The Most Famous Hotels in the World Jury Meeting 2018/December Andreas Augustin

The Most Famous Hotels in the World Jury Meeting 2018/December

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Excerpt of the Minutes of the Meeting of the Jury (London, December 2018)

Do we Brexit or not? For 33 years the minutes of our organisation were typed at Pall Mall, London. Last December we held our regular jury meeting at our historical conference room. A motion to close our Headquarters in the UK and move the entire operation to the continent was dismissed. The historical commission unanimously declared, ‘This empire had suffered so greatly, with the fall of Singapore, the losses of India and the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Ceylon, giving up the control over the Suez Canal and the handover of Hong Kong to China. It would be a hefty blow if The Most Famous Hotels in the World were to withdraw their annual meeting from England.

Membership Affairs

Hotels/Room Count 2018/19:
456 hotels in 327 cities and 88 countries are allowed to bear the title "A Select Member of The Most Famous Hotels in the World". 
In 2019, The Most Famous Hotels in the World crossed the 100,000 room keys threshold. 


Grand Hotel Scarborough

Sri Lanka:
Grand Hotel Nuwara Elyia

Burj al Arab 
Reason: The hotel is too young. Management to be advised to re-apply for membership in 2038.

Hill Club Nuwara Elyia’s membership has been suspended (for not meeting the 50-rooms criteria after – with the acceptance of the Grand Hotel – having lost its singular location bonus.)

8:1 votes for keeping the “50% / 50 rooms / 50 years old” regulation.


Preview activities 2019:

We research the history of the Hotel Astoria in Seefeld, Tyrol.

We completed the research of the history of the Hotel Astoria in Brussels. It will reopen in 2021 under the ownership and management of Corinthia. Our book will be presented in 2021.

We research the history of the Le Royal in Phnom Penh, currently first documented in 1929.
We research the history of the Grand Hotel d’Angkor (1931), Siem Reap.

We celebrate the 90th birthday of the hotel Prince de Galles in Paris with an elegant publication. For the first time we will present the text – linked to the classic coffee table book – in an eBook. We also publish a special staff edition for all the faithful employees of the hotel.

Half Moon on Jamaica is undergoing a historical change: Chairman Guy Steuart III has added a Great House as a new main building to this already great hotel complex. Our Treasury book is ready for its opening, our large coffee table book in the making.

Sri Lanka
We present THE GALLE FACE HOTEL TREASURY (Colombo, Sri Lanka) and its history, starting in the 1860s. Situated along the most important shipping and trading route between Europe and the Far East, you can very well imagine what a fascinating history awaited us in the archives at the capital Colombo in former Ceylon, today Sri Lanka.

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