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The Imperial New Delhi

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The Imperial New Delhi:

English leather bound
French edition leather-bound

English: What do you get when one of the most important Indian constructors of the new city of Delhi meets one of the most ambitious social ladies of the British colonial empire?
The answer is simple: The Imperial.
This book takes you from George V’s surprising 1911 announcement that made Delhi the new capital of India beyond the last years of the Raj, when the Viceroy’s wife, Lady Willingdon, convinced the eminent constructor of New Delhi, Narain Singh, to build a splendid hotel.
We accompany the new hotel, opened in 1936, through the following decades. It hosted lavish colonial parties and served ‘subversive’ Indian nationalists as their base to restore India’s independence after centuries of British rule.
Pandit Nehru made the hotel his personal headquarters. Muhammad Jinnah drew up his plans for an independent Pakistan there.
The Imperial became the hub of Indian society, from Delhi’s businessmen to Bollywood’s stars, the home for discerning international travellers and the nerve centre of global enterprises. Its unique museum concept makes it the most sought after hotel in India.
Make the acquaintance of the famous guests who made The Imperial their home. Meet the wonderful staff providing the necessary ambience. Read about the thrilling moments leading to the creation of Pakistan at the Royal Ballroom and enjoy golden memories of the good old Tavern.
Shedding light on the history of this unique hotel, this book reveals the path into its future: the ‘Imperial experience’.http://www.famoushotels.org/books/589

By Andreas Augustin. 160 pages, Hardcover (real cloth bound / gold stamping), laminated jacket.
ISBN 3-900692-17-3
160 x 235 mm, 720 g
Also available in French.

We also publish a leather-bound edition of this book.

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