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My dear reader, 

In case you find this Feuilleton Ritz-heavy, you couldn't be more right. Since the early 1880s, the name Ritz is simply the better word for luxury.


PUTTING UP THE RITZ  … for sale. This time you can even take it home. Following the 2012–16 refurbishment of the hotel on Place Vendome, Paris auction house ARTCURIAL brings some 10,000 Ritz pieces of furniture, porcelain, cutlery and pet sofas under the hammer. 

Prices are astonishingly un-Ritzy. A reception rack caught my attention, bids start around 300 €. A Louis XV style coffee table (200 Euro), a gilt-metal eight-light Corbeille chandelier could be yours for only 500 Euro. A ‘PANIER A CHIEN DE STYLE LOUIS XVI’ is what you need for your beloved one: it’s a  Louis XVI style pet sofa which costs you maybe not more than 600 Euro, including a chocolate brown velvet cushion. Woof! There is a detailed catalog online, the date to meet in Paris is 17. April 2018.

DER GROSSE CÉSAR — EIN ABEND IM RITZ100 Years ago, in 1918, the great César Ritz, died. In a sold-out show at the Ritz' Wintergarden and the Ritz Bar, set up at ARTCURIAL VIENNA, we presented a very special preview of our book The Great Cesar under the guise of a reading show. Right: Marius Zernatto reading the young inspired César Ritz.

Related to Ritz is our Edition Raconteur book FRANKFURTER HOF. It tells the story of the leading hotel in the heart of "Mainhattan", the metropolis of finance in continental Europe. The story goes back to 1870s, around 1900 you meet César Ritz mesmerizing the hotel's board of directors by his visions and ideas, which take the Frankfurter Hof from the brink of bankruptcy to success. Guest appearance: Prince Bertie, the Prince of Wales.



PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ and other adages coin our everyday life. At least, of some of us. Have you ever asked yourself what “Puttin’ on the Ritz“ means? Where the name „Ritz-Carlton“ originated. Glad you asked. We've got the answers

Hungry for more Ritz on stage? For a staged play, César Ritz symbolically returns to his Swiss village Niederwald during the CÉSAR RITZ FESTIVAL. During that time, the 50 contributors on- and backstage will outnumber the entire population of the village. The spectacle is written and directed by Beni Kreuzer (left), a native from the region. Currently less than 20% of all tickets are sold, the event is either highly subsidized or jeopardised. 




Raffles Singapore is closed for extensive renovations. We are bringing back our coveted bestseller The Raffles Treasury — following the request of our faithful readership. Reading pleasure guaranteed.

The Strand Hotel Yangon (above) has built the long desired pool and a state-of-the-art recreation area at the hotel's backyard (above). An oasis in the heart of the city of Yangon. The Strand's story is available at our bookshop.

Pera Palace Istanbul is no longer a Jumeirah hotel. Pinar Kartal Timer is no longer general manager. For the time being, Murat Eti (right) is in charge. Most guests know him well; he served as the executive assistant manager for the past nine years and knows the hotel and its clientele like the back of his hand.

However, our bestseller "PERA PALACE  — The Tale of Istanbul's Fabulously Amazing Hotel" is available at the hotel and right here. With Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, detective extraordinaire Hercule Poirot returned to the screen. Agatha Christie's secret still remains unsolved.


Letter from China: 

Chinese hospitality expert Professor Zhang Guangrui answers all our questions.

Letter from America:

Stan Turkel on John McEntee Bowman, Canadian-born founding president of Bowman-Biltmore Hotels Corp.

Letter from Adrian Mourby

We tried to stop him, but wherever he goes, he sends one. This time it's Rome ...

I wish you inspiring moments

Andreas Augustin

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