July 29) Lassie, (5th generation) Animal Star (July 21-25) Shaquile O'Neal, Professional Basketball Star Orlando Magic (July 21-29) Aretha Franklin, Singer (October 5-10) Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Entertainers (October 6-12) Audrey Meadows, Movie/TV Star (October 10-12) His Majesty King Carl Gustav XVI, King of Sweden (October 16-18) Edmond Alphandery, French Minister of Economy (October 26) Italian Minister of Commerce Bernini (October 26) Italian Diplomatic Consular Valerio A. Astraldi (October 26) Princess Elizabeth of Denmark (November 7) HRH Prince Alexander & Princess Katarina of (former) Yugoslavia (December 16-18) 1995 Julia Childs, Chef, Author (January 14) Bill Cosby, Actor/Producer (January 14) Katarina Witt, Olympic Ice Skater ( February 6 and 28) Sir Georg and Lady Solti, Conductor (February 3-28) - Suite 950 The Honorable John Bruton, Prime Minister of Ireland (March 18-20) U. S. Senator Edward Kennedy (June 12) Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme (June 10-18) - Presidential Suite 550 Bob Hope and wife Dolores, Movie Actor, Entertainer (August 10-13) Keith Caradine, Actor (September 9-13) John Goodman, Actor (Sept. 10-11) Dan Akroyd, Actor (September 13-14) - Suite 950 Michael Feinstein, Pianist/Entertainer (October 4-6) Charlton Heston, Actor (October 4) Their Majesties King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway (October 17) Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Singers/Entertainers (October 24-27) 1996 Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Singers/Entertainers (January 10-15) Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic Gold Medalist, Ice Skater (January 31- February 5) Paul Wilie, Olympic Silver Medalist, Ice Skater (January 31 - February 5) Mdme. Alicia de Larrocha, Famous Pianist (February. 28 - March 6) Herb Alpert, Musician, Tiajuana Brass (May 10-13) HRH Diana, Princess of Wales (June 4-6) - Presidential Suite 550 Gene Wilder, Actor (June 4-6) Marlo Thomas, Actress (June 4-6) Katie Couric, TV Anchor (June 4-6) Tony Bennett, Singer/Entertainer (June 4-6) - Suite 925 Shaquile O'Neal, Basketball Star, Orlando Magic, 'Dream Team' (July 1-4) Julia Roberts, Movie Star (July 1-3) Jerry Lewis, Movie Star, Entertainer (July 8-29) HRH Salahuddin, Sultan of Malaysia (July 31-August 3) Madam Chen Muhua, V.P. of the Standing Company of the National People's Congress of China (July 31) Richard Gere, Actor (September 3-15) Robert Goulet, Singer/ Entertainer (October 6-14) - Suite 950 Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme, Singers/ Entertainers (October 6 - 12) Dan Aykroyd, Actor/Producer (November 19-26) John Goodman, Actor (November 22-25) 1997 Betty Buckley, Actress/Entertainer (January 20-26) Jack Palance, Actor (February 4-7) Faye Dunaway, Actress (February.4 - 17) - Suite 950 First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton (February 18-19) Bill Cosby, TV/Entertainer (April 12-13) Aretha Franklin, Singer (April 18-20) Tyne Daley, TV/movie star (April 27-29) Sharon Gless, TV/movie star (April 27-29) Barbara Bush, Former First Lady (June 3-4) Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of The Republic of Germany (June 1-3) Al Gore, Vice President of the United States (August 2-3) Aretha Franklin, Singer (November 3-5 and December 3-5) Tommy LaSorda, former Coach, L.A. 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L. Hughley, TV Actor (March) Billy Dean Williams, Actor for Star Wars (April) Gene Hackman, Actor (April) - Room 1030 Bill Cosby, Actor (April) Derek Jacoby, Shakespearean Actor (May) Steve Harris, TV Actor (May) Woody Allen, Actor/Director (May) - Presidential Suite 550 Chef Jacques Pepin, TV Chef (May) Marlo Thomas, Actress (May) Woody Allen, Actor/Director (June) - Presidential Suite 550 Aretha Franklin, Singer (June) Mrs. Al -Tipper- Gore (June) Joey Slotnick, Actor (June) 2001 Martha Stewart, Entrepeneur/Food & Network Star (February) - Suite 925 Doris Roberts, Actress, Raymond & Me (February) Cliff Robertson, Actor, Wild Wild West (February) Daniel Baldwin, Actor (February) Jacques Delor, Former