Bristol Le, (Paris)

It may be just one of the almost criminally large number of Paris grand hotels, but Le Bristol manages to distinguish itself with an elegant-but-quirky character. Blame that on its history -- the mid-18th-century building was originally a home and didn't become a hotel until 1925 -- and on the fact that it's a favorite with those in the city's omnipresent fashion industry (especially as it's close to shops like Hermès). Today, Le Bristol attempts -- usually successfully -- to bridge the gap between its more traditional clientele and the hip fashionistas who set up shop here.
How the Stage was Set HISTORY IN BRIEF 1925: The hotel opened its doors. 1960: The hotel became popular with the fashion world - and still is today. HISTORY IN DETAIL 1715: After the death of Louis XIV, the 'Sun King', the French court left Versailles to return to Paris. At this time, vast houses were built on the marshes of what is today the Faubourg-St Honoré. 1829: The Count of Castellane, an emblematic figure of ealry n19th century high society, bought a residence on the Faubourg. An lover of art and culture, he built a theatre on the site (this is where the current winter restaurant is situated). Late 19th century: The Faubourg became very famous around this time. For starters, the French presidency established its home at the Palais de l'Elysée, at number 55. The first boutiques also opened - not least those of saddler Hermes and designer Jeanne Lanvin (around 1880). 1880: Hippolyte Jarnet purchased a piece of land on the Faubourg, aiming to open a hotel called Bristol. 1925: The Hotel Bristol opened for business. 1940: The hotel became the residence of the Americans. 1960: Around this time, the hotel became a favourite location for fashion photographers. 1979: The hotel became the property of the Oetker family.
162 rooms including 72 suites Rooms
72 Suites
The Hotel Bristol takes pride of place along Paris' chic Rue Faubour-Saint Honoré.
The hotel restaurant has two Michelin stars. From October until April, diners are accommodated in the magnificent Regency oak restaurant. During the summer months the Bristol fine dining experience takes place al fresco.
In the afternoons, enjoy the hotel's daily formal afternoon tea. At weekends, enjoy "Fashion Saturdays," a show of revolving designers for which the pastry chef creates a cake inspired by the collection. The local area boasts some of the best shopping in town - this is where many of Paris' exclusive boutiques are located. The cuisine, meanwhile, is famously extravagant. In season, the Bristol’s kitchens go through as many as five kilos of truffles and 700 grams of caviar a week.
Swimming pool and solarium with vistas over Paris.
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Bristol Le, (Paris)
Country: France
City: Paris
Opening date: 1925, April

Note from the Host

General Manager Pierre Ferchaud Esq.


112, rue du Faubourg-St. Honore
8 France, Paris

Tel: +33 1 53 43 43 00
Fax: +33 01 53 43 43 01

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