Beau-Rivage Palace

The Beau-Rivage Palace is every inch a grande dame, reigning supreme over all other hotels in the Lake Geneva region. The stately neoclassical property sits pretty on 10 manicured lakeside acres and enjoys what are perhaps the area's best views of the Alps. For us it is for example of importance that it was here where the family of Charlie Chaplin landed after they had chosen Switzerland. From the Beau Rivage they moved to the Manoir de Ban, a large property in Corsier, north of Vevey, with orchards and a large terrace with magnificent trees framing the view of the mountains and the lake in the distance.

While old world features come standard in Switzerland, of course, here the expected wall murals, stained glass and brocade fabrics are truly grand. Still, the hotel isn't caught up in the past: ongoing renovations brought Wi-Fi and other modern twists, as well as a sleek top-ranked spa.
The Beau Rivage Wing was built in 1861, the Palace Wing was adjoined in 1908. It received the Swiss Historic Award in 1999. Since 1993 over 50 million US-Dollars have been invested for the total renovation. In this case our historic database is incomplete. We strive to collect historic data. If you are in charge of your hotel's historic database and you read these lines, please kindly contact us to help us to fill the gaps. Please contact Subject: the name of the hotel Outside contributors of stories, legends and facts are also most welcome. Thank you Your Keeper of the Archives
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La Rotonde - gourmet restaurant Cafe Beau Rivage - Parisian style brasserie, piano music every day, late night dining Grill Piscine- informal dining at the pool, cold buffet, grilled items Wine bar English Bar
fitness centre Swimming pool in-and outdoor two hardcourts table tennis exercise room jogging in the park sauna massage, acupuncture, beauty treatments 6 golf courses in the region water sports in 2 minutes walking distance ski resorts 45 minutes away indoor tennis courts 10 min by car
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Beau-Rivage Palace
Country: Switzerland
City: Lausanne
Opening date: 1861 24. 03.

Note from the Host

General Manager Francois Dussart


Place Du Port 17 - 19
1006 Switzerland, Lausanne

Tel: +41 21 613 33 33
Fax: +41 21 613 33 34

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