Feuilleton in Reflection of the Armistice — 11. November 1918 Andreas Augustin

Feuilleton in Reflection of the Armistice — 11. November 1918

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Dear Friends of The Most Famous Hotels in the World
Dear Readers;

This is a weekend of remembrance and appreciation; it is “Armistice”. 100 years ago, World War I, the so-called Great War, ended on this date. The unthinkable war between European nations—Germany and Austria with its allies against France, England, Russia and the rest of the world—was over.

Not possible to imagine today, it would happen once more (1939–1945) before our world was to reach the new order we treasure today. Not all, I know, but most of us are living during the longest period of peace in modern times.

Only 14 famous hotels opened during 5 years of war

Our famoushotels-timeline reveals that during its five devastating years until 1918, only 14 of the most famous hotels in the world were opened.

Hotel Gellert in Budapest opened in 1918

That is a relatively small number considering that during the following ‘roaring twenties’, until the next major crash (black Tuesday in 1929), over 60 hotels on our list were put into operation.

The last one opened before the Wall Street Crash was the Prince de Galles in Paris. It is located in Avenue George V., a street named after the British monarch who steered England through that war.

We are publishing the Prince de Galles story to commemorate its 90th anniversary.

I wish you a meaningful weekend of remembrance and appreciation


As always

Andreas Augustin

Look: Here is a link to an annotated online version of the London paper The Times on 12. November 1918. Interesting to see how restrained the victorious nation reported on the last day of war in its “Late War Edition” including details about war, casualties, death notices and adverts, from Gillette and All-Wool-Overcoats to Harrods ‘Blouse Week’. The Times was first to issue a National Tribute to the Nurses of the Great War (page one, centre).

For Austria – at the loosing end – I have chosen the Neue Freie Presse, where you can browse the 12 November edition here: http://anno.onb.ac.at/cgi-content/anno?aid=nfp&datum=19181112&seite=1&zoom=33



(Thank you for your comments, which I gladly publish here)

Thanks for your article.
From a Canadian perspective..:
Young, fresh-faced Canada sent 424,000 men overseas to fight in the First World War and nearly 61,000 of them were killed on foreign soil, far, far, far away from their homes in their 50-year-old country.

Those Canadians rest now in cemeteries all over Europe and their sacrifice helped forge a nation.

So it seems entirely appropriate that, on the 100th anniversary of the end of that great conflict, Canada’s prime minister, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of this year, should spend the day in France, where many of the greatest battles Canadians fought and died in were waged.

Not only that — though that reason alone would be sufficient for a Canadian prime minister to be overseas this year — but French President Emmanuel Macron has invited Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Teresa May, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, and U.S. President Donald Trump to join him and more than 70 other world leaders in Paris for a special 100th anniversary Armistice Day service Sunday, followed by a Peace Forum, where those leaders will discuss issues of international security.

Steven Donald

Even if it is in French this is a document from the WWI by my great great grandfather Louis TESTOT who was in Verdun
Can be interesting : https://journaldeguerredeverdun.blogspot.com/
Best Regards
Didier Testot



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