Half Moon —  The Legend of Jamaica

Half Moon —  The Legend of Jamaica

Andreas Augustin

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Andreas Augustin tells the story of this legendary Caribbean island and its iconic attractions. From the discovery of the (Half Moon) bay to the construction of the first private bungalows, from the first rooms to the luxury resort — former and today's general managers, staff, guests and owners of Half Moon share their memories and secrets.

All this embedded in beautiful contemporary photography of Jamaica by Holger Leue, Cindy Steuart, Joplin Sinclair, Casey Cronin, Roberto Bonardi and the collection from the archives of Half Moon, the Steuart Family Archives, William Pearce, Cornelius Reid, the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, The National Library of Jamaica, Heinz Simonitsch Collection, Famous Hotels Archives and more.

Half Moon Treasury — the paperback

Special thanks go to Guy Steuart III, Chairman of Half Moon, and to the former general manager Sandro Fabris, who initiated the research work about the history of Half Moon. And to Shernette Crichton, the general manageress of the house, for her support.
We are indebted to Guy Steuart II and Margaret Steuart, Cornelius Reid, William H. Pearce, Nina Pearce, Peter Kellond, Richard Whitfield, Peter Komposch.
We are most grateful for the memories of Heinz and Elisabeth Simonitsch, and thankful for all assistance and advise to Wordsworth Watson, Giorgio Rusconi, Elvis Malahoo, Spencer Edwards, Troy Gichie, Irma Clarke.
Personal thanks to Laura Tanna, Tony and Sheila Hart for various private consultations, Robin and Trina deLisser, Chris Blackwell and Mark Kerr-Jarrett.
We are indebted to Attila Becsy, Brian Langford, Christopher Golding, Paula Lilly, Everette Baker, Fitzroy Kirlew Dobson, George Palmer, Georgia Rookwood, Hans Heusinkveld, Joan Coore, Jonathan Greenland, Josef Forstmayr, Myrtle Dwyer, Peter Wise, Shirley and Annabelle Arber, the late Solomon Gardner, Stella Gray, Tamika Williams and Ras Natango, Tanya Vassell, William C. Marlatt, Alford Anglen and all the others who so enthusiastically contributed to this book.
Special thanks to Half Moon’s public relations manageress Laura Redpath.
Photography: Cindy Steuart, Holger Leue, Joplin Sinclair, Casey Cronin, Roberto Bonardi, Archives of Half Moon
Historic photos: Steuart Family Archives, William Pearce, Cornelius Reid, Jamaica National Heritage Trust, The National Library of Jamaica, Heinz Simonitsch Collection, Famous Hotels Archives,
Half Moon History Database: Carola Augustin

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