At the spot where the river Plate and the Atlantic Ocean mingle, is a wide bay. Francisco Piria, a pioneer who in 1920 created that tourist center and endowed it with a huge hotel and a beautiful seawalk. It was completely made up by Carlos Méndez Requena, a hotel businessman,and it looks as fine as ever.
294 rooms + 56 apartments Rooms
Marine Thermae Centre-2 pools of sea water at 38°C, a gush, ejectors,bubbles,an algae bath- and of the Rehabilitation and Beauty Centre based on the well known Rumanian therapies of Dr. Ana Aslan and Ionescu Calinesti, head of said Centre
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Country: Uruguay
City: Piriápolis
Opening date: 1930

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General Manager


Rambla de los Argentinos
20200 Uruguay, Piriápolis

Tel: +598 432 2791
Fax: +598 432 3107

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