History Atlantic
"Hamburg means the Atlantic for me" (Bernd Eichinger, movie producer and director)


The Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg is one of the world's leading hotels, inseparably linked to the city's history and social life. Since it opened its doors almost a century ago in 1909, discerning travelers have appreciated the great Hanseatic tradition of the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg. This grand hotel on the banks of lake Alster has been a beloved rendezvous amongst cosmopolitan guests ever since: The world is at home at the Atlantic!
1909 - Grand Opening. Following two year's of construction that cost a total of 14 million Reich marks, the Atlantic Hotel opened with a Gala Dinner on 2 May 1909. Only those of the upper society of Hamburg were invited: among them, the first mayor of the city of Hamburg, Dr Burchard, General Director Ballin, the Prussian emissary von Bülow, generals, admirals, industrial magnates, ship owners and bankers. Franz Pfordte amidst his fleet of servers Franz Pfordte was the restaurant director and, together with his head chef, Alfred Walterspiel, was responsible for the success of this extraordinary society event.

Historic picture of the restaurant Pfordte

The hotel was sold for the first time on the first Friday after opening: two steamers - one of the Hamburg-South line and one of the Hamburg-America line - needed the hotel to accommodate 240 first-class passengers. 1913 - Prominent Passengers. In 1913 the 52,100-ton luxury steamer "Imperator" was put into service by HADAG and, one year later, the 56,000-ton "Vaterland". The Atlantic Hotel accommodated up to 260 passengers from these ships at any given time, among them, industrial magnates, Indian princes, Turkish dignitaries, maharajas, Russian princes, grand dukes and grand duchesses, King Fuad of Egypt, automobile producer Henry Ford, banker J.P. Morgan and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. 1914-1918 - World War I. The hotel continues its services while the first world war wages on; however, business is quite peaceful. 1919 – Sale of Hotel Kaiserhof AG in Berlin sells the hotel to a consortium made up of several shipping companies and the Stinnes Konzern. 1920-1923 – Inflation. 1924 - Welcoming Foreign Visitors Once again. Foreign visitors are coming to Germany, for example, the president of Mexico, General Calles, and his family. 1929 - Atlantic Hotel AG. The Atlantic Hotel is incorporated through the Stinnes Konzern on 27 March. 1931 - Emperor Haile Selassie. Emperor Haile Selassie of Abessinia is a guest at the Atlantic Hotel. 1932 - Change of Direction. There is a change of direction at the Atlantic Hotel. Hotelier Oskar H. Geyer takes over management from Director Heyn. 1934 - First Telegraph. Introduction of the first Siemens telegraph in a European hotel. 1939 - World War II. Outbreak of the second world war. During the reign of the "Third Reich", many members of the government stay at the Atlantic. 1940 - New Year's. New Year's Dinner, 1940:
  • Cold Lobster with Mayonnaise
  • Kangaroo Tail Soup
  • Roast Rabbit or Turkey with Side Dishes
  • Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Strawberries
  • Ration Coupons Required: vouchers worth 20 g of butter and 50 g of bread
  • Cover Charge: 12 Reich marks plus tip
1942 - Menu Addition. Our menus carried the following addition: "The possibility of an air raid forces us to ask our valued guests for immediate payment." 1943 - Bomb Sirens. The catastrophic week of 24-31 July 1943 also brought damage to the Atlantic Hotel. Miraculously, thanks to the selflessness of many of the staff, the building remained largely intact. May 1945 – Occupation. The Atlantic Hotel is seized by the British Allied Forces. The Hotel is used for British officers for five years. As early as 5 May 1945, meals such as the following were offered:
  • Iced Melon
  • Clear Turtle Soup
  • Cray Fish, English Style
  • Roast Spring Chicken
  • Garden Peas, Carrots in Butter
  • New Potatoes
  • Raspberries and Praline Ice Cream
  • Sweet Meats
  • Mocca and Cream
  • Champagne, Brandy and Liqueurs
1950 - Re-Opening. On 9 February 1950 the Atlantic Hotel was released from English occupation. With the help of the staff whose loyalty remained with the hotel, it was renovated by the end of February. On 1 March 1950 the re-opening took place for guests of all nations. In this year, the first large-scale events following the war would again be held at the Atlantic Hotel. The globe with two caryatids - trademark of the Atlantic Hotel In 1950 the "First Overseas Day" took place. In the same year, the first international art auction in Germany took place at the Atlantic, at which the collection of Dr Rudolph was auctioned off. 1952 - Overseas Club Hamburg. The Overseas Club Hamburg, Society for World Economy, opens its club room at No. 17 Jungfernstieg. The Atlantic Hotel provides the catering. Benjamino Gigli sings in Hamburg and lives at the Atlantic. The press writes: "The concert was superb. The largest crowd ever, the most prominent people, the highest fee, the most encores and the longest and most sincere applause." 