PARIS: Prince de Galles Andreas Augustin

PARIS: Prince de Galles

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Prince de Galles general manager Gerald R. Krischek-Cruypelans points out to me the extraordinary and rare, fully intact 1929 art-deco façade of the inner courtyard, the "Patio".
I am impressed!



By Andreas Augustin

Preview 24 September 2019 - book launch Paris




The Birthday of the Prince de Galles
My Paris. Today. Friday 2. August 2019


The swiftly told story takes you from the bombardments of Paris during World War I, the Great War, to Avenue George V, where the Art Deco jewel of Paris, the Hotel Prince de Galles stands.
The marvelous catalog of the Pictures of an Exhibition -  ’catalogue d’une extraordinaire exposition imaginaire‘ -  catapults you to from the giddy heights of the Eiffel Tower to the architecture of André-Louis Arfvidson of 1929.
Visit the atelier of the first female superstar artist Tamara De Lempicka.
Meet a root-beer merchant from Utah, called John Willard Marriott.
Witness the stormy arrival of the Prince of Wales in Paris, Charles Lindbergh, German bestseller author Erich Maria Remarque and the idol of the silver screen, Marlene Dietrich, who enjoyed an extraordinary love affair at the Hôtel Prince de Galles.
Elvis was there! 
The tragic story of the great singer Dalida.
The Roland Gaross tennis champions lived there, the stars of soccer, from Pele to Ronaldo
All this is surrounded by the commercial success story of the first hotel group of France, with André Millon at its helm (did you know that the Prince de Galles was in the same family owned hotel group like the Meurice and the Grand Hotel Intercontinental?
Contemporary photography by Bill Lorenz, Benoit Linero, Nick Evans and others.
Historic images by Horst P. Horst, Man Ray, and others.
" In 1970, André Millon recaps, his group included – in addition to the 650 rooms of the Grand Hotel and the 240 rooms of Meurice – the 220 rooms of the Hotel Prince de Galles, and a property company La Rente Foncière, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange with a market capitalization approaching 120,000,000 francs."


Below the first lines of the first chapter of our new book. It is launched on 24 September.


From the ’catalogue d’une extraordinaire exposition imaginaire‘


2 August 1929
That Perfect Wonderful Day


2 August 1929 started like any other ordinary day all over Europe. Man and women went to work. Many were looking forward to their summer holidays and, for many children, that Friday marked the last day of school of the year. 
From the American Cathedral in Paris, down the road, the bell tolled. Opposite the revolving door of the Prince of Wales Hotel — Hôtel Prince de Galles, on that perfect wonderful August morning, Musetta, the flower girl, whispered her song.
"Can you take me on a flight
On the kite
To the paradise … lost."

She raised her head. Her brown eyes gleamed lifelessly in their sockets. She was blind. 
At the chambres de bonnes, the servants’ quarters on the last floor of the new building in 33, Avenue Georges V, everybody was getting ready to go downstairs.
A thousand glasses had to be polished.
Hundreds of plates arranged. ...


‘Did I mention that our rooms all have a private bathroom? Some have two. That’s why we count 150 rooms and 160 baths, all finished in mosaics in soft pastel shades. Indeed, some rooms have two baths, an absolute novelty. It makes it so much easier for a couple to complete their dressing at the same time.' (explained general manager Fréderic Schwenter at the opening in 1929)


The new book by Andreas Augustin. 160 pages filled with Paris as Paris can.

Bill Lorenz foto patio parpdg

Photo: Bill Lorenz         Patio at the Prince de Galles — Egyptian style columns and detailed mosaics.

Isn't that a nice end to a long day?

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