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Stamboul Train Memories at Istanbul’s Pera Palace


The First Grand Hotel in the World


The Hotel Metropole in Hanoi has a new general manager: Kai Speth


USA: The Biltmore saved! - updat


Hotels updated last month include:


Dom Hotel Cologne, Germany (update history entry)


Excelsior Rome, Italy (update history entry and full access to contemporary information incl. website and booking link) 

Grand Hotel Nuremberg (update history entry)


Raffles Hotel Singapore (one of the best documented hotels on our site)

Reid's Palace, Madeira (updated)


In May 2009, we acquired a 1950s Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong China Guide Book with Maps

Vintage 1950’s hardcover Guide Book
174 pages + 5-panel Map
4 ½ ” x 8 ” ( ½ ” (thick )
contents features hotel description, tourist information and services, photographs of the hotel, of Hong Kong / Kowloon businesses and attractions



From Here To Timbuktu: Timbuktu is widely used to describe a place extremely far away and regarded by many as a myth. In reality it's a city in Mali, West Africa, of such great historical importance that in 1988 it was designated a World Heritage Site.


The History of the Travel Guide Book: 'Worth the Detour', by Nicholas T. Parsons

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