Ashford House

Having been erected over the course of 700 years, Ashford Castle is a Harry Potter sort of thing - make sure you do not end up in the wrong wing.
The stately architecture of Ashford Castle, located deep in the heartland of Mayo and set against a spectacular backdrop of forests, lakes and mountains, seems to suggest a place where time stands still. But the castle you see today has witnessed enormous change since its foundation nearly eight centuries ago. 1228 - Ashford is founded by the Anglo-Norman de Burgo family following their defeat of the native O'Connors of Connaught. the de Burgo's would build several such castles throughout the province, but Ashford would remain the principal stronghold. The native O'Connors also leave a legacy in the form of the nearby 12th century Augustinian abbey of Cong, built on the site of a 6th century monastery. 1589 - After more than three and a half centuries under the de Burgo's, Ashford passes into the hands of a new owner. following a fierce battle between the forces of the de Burgo's and those of the English Lord Bingham, governor of Connaught, a truce is agreed and the castle falls to Bingham who adds a fortified enclave within its precincts. 1715 - The Ashford estate is established by the Oranmore and Browne family and a fabulous french style chateau is added to the architectural splendour of the castle. 1852 - Ashford's new owner, Sir Benjamin lee Guinness, extends the estate to 26,000 acres, building new roads, planting throusands of trees and adding two large victorian style extensions. 1868 - Sir Benjamin lee Guinness bequeaths Ashford to his son, Lord Ardilaun, an avid gardener who oversees the development of massive woodlands and rebuilds the entire west wing of the castle. 1915 - Ashford is retained by the Iveagh trust on behalf of the Guinness family until it is bought by Noel Huggard in 1939. Huggard establishes the castle as a "First Class Hotel". 1951 - The director John Ford comes to the west of Ireland to film what would become a movie classic "The Quiet Man". many of the films stars stayed at Ashford. 1970 - Ashford Castle is bought by John a. Mulcahy who oversees its complete restoration and expansion, doubling its size, building the golf course and developing the grounds and gardens. 1985 - A group of Irish American investors purchase Ashford. in the 16 years since, Ashford has been voted not only one of the best hotels in Ireland by the most discerning guidebooks, but also one of the top 50 resort properties in Europe. Ashford Castle - one of the most luxurious resort hotels in the world. A a legacy 700 years in the making. The Castle has welcomed and entertained its fair share of celebrities and public figures over the years. members of Europe's royal families, political figures, industrialists and film stars who have all enjoyed the hospitality of the castle.
Maureen O'Hara Daniel Travanti Pierce Brosnan Jack Nicolson Barbra Dixon Barnie Miller Johnny Cash Jason Priestly Stephanie Beechan Brian Dennehy Christiana Ricci Sharon Stone Robin Williams Tom Watts Terry Wogan Brad Pitt Alain Jupee Carroll Spinney Tony Blair Harry Belafonte Anthony Edwards Jane Seymour Susan O'Sullivan Bob Hope Gerry Springer Stacy Keach Michael Barrymore Ann Bylth Chris De Burgh Jane Powell Omar Sharif Russell Crowe Rod Taylor Gene Autry John Forsythe Donald O'Conor Molly Ringwald Alex Ferguson U2 Phil Coulter Stephen Roche Charlotte Rampling Joe Elliott Brendan Grace Britt Ekland Enda O'Brien David Putnam Bob Crowe Michael Smufit Dr. Tony O' Reilly John Major Joan Baez Prince Edward Cheryl Ladd Lee George 'V' of England Senator Ted Kennedy Patrick Duffy John Travolta Rod Stewart Fred Astaire John Wayne Barry Fitzgerald Woody Allen Mia Farrow President Mary Robinson Barbra Streisand James Brolin Liam & Noel Gallagher Norm & Joanie Crosby David Anspaugh & Roma Downey Gabriel Byrne & Ellen Barkin Mrs. Margaret Heckler Mrs. Jean Kennedy Smith Princess Grace & Prince Rainer Duke & Duchess of Luxemborg Ex President of Germany Walter Schell Ex President of America Mr & Mrs Ronald Reagan
72 Rooms
11 Suites
head for the staterooms in the older part of the castle, some of which date to the 13th century. This is the Irish castle of your imagination, where you can snuggle up in a four-poster bed beneath lofty ceilings with logs blazing in the nearby hearth or soak in a claw-foot tub -- glass of sherry in hand -- in a bathroom larger than some New York City apartments. At the end of the day, have (what else) a pint of Guinness under the vaulted ceilings and red walls of the aptly named Dungeon Bar.
Horseback riding and fly-fishing, along with golf, tennis and lake cruises, while a new spa specializes in marine therapies like sea-salt scrubs and marine clay masks.
George V dining room: Jacket and tie
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Ashford House
Country: Ireland
City: Cong, Co Mayo
Opening date: 1939

Note from the Host

General Manager Niall Rochford Esq.
Hotel Manager: T. J. Mulcahy


Ashford Castle
Ireland, Cong, Co Mayo

Tel: +353 94 9546003
Fax: +353 94 9546260

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