1953 - Great Events. Several grand events take place at the hotel in this year. The "United States" is at anchor in Hamburg. On this occasion, the Atlantic Hotel hosts a reception. Official visit of Prince Seif el Eslam el Hassan, Minister President of Yemen. German Federal President Prof Theodor Heuss opens the international gardening exhibition in Hamburg. The Senate reception is held in rooms of the Atlantic Hotel. The "Tina Onassis", the largest tanker in the world at that time, is launched from the Hamburg Howalt shipyard on 25 July 1953. Guests at the launch dinner include ship owner Aristotle Onassis, Tina Onassis, Mayor Max Brauer and leaders of Hamburg's municipality and industry. As every year, many fashion shows, for example by designers Heinz Schulze-Varell, Charles Ritter and Carla Hirt, attracted society interest. 1955 - Visit from the Shah. The Shah visits! Their Majesties Mohammed Reza Pahlevi Shah-in-Shah of Iran, and Empress Soraya pay an official visit to Hamburg and arrive with their entourage at the Atlantic. On 1 May the " Atlantic Hotel" landing for Alster boats is officially opened. Now guests can travel to the inner city by boat practically from our doorstep. This is a unique attraction for many of our national and international guests - as popular now as it was then. 1956 - Derby Ball. The new director of the Hamburg Schauspielhaus, Gustav Gründgen, draws many famous artists to the city, among them O.E. Hasse, Hilde Krahl, Ludmilla Tscherina-Roi and Hans Leibelt. They all find a home at the Kempinski Hotel. As every year, the Derby Ball is a grand society event. Indonesian President Exc. Dr Ahmad Sukarno and the Liberian President Dr William Tubmann arrive in Hamburg and stay at the Atlantic Hotel. 1958 - Ufa Ball. The UFA Ball opening the new Hamburg Ufa-Palast takes place at the Atlantic Hotel. National and international movie stars meet at this grand occasion, among them Willy Birgel, Heidemarie Hatheyer, Hildegard Knef, Vico Torriani, Dieter Borsche, Ilse Kubaschewski, Romy Schneider, Hardy Krüger, Victor de Kowa, Paul Hubschmid, Claus Biederstaedt and Grethe Weiser. 1959 - 50th Anniversary of the Atlantic Hotel. The Hotel celebrates its 50th anniversary and many more great events are celebrated in rooms of the Atlantic. To celebrate the launch of the MS "Francesca", built for Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza of Lugano in Hamburg's Werft Blohm & Voss AG shipyard, public figures of political and economic stature - including Ernst Wolf Mommsen, Member of the Board of Directors of the Phoenix Rheinrohr AG Dusseldorf, Baroness Fiona Thyssen-Bornemisza of Lugano and Prince Otto von Bismarck of Friedrichsruh - meet for a launch dinner. 1962 - Charles de Gaulle. The French President General Charles de Gaulle makes an official visit to Germany and visits Hamburg, causing great excitement. Although the President does not stay at the Hotel, the Atlantic has the honourable task of catering for the President. In addition, the Hotel is the base of operations in the days preceding his visit, at which time the details of his room at the General Consulate are planned. The tailor-made French bed long remains a silent witness to these exciting days and is stored in the attic of the Hotel. 1965 - Politics and Economy. This year again brings several highpoints for the German economy. Negotiations and conferences take place everywhere, bringing many experts and politicians to the Hotel: Denmark's Foreign Secretary, Per Haekkerup; the former German Federal Minister, Dr Rainer Barzel; His Excellency, the Ambassador François Seydoux de Clausonne; the German Federal Minister of the Treasury, Dr Werner Dollinger; the former Minister in a German Land, Hermann Dufhues; and many more. Federal President Heinrich Lübke The fame of the Hamburg theatre increases and, along with it, the fame of the artists who visit Hamburg and stay at the Atlantic. Carl Zuckmayr and Helmut Käutner can be considered regular guests of the house, as well as Elsa Wagner, Charles Regnier, Johanna von Koczian and Victor de Kowa. 1966 - Culinary Weeks. A culinary year! The first French and then the Austrian culinary week takes place in rooms of the Atlantic Hotel. Chefs from France and Austria know how to spoil both local and foreign guests. The festive reception for the guest performance of the Royal Opera of Stockholm sees the arrival at the Hotel of Her Royal Highness, Princess Kira von Preussen; Prince Michael von Preussen; His Royal Highness, Prince Louis Ferdinand von Preussen; the Royal Swedish Consul General to Hamburg, Curt Leijon; and the director of the Royal Opera of Stockholm, Göran Gentele. 1968 – Anniversaries. The launch of the TS "Hamburg" is a celebrated on 21 February 1968. In the presence of the German chancellor, G. Kiesinger, and his wife, this "proud Hamburg lady" is launched. The Atlantic Hotel hosts the festive meal following the launch. Oskar H. Geyer celebrates his 75th birthday and his 36th year as the Director of the Atlantic. On 1 July 1968 he retires and hands over his responsibilities to Karl Th. Walterspiel, whose uncle had been working as chef de cuisine at the time the hotel opened. 