Above: The legendary 3 Pageboys at the Oriental in Bangkok, a successful advertising sujet of the late 1980s. 

We are traders of history, facts and emotions, propelled by our own curiosity.

Dear Traveller;

Since 1986, we have changed the way the world looks at famous historic hotels.

Famous historic hotels are an unique part of our cultural heritage. They are the venue for important historic events, stage for extraordinary people – staff and guests alike. They were the originators – and today they are the keepers – of hospitality traditions. They are a showroom of technical innovations. 

We assist famous hotels to research and record their history — and turn this valuable information into a unique guests'-experience.

By today, over 450 hotels are already listed as The Most Famous Hotels in the World. We don't want to be an exclusive circle of paying member hotels. We are in fact an exclusive circle of select hotels, chosen for their history and fame, sometimes earned over centuries.

One by one we are researching the history of individual hotels, publishing it in an exclusive library of books. The library of famous hotels books is open to all our visitors. 

Every year new books are added to the library. In cooperation with all famous hotels in the world we expand this library. Scientific research, entertaining writing, unique historic picture documents and the best contemporary photography are all combined in our books.

Our readers, The Friends of The Most Famous Hotels in the World, follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest globetrotters and enjoy the pleasures of luxurious hospitality in the grand tradition.

We trust that you enjoy our research and stories about famous hotels as much as we enjoy researching and writing them. 

Yours sincerely
Andreas and Carola Augustin
Travel and Hotel Historians


As you know there are 6 Ws and one H (Who, Which, What, Why, When, Where and How), but there are certainly more than 7 answers.


Why did we found The Most Famous Hotels in the World?


... to establish a complete list of all hotels of historical significance.

... to research and to record the history of these hotels.

... to create intellectual properties for hoteliers and their educated guests.

Who founded The Most Famous Hotels in the World®


During the 1980s Andreas Augustin alerted the global hotel industry that valuable historic facts would be lost if not researched and recorded. Over 250 hoteliers responded enthusiastically and joined with their hotels to form the non-for-profit organisation The Most Famous Hotels in the World.

With so many hotels joining, strict rules became mandatory. Today, The Most Famous Hotels in the World has grown to over 450 hotels, comprising only the most famous and legendary names of the trade. Each year a jury sits over applications and selects new – in fact historic – member hotels.

And here comes the BUT:


We are the archaeologists of hospitality. We are storytellers. We believe that a well researched history makes a good story.

We are traders of emotions, propelled by our own curiosity. We love hotels with a (hi-)story.

BUT: we eliminate rumours, legends and fairy tales, distributed by generations of hoteliers, who present their legends as history.

We tell "real" stories and turn them into legends.

We are the Library of Hospitality.


Which Hotels are listed among “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”?



We list all hotels of outstanding historic significance

  1. with at least 50 rooms,

  2. at least 50 years old as a hotel,

  3. and at least 50 % of the year open.


What do we do when we completed our historical research?


“The Most Famous Hotels in the World” is specialized in the global historic research and production of fine books and the installation of permanent exhibitions about this subject. Since 1986, we have researched the history of over 500 hotels around the world. We have written the histories of many notable establishments. The archives of the organisation holds files of all hotels, who benefit from our internal „web of information“. Visit our bookstore and our reading room for details.

How to become one of the most famous hotels ...?


Like history, a membership at The Most Famous Hotels in the World can not be bought, it must be earned. The independent jury meets every year to select hotels from the nominations. Once selected, the hotel can call itself a “Select Member of The Most Famous Hotels in the World”. All select hotels are listed on this website under ‘HOTELS’.

What to do to register for a history research project?


It is important that each hotel has its own historical database, resulting in various tools of marketing, e.g. a book. Since 1986, we are building the library “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”. A personal letter addressed to general managers of famous hotels explains the multitude of opportunities of the entire operation. Please request this letter.

How often do we update these books?


Every day our famous hotels are writing a new story, which tomorrow is called 'history'. We update each book with every new edition, sometimes twice a year.

What is the Path of History?


We install THE PATH OF HISTORY, a permanent history exhibition, in our partner hotels. Visited by thousands of spectators we are also proud to say that we were honoured by UNESCO for our efforts and works in the UNESCO Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation program.

Below the entrance of the Path of History® at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna, Austria.

Who are The Friends of The Most Famous Hotels in the World?


The Friends of The Most Famous Hotels in the World is a group of extremely cultured, widely traveled individuals, who follow our trail around the world.

We receive their applications by postcards (our books contain old fashioned postcards), and of course here, over the web. Why not visit the ‘FRIENDS’.

Become a corresponding member. 



How do we support publishers, producers and press?


Open-hearted! Please refer to Press, Research and Archives to see what we can offer.

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