Sacher Exhibition Budapest HOTELS

Sacher Exhibition Budapest

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The Hungarian Museum for Trade and Hospitality held a splendid exhibition "Sacher", partially based on our book Hotel Sacher Wien, presenting pieces of furniture and memorabilia never shown before. 

  Silver tableware

  Recreating the unique Sacher atmosphere

  Legendary concierges and TV stars

  The 1960s-1970s

  Anna Sacher's bath tub versus modern Spa

  Hotel Sacher Salzburg - the big brother

  Love for details makes this exhibition unique

  Room with a view - the new roof top terrace

  Care to sit down? Relax, enjoy, ..


  Memorabilia - Anna Sacher's trophys

Budapest; V. ker.  Szent Istavan ter 15,
Opening hours: 11.00.–19.00 (closed on Tuesdays)


If you can't make it to Budapest this season, you can either buy our book HOTEL SACHER WIEN (available in German or English) or visit our regular exhibitions of famous hotels and their history.


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