1969 - 60th Anniversary of the Atlantic Hotel. On 2 May 1969 the staff of the Atlantic Hotel looks back on 60 eventful years. In spite all of the hardships, the Hotel has managed to stay young. It enjoys a good reputation world-wide. Tradition paired with a trend-setting approach to customer service remain the guidelines for all "Atlanticans". 1970 - Willy Brandt. German Chancellor Willy Brandt and famed artist Prof Oskar Kokoschka enter their names into the guest book of the Atlantic Hotel. 1972 - Olympic Games. After an international invitation for contenders, the Kempinski is selected by the organising committee of the Munich Olympic Games to provide food for 12,500 athletes and their attendants. Planning, organisation and carrying out receive world-wide recognition. As does the Bristol Hotel in Berlin, the Atlantic Hotel opens a modern recreational facility. German Chancellor Willy Brandt 1973 - Hamburg Congress Centre. Kempinski Inc. is put in charge of the catering management of the Hamburg Congress Centre. Elisabeth Taylor spends a night of her Hamburg visit at the Atlantic Hotel. German Minister of the Treasury Helmut Schmidt is a guest at the 24th Hamburg Press Ball at the Hotel. 1974 - Famous Guests. Conductor Herbert von Karajan, the Ambassador of the USSR, His Excellency Valentin Valin, and the Commander of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, all enter their names into the guest book of the Atlantic Hotel. Other famous guests this year include Juliette Gréco, Peter O'Toole and the unforgettable Elisabeth Flickenschildt. 1975 - "Above the Clouds" Ball. For the 25th time, the airlines based in Hamburg and representatives of national and international travel companies organise together with the Skål-Club Hamburg the "Above the Clouds" Ball at the Atlantic Hotel. 1976 - French Guests. The Atlantic Hotel plays an important role in the German-French Consultation Meetings in Hamburg in July 1976. The Hotel offers a venue featuring a great number of salons and conference rooms, making it ideal for the role; also, all members of the French and German delegations stay at the Hotel, with the exception of His Excellency, the French President Giscard d'Estaing, who stays at the Senate's guest house. Helmut Schmidt, Giscard d'Estaing 1979 - Portrait of Emperor Wilhelm II. During some refurbishing work in the foyer of the Atlantic Hotel, a portrait of Emperor Wilhelm II is discovered behind some panelling. It is painted on Majolica tiles from Cadinia. It is removed and kept hidden for another five years. UN General Secretary Dr Kurt Waldheim speaks to the Overseas Club and takes part in the ensuing dinner at the Jungfernstieg club room. Head Porter Oskar Schweser, serving the Hotel for 45 years and thus the oldest "Atlantican", is honoured with the Merit Medal of the Merit Order of the Federal Republic of Germany by Federal President Karl Carstens. The Chinese Head of State and Party, Hua Guofeng, comes to Hamburg and stays, along with his delegation of 45 people, at the Atlantic Hotel. Hua Guofeng 1983 – Celebrities. The Atlantic Hotel begins an extensive modernisation of its rooms. Guests at the Hotel include the President of The Republic of Iceland, Her Excellency Vigdis Finnbogadottir, and Dr Henry A. Kissinger. 1984 - 75th Anniversary of the Atlantic Hotel. The Atlantic Hotel Hamburg celebrates its 75th anniversary. On this occasion, a chronicle entitled "The Atlantic Hotel Hamburg 1909-1984" is published, written by the well-known journalist and author Erich. The portrait of Emperor Wilhelm II is finally returned to the foyer. The anniversary dinner, traditionally organised and carried out by trainees, is a very special challenge for this year's young Atlanticans. 1985 - Culinary Art. Prof Gyula Trebitsch, movie and TV producer, celebrates his 70th birthday with many of his friends and associates. Among the guests are Heinz Rühmann and the former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, and his wife Loki. Michael Wollenberg, who had just finished his training as a chef at the Hotel, wins the Gold Medal at the German Youth Championships. It is presented to him by the German Minister for Employment and Social Order, Dr Norbert Blühm. Dr Richard von Weizsäcker, President of the Federal Republic of Germany, enters his name into the Hotel's guest book. The 55 newly-renovated double rooms with salons (Junior Suites) are named after Hamburg shipping companies. This documents again the close relationship the Hotel has with Hamburg businesses and the harbour. Dr Richard von Weizsäcker 1986 - Kempinski Hotels SA. On 17 March, Kempinski, Lufthansa and Rolaco Holding SA form the Kempinski Hotel SA, based in Geneva and Frankfurt. The new formation's task is to build Kempinski Hotels in the most important cities of this world. "Cats" premiers in Hamburg. On this occasion, the successful composer