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This is the first of a series of hotels opened and operated by the Sarkies family, who so successfully started running hotels in South East Asia in the second half of the 19 century.

While operating this hotel, they ventured to Singapore where they opened Raffles Hotel. After 1900, they reached out to Rangoon (today Yangon) to open the Strand Hotel.

Today these three hotels are all operating in grand style, and – needless to say – all Select Members of The Most Famous Hotels in the World.

The hotel provides the public with little information about its history. Our team researches the hotel's past, from the very beginning, verifying its exact opening date and providing an overview of its history up to the present day.?If you have any useful information and would like to share it, please send it to [email protected]?Thank you This is what we know so far (attention: unverified history!):

Harold Rainfroy
Michael Saxon
Adrian Brown

100 suites Rooms

1885 Grill Room and Cocktail Lounge Anchor (Author´s) Bar Lounge & Restauraant Anchor Terrace Grand Ballroom (1000pax) 4 other function rooms

swimming pool and garden

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Our Select Member Hotel

Eastern & Oriental
Country: Malaysia
City: Penang
Opening date: 1885

Note from the Host

General Manager

Michael Saxon
“Welcome to the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang which was established in 1885 and until today has stood as a testament to the grand elegance of the British colonial era”


10 Farquhar Street
10200 Malaysia, Penang

Tel: +604 222 2000
Fax: +604 261 6333

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