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The Caledonian – Edinburgh, Scotland (English) Classic Edition

The Caledonian – Edinburgh, Scotland (English)

By the end of the 19th century, Scotland had become the land of artists and poets, engineers and inventors. The Caledonian Railway ha...
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Vienna Hilton – Moments Larger Than Life, Austria (English) Individual Books

Vienna Hilton – Moments Larger Than Life, Austria (English)

The Hilton am Stadtpark (Hilton Vienna) was Vienna's first Hilton hotel. After employing some of the most flamboyant general manage...
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London Hilton on Park Lane – England (English) Edition Raconteur

London Hilton on Park Lane – England (English)

Overlooking Hyde Park, London Hilton on Park Lane stands tall but never still. In 1963, when it opened its doors, the London Hilton was...
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Meet You at Paddington – London, England (English) Edition Raconteur

Meet You at Paddington – London, England (English)

The book is currently not available. Allow me to take you back in time, when a man had a dream: to travel from New York to the heart o...
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Dear wonderful Readers; The Diana Majestic in Milan is 110 years old — and we have told its story.

The new edition of THE STRAND (Yangon,Myanmar) receives wonderful readers' feedback — thank you for your notes and mails., METROPOLE HANOI and ORIENTAL BANGKOK were relaunched in brand new edtions.

We dispatch all our books personally autographed (as you know).

Have a save journey!

Andreas Augustin

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"To travel is to possess the world.”

Burton Holmes

(1870, Chicago–1958, Los Angeles)

American traveler, photographer and filmmaker, who coined the term "travelogue"

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Bristol Vienna

Bristol Vienna

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Oriental Kobe

Oriental Kobe

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Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona

Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona

The Hotel Majestic is one of the very special historic hotels of Barcelona that lives its history, while having safely arrived in today's...Read More

Half Moon

Half Moon

In 1954, a group of wealthy individuals including Donald Deskey, the fabled designer (among his works the Radio City Music Hall); Harvey Firestone,...Read More

Prince de Galles

Prince de Galles

The Parisian hotel with two names! And it all started with a kiss! More than anybody else, Edward, the Prince of Wales (1910–1936),...Read More