Andrew Lloyd Webber visits the city. This first musical to have a continuing performance in the Operettenhaus on the Reeperbahn is to ensure a steady stream of visitors to the city and the Hotel over the years. Thanks to director Prof Justus Frantz, the first Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival takes place at many locations in this most northern state of Germany and in Hamburg. The first occurrence of the "Alster Tafel" is a success - it is to find a guaranteed place in the Hamburg event calendar and at the Hotel. Boris Becker receives a duplicate of the Wimbledon trophy after his second win at Wimbledon. It is presented to him in the Kleiner Festsaal (Small Auditorium) by the President of the German Tennis Association, Dr Claus Stauder. 1988 - All-Star Cast. Once again many stars visit the Atlantic Hotel on the Alster: Peter O'Toole, Peter Zadek, Placido Domingo, Götz George. US-American mega star Michael Jackson visits Hamburg to give a concert at the Volksparkstadion. Up until his arrival at the Atlantic Hotel, his Hamburg address was the best-kept secret in town. His sister La Toya arrived exactly three months later. 1989 - 800th Harbour Anniversary. The Atlantic Hotel celebrates its 80th anniversary. This alone would be reason enough for celebration, but as the Hamburg harbour is also celebrating its 800th birthday, the Atlantic Hotel thought of something very special. Fifty toy ships from the world-famous collection of the American publisher Malcolm Forbes arrive in a shipping container. The ships, which are exhibited in the Hotel foyer for a month, are about as old as the Atlantic Hotel and were the toys of privileged children of the time. The Hotel is presents the results of extensive renovation work in time for the grand birthday celebrations. There is a new Atrium Bar, a great number of completely remodelled rooms designed by the Hamburg architect Jan Wichers and newly-designed hallways. The foyer was also given a make-over and a special lighting design. November 1989 - The Wall Comes Down. Thousands of GDR citizens visit Hamburg and the city's partnership with Dresden becomes much closer. 1990 - First "Semper Ball Atlantic". January 1990 sees the premiere of the first "Semper Ball Atlantic". Celebrating newly opened borders, guests from Hamburg and Dresden enjoy a ball at which the Hamburg Philharmonic plays together with the Dresden Strings. Organised by the Hotel Atlantic in close co-operation with the Hotel Bellevue Dresden, the opening ceremony was hosted by the mayors of the two cities, Wolfgang Berghofer, Hamburg, and Dr Henning Voscherau, Dresden. 1992 - Four New Kempinski Hotels. Four new Kempinski Hotels open: The GRAND HOTEL CORVINUS Kempinski, Budapest; the KEMPINSKI HOTEL BEIJING, Lufthansa Center; the CIRAGAN PALACE HOTEL Kempinski, Istanbul, featuring a grand palace for events of all kinds; and the HOTEL BALTSCHUG Kempinski, Moscow. Excerpt from the guest list: Sean Connery, Linda Evans, Kim Basinger. Megastar Michael Jackson stays at the Atlantic Hotel for an entire week and uses it as a base of operations for his concerts in Bremen and Hilden. Madonna moves into one of the Alster Suites to be in Europe for the premier of her album "Erotica". 1993 - "We Will Never Forget". " We will Never Forget" was the theme of a marathon event, held at the Thalia Theatre, which united 60 stars from all over the world in a performance against anti-Semitism and xenophobia. The event was organised by the theatre's director Jürgen Flimm and the actress Vanessa Redgrave. The Get-Together Party after the performance was held at the Atlantic Hotel and lasted until the early hours of the morning. Some of the stars, such as Roger Moore, Harvey Keitel, Klaus Doldinger, Kris Kristoffersen, Giorgio Strehler, Dennis Hopper, Franco Nero and Mario Adorf, also stayed at the Hotel. 1992 - Press Ball and TV Studio. Following a sold-out 1994 New Year's Eve Party, January 1995 opens the new year with a special highlight for social life in the city: The Hamburg Press Ball, with more than a thousand guests, takes place at the Atlantic again for the first time since 1974. A fully-equipped TV studio is opened at the Atlantic Hotel. It makes the Atlantic the only hotel in Europe to be equipped with an integrated studio. It enables its users to send live feed all over the world and to record interviews with any background. TV studio at the Hotel Atlantic 1997 - Great Success. The new year starts with great success: the Atlantic Hotel ranks first in a poll by the "Business Traveller" magazine in the category Best Hotel for Business Travellers to Germany. Shortly thereafter, the "A la Carte" magazine publishes its reader poll of favourite hotels: The "White Castle on the Alster" is declared the "Most Popular Hotel in Germany". And readers of the business magazine Capital vote for the Atlantic, awarding it the title "Best Hotel in Europe". Location Atlantic: Part of the shooting of the new James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, starring Pierce Brosnan, take place at the Atlantic Hotel. Among the scenes shot here is a stunt scene in which Brosnan - or rather his stunt double - climbs from the Atlantic Suite to the globe on the roof of the Hotel. Present are, besides Pierce Brosnan, the German actor Götz Otto, the director Roger Spottiswalde and a crew of 150. 