Preisdent of European Commission (March 27) Guy Buffet , French Painter (May 17 and November 13) Richard Anderson, Actor 'The Six Million Dollar Man' (February 5) First Lady Laura Bush (May 14) Gray Davis, Governor of California (May 19) Francisco Del Granado, Duke of Spain (June 2) Professor Ronald Coase, Nobel Prize Winner for Economics in 1991 (June 4) Naomi Judd, Country Music Singer (June) Consul General Serge Kulba, Minister of Economics and Research - Wallonia, Belgium (June 23) Robert Englund, Actor and Producer (October 2) Virginia Madsen. Actress (November 14) 2002 John Malkovich, Actor and Producer (January 9, January 27), Presidential Suite 550 Madeline Albright, Former Secretary of State (January 14) , Presidential Suite 550 Bertrand Piccard, Author, Round the World in a Balloon (May 1-3) , Suite 950 George Wendt, Actor - Cheers (May 18) Emmanuel, Mexican Pop Star (June 2) Katia Ganabaldi, Hispanic movie star (June 21) Bill Cosby, Actor/Comedian (August 23) Natt Haimovitz, Cellist (August 28) Jeri Ryan, Television actress (Star Trek), (October 2) Gloria Reuben, Television actress (ER). (October 2) Clive Barker, Author, Horror Books (October 3-7) Mohammed Ali, Professional Boxer (October 16) Rosemary Wells, Author 'Getting to Know You' (October 18-19), Suite 754 Umberto Eco, Italian Author (October 19) Secretary Paul O'Neill, U.S. Treasury Secretary (October 22) Scott Adams, Author 'Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel'/Dilbert comic series (Nov. 4-5) Suite 550 'Ludacris', Rap and Hip Hop Singer (Nov. 5) Valerie Wilson Wesley, Author 'Always True to You' (Nov.14) Richard Dooling, Author 'Bet Your Life' (Nov. 14) David Lee, David Lee Galleries (Nov. 16-19) Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller comedy team (Nov. 17-19) 2003 'Double Vision', Gospel Music Group (Jan. 29) Corbin Bernsen, Actor (Mar. 12) John C. Reilly, Actor, Chicgo Native (Mar. 16) Tim Conway, Actor (Apr. 24) Harvey Korman, Actor (Apr. 24) Bobby Short, Singer/Pianist (May 3) Chris Connelley, ESPN & MTV (May 6) Scott Wolf, Actor (May 19) Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins Football (Jul. 5) Bill Murray, Actor (Jul. 16) Ryne Sandberg, Chicago Cubs (Aug. 4) Ed Asner, Actor (Sep. 9) Aretha Franklin, Singer (Sep. 14) Lily Tomlin, Actor (Sep. 30) Dr. Condolezza Rice, National Security Advisor (Oct. 8) Secretary John W. Snow, Secretary of the Treasury (Oct. 21) Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Senator (Nov. 17) 2004 Holly Hunter, Actress (Feb. 24) Doug E. Fresh, Singer (Feb. 26) John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry, U.S. Senator and wife (Mar. 9) Aretha Franklin, Singer (Mar. 17-20) Garth Nix, Australian Science Fiction Writer (Mar. 20-23) Dan Quayle, Former U.S. Vice President (Apr. 1) John Kerry , U.S. Senator and wife (June 28) Aretha Franklin, Singer (Mar. 17-20) Garth Nix, Australian Science Fiction Writer (Mar. 20-23) Vice President Dan Quayle, Former U.S. Vice President (Apr. 1) Mrs. Edward Asner, Wife of Actor (Apr. 11-17) Mr. Harvey Korman, Television actor (Apr. 14) Mr. Tim Conway, Television actor (Apr. 14) Rep. and Mrs. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives (Apr. 26) Mr. Edo De Waart, Hong Kong Philharmonic (Apr. 26) Mr. George Will, Political Columnist and Television Commentator (Apr. 29), (June 15-17) Mr. Smokey Robinson, Motown Singer (May 3) Mr. and Mrs. Edward Asner, Actor (May 7-9), (June 19-21) Ms. Rachael Leigh Cook, Actress (May 12) Rep. Jack Kemp, Former U.S. Representative (May 21) Senator Bob Dole (May 31) Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hackman, Actor (June 3-5) U.S. Senator and Mrs. John Edwards (June 26) U.S. Senator John Kerry (June 28) Mr. Bob Uecker, Sportscaster, Actor (July 17) Mr. Art Kelly, Rap singer ) Aug. 14-16) Mr. Jerry Lewis, Actor and comedian (August 12-14) Ms. Nancy Lopez, LPGA Golfer and Mr. Ray Knight, Former N.Y. Mets MVP (Aug. 17-19) Mr. Thomas Haden Church, Actor, 'Sideways' (September 14) Ms. Cybil Shepherd, Actress Mr. Tom Amandes, Television actor 'Everwood' (December 18) 2005 Ambassador & Mrs. Frans Van