Europäischer Hof - Hotel Europa

This legendary hotel in the university city of Heidelberg is now operated by the 3rd generation of the same family.
When Heidelberg's new railroad station was built on the outskirts of the city in 1840, it not only established the rail link between Heidelberg and neighbouring Mannheim (opened on September 12, 1840 as the first section of the connection between Mannheim and Basel) but was also a major factor in the economic boom that the city was soon to enjoy. By 1865, the population of Heidelberg had grown to some 18,000 citizens. Up to this time, most of Heidelberg's inns had been concentrated around the Heiliggeist church in the center of the town. Now, however, hotels started springing up in the neighbourhood of the station. When the University celebrated its 500th anniversary in 1886, the city was able to offer its many illustrious visitors from Germany and abroad the style of accommodation to which they were accustomed. 15.01.1862 In  the name of its "hospital fund", the board of trustees of the Catholic church foundation sells 211 square rods of the "hospital grounds" via voluntary public auction to the innkeeper Joseph Schrieder for 26,586 gulden. 17.01.1862 Exchange of property shares with the City of Heidelberg (St. Anna cemetery) in order to build the Wilhelmstrasse (now Nadlerstrasse). 21.02.1863 Joseph Schrieder purchases a further 149.46 square rods of the "hospital grounds" from the Catholic founders' association for 13,109 florins (gulden)/ 32 crowns. 24.03.1870 The City of Heidelberg sells parts of the former St. Anna cemetery comprising a total of 290.94 rods for 54,695 gulden to Herr Haefeli-Gujer. On this land the latter builds the townhouse No. 27 Sofienstrasse. 26.10.1872 The City of Heidelberg sells a further portion of what was once the St. Anna cemetery, measuring some 400 sq. yards, to Joseph Schrieder as building land for the sum of 8,820 gulden. It is here that No. 25 Sofienstrasse is to be built in 1873. At the same time, a further section of the cemetery, measuring some 500 sq. yards (where today the coachhouse stands), is also sold off, the price here being 3,205.51 gulden. 01.10.1886 New owner Anton Gabler adds a third story and an extension to the hotel, selling it on 16.10.1890 to the brothers Eugen and August Küpfer of Glion (Switzerland). 01.04.1906 Herr Fritz Gabler buys the premises from Eugen Küpfer's widow for 1,100,000 marks - 850,000 for the property itself, 250,000 for inventory, furnishings and fixtures. 1906-1910 renovation of facades, redesign of grounds, installation of individual bathrooms, additional furnishings and fixtures 1912-1913 new restaurant extension (the Liselottenstube), new kitchen layout, alterations to drive entrance 1919-1920 new monolithic terrace construction (now restaurant) 1925-1928 On the garden side, the main bulding is placed on iron pillars so as to gain space for the foyer, replacing the original guest rooms. A new extension is added, comprising the main lounge and the main entry hall; the terrace is integrated into the building properly and made winterproof. 1928-1929 construction of a three-story side-wing with basement, comprising 20 new rooms, bar, conference room and central heating system 1965-1966 third story added to side-wing (14 new rooms); "dance bar" converted into a cocktail bar, thus gaining space for an additional conference room; restaurant enlarged 1975-1977 above- and below-ground conversions and extensions on hotel grounds facing onto the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage and Sofienstrasse, comprising a new two-story underground garage, 33 additional rooms on the 3rd and 4th stories of the hotel, a shopping arcade (8 shops and boutiques), and numerous rent-out office units on the 1st and 2nd floors 1982 opening of the EUROP-TREFF cafeteria in the shopping arcade to supplement existing catering facilities 1985-1988 a new five-story garden extension, plus the new building No. 27 Sofienstrasse (following demolition of the "Park Villa") and addition of a fourth story to the side wing provide space for 42 new apartments and rooms, 3 new street-level shops and 4 new upper-story office units; with 80 new parking spaces the underground garage now has room for 200 vehicles 1993 new " à la carte" kitchen and air conditioning system for the Kurfürstenstube gourmet restaurant 2000 Opening of our PANORAMA SPA CLUB Fitness - und Wellness Area on the 4th and 5th floor of the hotel, with indoor pool, sauna, sanarium, steambath, solarium, fitness center and sun terrace, overlooking famous Heidelberg Castle