1998 - The Rolling Stones. The legendary Rolling Stones stayed for a week at the end of August/beginning of September in Northern Germany. The hotel was their "headquarters" for the tour organisation, and became home for the musicians, their families and friends as well as the tour management. At a sumptuous party, more than 600 guests celebrate New Year's Eve with the traditional "Alster Ball". 1999 is going to be a special year for the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg. May 2, 1999 will mark the 90th anniversary of the opening of the hotel - nine centuries on the banks of the Alster! And the Hotel is perfectly prepared to stay one of the prime spots for travellers from all over the world. 1999 - On 2 May the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg Celebrates Its 90th Birthday. A chronicle entitled "The Atlantic Hotel Hamburg 1909-1999" was published on this special occasion, describing the history of this house rich in tradition - an establishment that has been linked inextricably to the history and social life of Hamburg ever since the day it was opened. 2000 – Success and Celebrities. The year begins with another great success for the "White Castle on The Alster". The readers of the "Business Traveller" elect the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg the second-best business hotel, second to the Kempinski Hotel Four Seasons in Munich. Congratulations to the directors of the Kempinski in Munich. The East Asia Association celebrates its 100th anniversary with a "Meal of Love" at the Kempinski; one of the guests is German Federal President Johannes Rau. May 2000 - The best professional golfers of the world meet on Gut Kaden for the Deutsche Bank/SAP Open, and the world's Number One golfer, Tiger Woods, feels right at home in the Presidential Suite. Barbara and Boris Becker travel to Hamburg to play at a VIP tournament with Woods. August 2000 - "The Princess that came from Heaven" reads one of the headlines on the visit of the Thai crown princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. She receives audiences in the Großer Festsaal (Large Auditorium). Success for two trainees of the Atlantic Hotel: Matthias Roock, training as a cook, wins first place with the German Youth National Team at the "Cook Olympics", later winning the singles competition as well as the team competition at the German Youth Championships. This is the high point of his career so far, which has been rich in prizes and awards won at various competitions. Anke Schümann, training in service, also won the title of German Champion at the Youth Championships. Thanks to the great performances of these two young Atlanticans, the Hamburg team returns with the gold medal and is later honoured by School Senator Ute Pape at a reception. On 29 November 2000 - The Atlantic Bar is re-opened with a grand party after a two week face-lift. Singer Udo Lindenberg presents a painting, which can be seen in the foyer of the second storey. 2001 - A Year of Anniversaries. The greatest potential of any grand hotel was, is and will always be its staff. Some of those - justly called the "foundations" of the house and invaluable to new colleagues because of their experience and knowledge - are proud to celebrate round service anniversaries this year. Stig Arnberg, Guest Relations Manager, celebrates his 30th anniversary. In the Hamburg edition of the WELT he is called the "Brains of the Grand Hotel at the Aussenalster". Besides numerous five-year service anniversaries, in 2001 there are altogether two 30-year anniversaries, two 25-year anniversaries, seven 20-year anniversaries and two 15-year anniversaries - figures the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic is very proud of. Great joy at the Aussenalster: Chef Matthias Rook, 21, won his discipline at the 36th Cooking World Championships, which took place from 13 to 16 September in Seoul. 2002 – BMW Suite. On Tuesday, December 3rd 2002, the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg and BMW Group Niederlassung Hamburg have presented the new BMW Suite in an exclusive world premiere. The BMW Suite is located on the third floor of the hotel, directly under the suite known as the ‘James Bond Suite’, in which scenes from ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ were filmed. 