Daele, Ambassador to Belgium (March 5) Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor New York City (March 21) Ms. Kathy Ireland, Fashion Model / Entrepreneur (March 21) Mr. Bill Cosby, Entertainer (April 9) Princess Yasmin Agakhan (April 6) Mr. Tom Amandes, Television actor 'Everwood' (April 29) Sen. John Kerry, U.S. Senator (May 3) Mr. Clint Eastwood, Actor, Director (May 18) Mr. Tim Reid, Actor (WKRP in Cincinnati / Sister,Sister) (June 10) Mr. George Will, Political Columnist and TV commentator (June 14) Ms. Judy Davis, Actress, 'The Break Up' (June 30-July 9) Mr. Ivan Sergei, Actor (July 3-8) Ms. Joely Lauren Adams, Actress 'The Break Up' (July) Mr. Justin Long. Actor (July 10) Mr. Jon Favreau, Actor (July 24-28) Former Vice President & Mrs. Dan Quayle (August 14-16)
The widow of the clothing merchant Maurice L. Rothchild occupied this area for 58 years until her death in 1980, at the age of 102.
Time and Again (1980); Risky Business (1983); Hoffa (1992)- Jack Nicholson stayed here during the making of this movie. Hero (1992)- Andy Garcia stayed here during the making of this movie. My Best Friends Wedding (1997)- Rupert Everett stayed here. What Women Want (2000); Jamie Kennedy Experiment (2003); Flags of our Fathers(2005): Directed by Clint Eastwood.
Managed by: Hilton
461 rooms, 74 suite, internet access, 2 executive floors Rooms
Presidential Suite
The hotel is opposite Oak Street Beach, at Lake Michigan, and at the start of the Magnificent Mile, with shopping and entertainment galore.
The Cape Cod Room, a much honored seafood restaurant, boasts of fresh seafood from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, from the lakes and freshwater streams. It has been consistently named as one of America?s finest dining spots since opening in 1933. Zagat?s consumer survey also picked the Cape Cod Room as a top hotel restaurant. It was recently inducted by Nation?s Restaurant News into the Fine Dining Hall of Fame. Order fresh oysters and clams by the piece or by the dozen at a cozy oyster bar. DRAKE BROS.? STEAKS ? CHICAGO, In 1918, Drake brothers John B. and Tracy C. contemplated restaurant concepts for their soon to be opened Drake Hotel. They dreamed of an unparalleled dining experience, with breathtaking views of Lake Michigan, the best steaks Chicago could supply with great wines from around the world. 85 years later, the Drake brothers would be proud to inaugurate the steakhouse that bears their name, featuring great views, mouth-watering steaks, and ?a sip of red wine.?Open for Breakfast lunch and dinner. PALM COURT, This elegant yet relaxing room located in the hotel?s upper lobby is the perfect spot to enjoy English afternoon tea from 1:00pm to 5:00pm served daily. Cocktails are served from 1:30pm to midnight. Jazz trios are featured 5 nights a week. COQ D?OR, known by local Chicagoans as "their place," this intimate cocktail lounge is known for their wildly popular ?Executive Drinks? and hearty noontime luncheons and late-night supers in an atmosphere reminiscent of an old New England drinking establishment. Featuring live music 7 days a week, it?s the perfect place to unwind. Jazz entertainment and Vocalists. Open from 11:00a.m.

56 Family rooms are available with either two double beds with two full bathrooms, or with one king bed and two twin Murphy beds. All guestrooms also offer Web TV and video games.
Children’s fanny-packs are given out upon arrival and are full of goodies and coupons for ice cream and fun things to do around the city. We also have Drake kids robes, and all sorts of games available at the Concierge desk.

State of the art fitness centre, massage can be arranged
Grand Ballroom, three major banquet rooms, 14 smaller banquet rooms, two luxurious boardrooms (small groups up to 700 people)
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Our Select Member Hotel

Country: USA
City: Chicago
Opening date: 1920, 31st December

Note from the Host

General Manager Gregor Andreewitch


140 East Walton Place
IL 60611-1 USA, Chicago

Tel: +1 312 787 2200
Fax: +1 312 787 1431

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