Otto von Habsburg Princess Chulabhorn Silvia and Carl Gustav of Sweden Dr. Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia Mohammed Talal of Jordan Hasson of Jordan - H.R.H. Princess Helen Shah of Neapel Michael Duke of Kent Archbishop Kyprianos Papadopoulos of Greece Jaime und Marlotte de Bourbon Duke and Duchess de Segorie Prince Friedrich and Birgit of Prussia Kerstin Bernadotte of Wisborg Count Luchner Felix Count of Luxembourg Princess Elisabeth Grand Duchess of Anhalt Adalbert Prince of Belgium Adelheid Princess of Prussia Paola Princess of Belgium Lady and Lord of Bismarck Victoria Queen of England Ernst Lord of Holmloh Langenberg Baron Max von Holzing Georg and Clara von Linius Joachim von Fürstenberg Prince of Prussia Marie Auguste von Fürstenberg Princess of Anhalt Baron von Schlickt King Edward VIII. of England Waldemar Prince of Prussia Franz Joseph von Thurn und Taxis Heir to the throne Sophie Queen Mum of Sweden Friederike of Greece Princess of Hannover, Great Britain & England Wilhelm Prince of Sachsen Prince Jacques de Broglie Georg Friedrich von Lohns-Braunfels Prof. Parkinson Prof. Barnard Prof. Dr. med. Paul und Coralie Niehaus Dr. Arden Prof. Dr. J.S. Toll Prof. J. Ehrling E. Mehning Monty Roberts Dr. Dieter Kronzucker  Mario Vargas Llosa Tommi Unger Johannes Mario Simmel Erika Jong Martin Walser Michael Ende Ephraim Kishon Somerset Maugham Carl Zuckmayer M. Atissari Hilmar Kopper Johannes Rau Dr. Lothar Späth Wolfgang Gerhard Helmut Schmidt Klaus von Trotha Prof. Dr. Ursprung Erwin Teufel Carlo Scognamiglio Dr. Klaus Kinkel General Alonzo Manflano Richard Holbrook Juan Augustin Sigueroa-Yavar Prof. Dr. phil. Peter Glotz Dieter Spöri Björn Engholm Mr. Yu Zhen T. Thorn Minister Dr. jur. Heinz Eyrich Dietmar Schlee Frerich Görts Helmut Rieker Dr. Johannes Rau Roman Herzog Ganaan Sodindo Banana Prof. Dr. Augusto Caesar Espiritu Dr. Georg Leber Richard Burt Dr. jur. Friedrich Zimmermann Richard von Weizsäcker Dr. Hanna-Renate Laurien Dr. Karl Schiller Manfred Wörner Bernhard Vogel Dr. Franz Josef Strauß Harold Wilson Sir Oliver Wright Hans Leber Sese Seko Mobutu Dr. Hans Matthöfer Dr. Halfdan T. Mahler Dr. Annemarie Griesinger Walter Scheel Dr. Hans Filbinger Constantin Oancea Käte Strobel Enachesku Werner Dollinger Horst Ehmke Prof. Dr. Gustav Schröder Hans-Jan Herentha Lagoa Jose Huis Cantini Dr. F. Brunner Dr. Gustav Heinemann Dr. Ernst Benda Lucius Clay Dr. Heck Federal Minister Colonel HLA HAN Camilo Vega Richard Burns Helmut Schmidt Zarapkin Simeon II Sir Issak Roberts Ludwig Erhard King Hussein of Jordan Dr. Heinrich Lübke Gustav Schröder Franz Etzel Fritz Schäfer Muthabek Agakhan Eugen Gerstenmaier Heinrich von Brentano Winston Churchill Jacob Gould Schurmann Walter Stresemann T. Majoreten Dwight D. Eisenhower Abraham Lincoln Jacques Villeneuve Sven Hannawald Otto Rehagel Michael Stich Anke Huber Heinz-Harald Frentzen Bernhard Langer David Coulthard Gerhard Berger Birgit Fischer Carl-Uwe Steeb Michael Schuhmacher Ayrton Senna Mika Haekinnen Jackie Stewart Nigel Mansell Alain Prost Niki Lauda Muhammad Ali Drafi Deutscher Sir Cliff Richard Chris de Burgh Karim B. Tyson Thomas Anders Nena Teresa Berganza Stefan Raab Lena Valaitis Phil Collins Max Raab und sein Palastorchester Haddaway Janet Jackson Deep Purple Jochen Kowalski Rudolf Buchbinder Montserrat Caballe José Carreras Udo Lindenberg Eva Lind Christian Zacharias Dr. Justus Frantz Peggy March Plácido Domingo Udo Jürgens Nina Hagen Herbert Grönemeyer Carlos Santana Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Roland Kaiser Wencke Myrrhe Anne-Sophie Mutter Wolfgang und Gudrun Wagner Ivan Rebroff Les Humphries Esther und Ali Ofarim Anneliese Rothenberger Sviatoslav Richter Rudolf Schock Wilhelm Kempff Maria Meneghini Callas Astrid Varmay Elly Ney Carl Orff Richard Strauß Herbert von Karajan Helmut Karasek Helge Schneider Wolfgang Joop Roland Berger Georges Frèches Peter von Zahn Rigoberta Menchu Charlotte von Mahlsdorf Dr. Max Adenauer Sastva Stähler + Sven Anthoge Dr. Manfred Koenlechner Jil Sander Gunther Beth Adnan Kashoggi Caroline Reiber K.R. Popper Toshio Hoshiko Tamura Otto Wolff von Amerongen Prof. Dr. jur. Kurt Rebmann Hiroji Mukura R.W. Chirura Michitu Sakata Michael DeBakey Gerhard Konzelman General Assens Erich Segal Sir Ludwig-Suttmann Taya Chamaraja Wachyar Dieter Hildebrandt Ursula Noack Horst Jüssen Jürgen Scheller Gerhard Löwenthal G. Swennevey Henry Nannen Neil Armstrong Margaret Jacobs-Quadflieg Richard and Patricia Nixon Subhadradin Dishl L.Sedov A. Heusinger Aghajo Schmid Heinrich Benoler Dior Formiani Karl and Gertrud Jaspers Herman Kahn W.S. Wagner Francis Loubenc Wolfgang Schmidtchen Elly Ney J. Bernstorff Jehan Sadat José Costa Cavalcanti Louise Ebert Walter Bloem Rudolf Frantz Bertha Krupp Bohlenhallbach Dominguin Bosé
102 Rooms
13/ 3 aptm. Suites
Gourmetrestaurant Kurfürstenstube Europ-Treff Cafeteria Bistro Europa-Bar
Fitness & wellness center with swimmingpool, sauna, solarium, tennis and golf nearby
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Our Select Member Hotel

Europäischer Hof - Hotel Europa
Country: Germany
City: Heidelberg
Opening date: 1865

Note from the Host

General Manager Ernst-Friedrich von Kretschmann
Concierge: Ralf Rommel


Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 1
69117 Germany, Heidelberg

Tel: +49-6221-5150
Fax: +49-6221-515 506

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