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Receiving an important guest at the turn of the century was the occasion for a full dress ceremony involving a whole army of staff. More often than not the guests arrived by rail. The hotel had to telephone to check up on the times of trains. If a delay occurred the full compliment of management and staff had to remain waiting whatever the hour. Carriages equal to the number of guests were sent off to the station each one with a page boy who had to be on the platform to meet the guest. ... more One Picture Is Worth Ten Thousand Words


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Hotels lost in History

They are history. Famous hotels of the past, the grand hotels of a bygone era. Here we list them.  [more]

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Xian - People’s Hotel - Chinese/English

The Renmin Dasha family is reunited.


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The Oriental: Bikini Model causes scandal

50 years ago, on 30 July 1964, pretty blond haired model Kiki Sackmann created a sensation when she wore a bikini during a fashion… [more]

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Vienna/Austria and Xian/China

While visiting Xi'ans Terracotta Army you can now stay in ultimate luxury at the People's Grand Hotel. And in Vienna, the Imperial… [more]

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Premier Palace Kiev

While the Ukraine is making the headlines with its troublemsome government, one hotel is making the headlines since 1909, when… [more]

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Frankfurter Hof – the new book

Since 1876 the Frankfurter Hof ranks among the most famous hotels in the world. Its façade is a reminiscence of glorious… [more]

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104 good reasons to call the staff

The Teleseme —  by the push of a button you could order a glass of milk, fresh towels or your… [more]

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Meeting Cromwell - A Piece of English History

Adrian Mourby meets Cromwell at the Lygon Arms in Broadway. A piece of English history.  [more]

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Around the World in 80 Hotels

A journey around the world can take – as we have all learnt – 79+1 days, it can also take you to 80 different… [more]

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César Ritz (1)

Cesar Ritz, born in the Swiss village of Niederwald on 23 February 1850. He began his hotel career at the age… [more]

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Mount Nelson: Breakfast with Xavier Lablaude

At the launch of 'I Had Tea at the Nellie — The Mount Nelson Treasury' — meet Xavier Lablaude of the legendary… [more]

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pinar timer - breakfast with andreas augustin

Istanbul/TR: Breakfast with Pınar Kartal Timer

Pinar Kartal Timer

She is the General Manager of the iconic Istanbul Pera Palace Hotel, now under… [more]

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Breakfast with Michel Rey

He is the doyen of Swiss Hospitality and became certainly one of the longest serving hotel general managers of the world. From… [more]

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famoushotels people's grand hotel xian

People's Grand Hotel Xian, China (1953)






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