Beverly Hills

Ever since it opened in 1912, the Pink Palace has seen Hollywood's movers and shakers consummating deals in the Polo Lounge and affairs in the private bungalows. Today, even its trademark cursive logo and palatial pink look haven't gone out of style -- the hotel remains a City of Angels icon.
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Eccentric recluse Howard Hughes lived there on and off during the 1950s, paying as much as $350,000 per year (more than $2 million in today's dollars). Hughes rented three bungalows: one for his wife, one for his Muslim bodyguards and one for himself. Rumor has it that he ordered his roast beef sandwiches to be left in the fork of a tree in the garden so he could fetch them unseen. More interestingly, and out in the open, is that the Beverly Hills Hotel was home to former junk bond king Michael Milken's Thursday night "no wives" party, which was a highlight of his annual "Predator's Ball." (The hotel was owned by Milken's fellow indictee and 1980's master of the universe, Ivan Boesky.) The hotel confirms that ladies' underwear often hung off the crystal chandelier. Spokespeople for the hotel were more than happy to talk about the Milken parties; we can only imagine what else has happened behind its pink walls that they're not telling us.

Marlene Dietrich often holed up in Bungalow 11, Howard Hughes took up residence there for 30 years, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard stayed there when Gable was still married. John Lennon and Yoko Ono took refuge at the hotel for a week. And depending on the decade, you could find Humphrey Bogart or Frank Sinatra knocking back drinks at the Polo Lounge. But the hotel truly became an international star when Neil Simon’s 1978 comedy California Suite was filmed throughout the property—in the lavish suites, at the bar and by the entranceway. Simon was a frequent guest at the hotel and the film’s cast included Maggie Smith (who won an Oscar for her performance) Michael Caine, Alan Alda, Jane Fonda Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and Walter Matthau. The movie features four independent vignettes about guests checking in.

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Beverly Hills
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