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The Regina is situated right opposite of the Louvre.


The Hotel Regina in Paris was in 1918/1919 the temporary headquarters of the international Red Cross and during the German occupation during World War 2, the reading room was turned into a table tennis room for officers.
All this is not "Salvadore Dalì herding goats at the Meurice material"— and so the hotel is maybe not the ultimate temple of luxury — but for a first time visit to Paris, it is perfectly located. Just exit the hotel and you will be faced with an unusual dilema: cross the Pont Royal bridge and visit the Orsay museum? Or wander through the Jardin des Tuileries until you get to the Orangerie? Maybe you go around to the other side of the hotel to see the Palais Royal, its gardens and the Comédie Française? A stone's throw away you find the exquisite Louvre Antiques - a collector's heaven. The Regina is also right in the middle of a district famous for its theaters and designer boutiques.

All in all it represents a charming old fashioned hotel style. Expect a good grand hotel of the Fin de Siècle, with a very cosy and well freqeunted bar.

1898 Foundation of a company known as Hôtel Regina Paris S.A.
1900 The Regina Hotel opens under owner Léonard Tauber
1903 Léonard Tauber employs architect M.A. Sibien to construct elegant interiors at the Regina.
1907 Opening of the Majestic Hotel (Architect M.A. Sibien)

1918 The hotel is the temporary headquarters of the International Red Cross

1925 Opening of the Raphael Hotel 1938 Sale to the ‘Domaines de l’Hôtel Majestic’ 1940s During World War 2, the Regina was occupied by German officers. The reading room was turned into a tabletennis room. 1981 Françoise Baverez succeeds her father as head of the Regina and Majestic Hotels 1985 Françoise Baverez buys the Raphael Hotel 1989 The Regina enters a period of extensive renovation with the creation of new spaces 2009 The Regina is accepted by the jury as A Select Member of The Most Famous Hotels in the World® HISTORY IN DETAIL: The Second Empire building that is home to the hotel was constructed on the site of the Louvre Palace’s royal stables. The hotel, which opened in 1900 for the World’s Fair, was founded by Mr. Léonard Tauber, he was reputed for his profond aesthetic sense , and his modern views in terms of hospitality and comfort. His passion for arts gathered around his project the best artists and most talented craftsmen of his time to make a beautiful dream come true. And even today the Regina is one of the most exquisite hotels in Paris. The hotel mixes three architectural styles that give the building its harmonious and elegant silhouette : - the arcades, typical of the Rue de Rivoli, - the sober façade with its balconies, - and the Empire-style roof.

Paris at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. The Eiffel Tower was already there (built in 1889)

Today the best artists are still there to maintain the Regina . The company’s Chairwoman, Françoise Baverez, perpetuates this tradition started by her grand father and she still calls the best French craftsmen to look after the property. The hotel's exceptional period furniture is taken care of by an experienced cabinetmaker. Its unique décor has made the hotel a favourite film shooting site. A number of its suites—and its imposing lobby with white and black marble floor, its hudge chandeliers, and its high bay window have thus made their way onto the silver screen. The hotel’s entrance beneath the arcades, and its revolving doors fashioned of sculpted oak and curving mirrors, have appeared in many French and foreign films as symbols of French luxury.

In 1918/1919 the hotel was the temporary headquarters of the international Red Cross

The reading room was turned into a table tennis room for German officers during the German occupation during World War 2.

Petit Hall - the little hall

12 Suites 8 Junior Suites 42 Superior Rooms 58 Traditional Rooms Rooms

Centrally located, history all over

Located in the heart of Paris, across from the Louvre and the Tuileries gardens, just minutes from the Opera district with its business centers and famous department stores, near Faubourg Saint Honoré street and the jewelers on Vendôme square.

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Country: France
City: Paris
Opening date: 1900

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Concierge: Claudio AGULAR


2, place des Pyramides
75001 France, Paris

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