2003- Energy Clinic. Welcome to a new breed of health and beauty centre at the new Energy Clinic. All the services have been designed to increase and balance ones energy levels. Energy Clinic offers own range of exclusive body and soul treatments as well as more conventional services such as waxing and manicures. Treatments combine Eastern Philosophies with modern Western culture - providing a balanced re-energising programme to help to reach health, happiness and success. New Executive Chef. Sven Büttner has been appointed Executive Chef at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg in June 2003. The fresh wind blowing at the traditional Atlantic Restaurant has not only been acknowledged by the guests, but also brought acclaim from the good-food critics, such as a 16-point rating from Gault Millau. Büttner, born 1968 in the North German city Elmshorn, is one of 13 members of “Die Jungen Wilden” (The Young Rebels), an association of Chefs receiving a lot of public attention. Sven is both an artist and a revolutionary. While he says: “A cook is just a creative craftsman”, nothing is the same as it was three years ago, when he joined the famous grand hotel on Lake Alster. He has accomplished a daring balancing-act, true to his philosophy of combining traditionalism with modernity. Büttner has given the cuisine of the hotel a spectacular new freshness, without indulging in fashionable fads or frightening away the aficionados of established excellence. “Tsao Yang”. Sunrise at Hamburg’s Alster Lake:The Restaurant „Tsao Yang“ opens at The Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg.Tsao Yang“ (Chinese for “Rising Sun”) is the name of the stylish Chinese restaurant that has opened in June at the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg. The new restaurant „Tsao Yang“, is unique in Germany regarding ambience and cuisine. Seven Chinese Chefs are realising a genuine cuisine of their country. Amongst the speciali-ties are the original Peking Style Roast Duck as well as the finest dishes from Canton, Szetchuan and Peking. The Feng Shui based interior design creates an at-mosphere of harmony and well-being. Light colours supplemented by red stamp the am-bience as much as the unique view of the Alster Lake and the open kitchen do. In the kitchen – visible from all sides - dishes are prepared à la minute by seven Chefs. „Tsao Yang“ adds another accent to the restaurant scene in Hamburg and accomplishes the à la carte variety of the Atlantic Hotel. Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg. Hamburg celebrates the visit of the “Stones”. The legendary rock band “The Rolling Stones” have stayed tow nights and days in Hamburg and enthused their audience with a great show. It was once again the Atlantic Hotel at which the famous musicians stayed their stay on Lake Alster. October 22 was the night of the super stars: Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Placido Domingo, Christopher Reeve, the Bee Gees, Yusuf Islam alias Cat Stevens a.m.o. were honored with the WORLD AWARDS 2003 in a glamorous gala ceremony in Hamburg, Germany, presented by President Mikhail Gorbachev. Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg served as the official World Awrads Hotel and hosted the laureates: WORLD ACTOR AWARD: Michael Douglas; WORLD ARTIST AWARD: Morgan Freeman; WORLD FASHION AWARD: Karl Lagerfeld ; WORLD ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Placido Domingo; WORLD MEDIA AWARD: Larry King (CNN); WORLD SOCIAL AWARD: Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens); WORLD ENTERTAINMENT AWARD: Siegfried & Roy; WORLD BUSINESS AWARD: Heinrich von Pierer; WORLD FUTURE AWARD: Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer; WORLD TOLERANCE AWARD: Lech Walesa; WORLD CONNECTION AWARD: Jan Ullrich; MAN OF THE YEAR: The doctors in Iraq; LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Christopher Reeve; WORLD ARTIST AWARD for LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Bee Gees. 2004- Gold List “Condé Nast Traveler”. Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg has earned one of the most coveted distinctions in the travel industry: a place on the 2004 Condé Nast Traveler Gold List, an annual guide to the Top 700 hotels, resorts and cruise lines in the world. The annual Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List rankings are based on the 32,000 reader responses from the annual Readers’ Choice Awards poll. Condé Nast Traveler editors interviewed thousands of readers on their first-hand impressions of everything form bellmen to bedding. „This is a special distinction for my team“, says happily Sebastian Heinemann, General Manager of the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg, „as the ‘Gold List’ reflects the impressions our guests gained during their stay with us. And, it proves that the investments in new suites, hotel rooms and in general equipment make impact.“ „Congratulations“, writes Thomas J. Wallace, Editor-in-Chief of Condé Nast Traveler, in his letter to the hotel’s General Manager, „your property has earned one of the most coveted distinctions in the travel industry: a place on the 2004 Condé Nast Traveler Gold List, an annual guide to the Top 700 hotels, resorts, and cruise lines in the world.” Sea Cloud Suite. Kempinski Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg and Sea Cloud Cruises launched the new “Sea Cloud Suite” in an exclusive world premiere on May 5, 2004, just three days after the hotel’s 95th anniversary. The design of the new „Sea Cloud Suite“ is based on the maritime charm of the sailing vessels’ Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II cabins featuring timeless elegance and discreet, premium quality. A combination of Red, Yellow and dark wood generates a smooth, warm atmosphere in the parlour and the bedroom. Precious materials and cloths harmonise with stylish furniture and accessories. Tableaux and a Sea Cloud model ship reflect the romance of a sea passage. Brass, wood and natural stone add to the exclusive choice of furnishing. The new “Sea Cloud Suite” is composed of a parlour with adjacent bedroom and a bathroom. PrivateMax. Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg unveils its “PrivateMax” and presents the first private cinema in a German hotel. It is not so long since a private cinema was the privilege of the rich and famous in Hollywood owning spacious villas. “PrivateMax” is the private cinema with original cinema technique and equipment available for installation in rooms from 12 square meters. The Atlantic „PrivateMax“ means undiluted movie pleasure in a completely equipped cinema that doesn’t rank behind a modern multiplex cinema centre. Its main difference to commercial movie theatres is size, as it has been installed in a room of some 30 square meters. Naturally, the new PrivateMax features the latest video technique and premium DVD player instead of a traditional cinematograph. Seating only eight people the “PrivateMax” invites to experience the atmosphere and the technique of modern, big cinemas. It is available 24 hours a day and can also play host to corporate presentations and any kind of television broadcasts. On the occasion of the "Bambi" Awards many celebrities came to Hamburg and stayed at the Atlanitc. Among the famous guests were Sophia Loren, Donatella Versace, film producer Bernd Eichinger, Ursula Karven, Heino Ferch, Nadja Uhl, Guido Westerwelle, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Henry Maske, Veronica Ferres. State visit and German-Russian Summit Conference in Hamburg. In December 2004, the Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder stayed with many of their cabinets' secretaries at the Atlantic. The "White Castle on Lake Alster", how people in Hamburg affectionately use to call the hotel, was probably Europe's most protected hotel for two days. 2005 – Atlantic Forum e.V. As a cofounder of the Atlantic Forum e.V., the Hotel Atlantic shows its social engagement in a new way. The association aims to create a new awareness for values in society and is based on three pillars: panel discussions, projects and the Atlantic Forum Akademie. Together with the Atlantic Forum, a unique school theater project was brought to life, where every year 50-70 pupils from various districts, schools and social stratum have the chance to work together on a play with a renowned stage director. Corinna Lampadius, Chairwoman of the Atlantic Forum e.V.: “It is not only important to talk about values, but also to break new ground with our discussions. The young people not only learn how to play their part, but also discover and experience new values such as responsibility, solidarity, discipline, and reliability.” Matthiae-Mahl in the town hall and royal visit in the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg. The King of Jordanian, Abdullah II., signs not only the visitors’ book of the city of Hamburg, but also the visitors’ book of the Hotel Atlantic. During his stay, the royal guest feels at home in the Atlantic Suite and his delegation in other luxurious suites. 2006 – Atlantic Academy. Shortly before its 100th anniversary, which the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg is celebrating in May 2009, the Atlantic Academy was founded in summer 2006. In line with this new foundation the Atlantic Management trains and consults other companies to introduce the procedures of a well-established management - and service culture as well as the resulting education and training of their staff. The Atlantic Catering takes care of the VIP Lounge at the 137. German BMW Galoppderby at Horner Racecourse. Particularly at the weekends, numerous politicians and stars are hosted in the VIP lounge. Hamburg Summit. The “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe”, which is hold in Hamburg every two years, brings together the elite of China and Europe for the discussion of key issues of mutual interest. This year, the delegation of the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao is hosted by the Hotel Atlantic and occupies the most beautiful suites. Catering partner of the conference is the professional team of the Atlantic Catering that inspires the guests with creative and extraordinary menus. 2007- International Politics. During the 8th ASEM Foreign Ministers Meeting in Hamburg the Hotel Atlantic hosts 19 foreign ministers and their delegations from various countries, including France, Great Britain, Sweden, Austria, and Thailand. The EU High Representative for the CFSP, Dr Javier Solana is staying in one of the luxurious suites. The official opening ceremony with Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is held in the “Große Festsaal”. Ball nights at the Hotel Atlantic. Since nearly 100 years, the Hotel Atlantic is famous for its glamorous ball nights. The yearly event highlights include, for instance, the “Presseball” in January, the “Ball über den Wolken” in February, the “Blaue Ball” in April, as well as the splendid New Year ‘s Eve Ball, with this year's theme “ Atlantic meets Hollywood”. 2008 – Film setting: Hotel Atlantic. Since the shooting of the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, the Hotel Atlantic has attained a cult status for film settings of all kind. After the ARD production “Rose under Dornen” (2005), starring Heinz Hoenig, Sonja Kirchberger, Valerie Niehaus and Thure Riefenstein, another shooting takes place in the beginning of 2008. For the NDR movie “Der Hoteldetektiv”, stars such as the famous Italian actor Franco Nero (“Django”), Barbara Auer and Uwe Kokisch come to the Hotel Atlantic. Sport stars in the Hotel Atlantic. The sporting highlight of July 2008 was the World Championship fight of Wladimir Klitschko against “Tiger” Thompson in the Color Line Arena. During his time in Hamburg, Wladimir Klitschko and his team stayed in the Hotel Atlantic and gave his official press conference in the hotel facilities. In the past the Hotel Atlantic has hosted many famous sport stars, including Muhammed Ali, Henry Maske, Boris Becker, and Tiger Woods. As the official partner of the 3rd Hamburg Summit, the Hotel Atlantic welcomes in September two top-class delegations from China: the delegation of the Deputy Prime Minister Dejian ZHANG, who arrived with several (Deputy) ministers, as well as the delegation of Mrs. Xie Qihua, the Chief Executive of the CFIE, which is the largest and most influential industry association in China. The Atlantic Catering is responsible for the culinary well being of the participants of the Hamburg Summit and takes not only care of the opening ceremony at the Handelskammer Hamburg with Frank–Walter Steinmeier, but also of the official dinner with 250 persons in the ballrooms of the Hotel Atlantic.
S.E. Richard Burt Dietlinde und Maestro Lorin Maazel Yehudi Menuhin Roger Moore Bernhard Vogel David Copperfiled Arnold Schwarzenegger Boris Jelzin Bernd Eichinger André Agassi Anthony Quinn Stacey Keach Paul Hogan Placido Domingo Sir Anthony Hopkins Giorgio Armani Michail Gorbatschow und Raissa Gorbatschowa Gyula Horn Deutsches Davis Cup Team Carl-Uwe Steeb, Boris Becker, David Prinosil, Thomas Haas Joan Collins Gabriela Sabatini Bundespräsident Johannes Rau und Christina Rau Phil Collins Mario Adorf Morgan Freeman und Familie Garri Kasparow Harry Belafonte Jochen Schümann Tiger Woods Die Frauen Fussball-Nationalmannschaft Suchart Jaovishida Dionne Warwick Vivienne Westwood Whitney Houston Katharina Witt Oliver Berben Iris Berben HRH Prince Turki Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Ferenc Mádl, Staatspräsident von Ungarn Heino Ferch, Schauspieler, und Frau Andrea Sawatzki, Schauspielerin Donatella Versace Bruno Ganz Wladimir Klitschko

Karl Theodor Walterspiel (1968 – 1988)
Werner Kirchhhoff (1988 – 1991)
Herman-Rüdiger von Treskow (1991 – 1993)
Uwe Frommhold (1993 – 1998)
Stephan Kaminski (1998 – 2001)
Sebastian Heinemann ( 2001-2010)

252 Rooms
Atlantic Restaurant: Monday to Friday open from 12.00 am to 3.00 pm and from 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm. Sunday closed. 82 seats in an elegant atmosphere, menu and à la carte. Tsao Yang: Open daily from 12.00 am to 3.00 pm and from 18.00 pm to 23.30 pm. Closed for lunch on Saturday. Genuine Chinese cuisine with unique ambience and Alster view. Atlantic Bar: Open from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. Fridays and Saturdays from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm. Snacks, live music at night. Alstersalon: Open for breakfast (American Buffet) daily from 6.30 am to 10.30 am, Saturdays from 6.30 am to 11.00 am and Sundays from 7.00 am to 11.00 am. 75 seats in a comfortable atmosphere.
PrivateMax Fully equipped cinema for up to 8 persons. The exclusive facility is suitable for small corporate events, birthdays and movie presentations. Energy Clinic Open daily from 7 am to 10 pm, Sundays from 8 am to 8 pm. Wellness and beauty concepts based on Feng Shui, I Ging and the balance between the five elements. Sauna, pool and solarium facilities. P.I.A. Atlethicum Open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 11 am and from 5 pm to 9 pm. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 9 am to 9 pm. Modern fitness facilities, innovative circle training at Gyrotonic® and Pilates equipment, as well as personal training.
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Country: Germany
City: Hamburg
Opening date: 1909

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General Manager Peter Pusnik


An der Alster 72-79
20099 Germany, Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 28 880 GM #823
Fax: +49 40 24 71 29

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