The Team

The Most Famous Hotels in the World were established in 1986.
Over the past decades a growing number of international professionals assisted in writing, photographing and in compiling our data base of hospitality history.

Andreas Augustin

Passionate researcher, hotel history 'detective', writer, photographer and producer.

“I would like to leave this world a comprehensive and reliable library of the history of hospitality. We have a responsibility towards future generations to safeguard the history of our most famous hotels and all related social achievements.”

Carola E. Augustin

Carola Augustin holds a master in history. Together with her husband Andreas, she researches the historical background of famous hotels, analyses their status and establishes a database of their social, political and economical relevance and competence. .


Brigitte Gruber

is a senior member of the ADVISORY BOARD of The Most Famous Hotels in the World, specialized in sales, marketing and hotel relations.

Daniel Szelényi

Traveling Ambassador; he is a graduate of IMC Krems, Austria. Currently General Manager of Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg. Joined the team for a three-month research project in 2003.Picture: Sam Simpson

Peter O. Wirth

Travelling Ambassador; former GM of the Waldorf Towers, New York. He represents Famous Hotels interests in the Americas.

Heimo Aga

is a world class photographer, who shot the photos for famoushotels books like The Oriental Bangkok, Metropole Hanoi and others.

Florian Augustin

pursues an international hotel career, worked with Imperial New Delhi, Raffles Singapore, Ritz Carlton, the Luxury Collection and Melia (Vienna). Born into the family of the founders of Famous Hotels, he became the organisation's youngest research assistant at the archives of the Cairo based newspaper The Egyptian Gazette (for The Mena House Treasury). He also helped substantially with research for our book “Meet you at Paddington” (London). He produces concepts for famoushotels.

Adrian Mourby

is one of the leading English travel writers, a man with many talents and even more interests. He is contributing editor of The Most Famous Hotels in the World.

Andrew Williamson

holds a history degree from Oxford University. He has co-authored and edited various titles in this series, in particular The Oriental Bangkok and The Savoy London. .

Alain Evrard

World renown photographer; shot the first cover photograph of all Treasury books, the RAFFLES TREASURY, on the billiard table of Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Bill Lorenz

As a free-lance photographer Bill Lorenz is constantly searching and presenting new impressions of historic hotels. Among his works for famoushotels: People's Grand Hotel Xian, Hotel Sacher, Vienna; Hotel Bristol and Hotel Imperial, both Vienna and the temples of hospitality of Switzerland.

Cherry Chappell

with a background in journalism she is a researcher, editor and writer. She has edited the books on Reid's Palace Madeira and Pera Palace Istanbul.

Claude Stemmelin

photographs for us in Arabic countries and has shot the pictures for our book about the Mena House in Cairo.

Guillermo Reparaz

Journalist, writer and travelling reporter, writing for El País, Man, Joyce (travel, design, hotels, architecture, fashion, culture). He produced two documentaries for Canal+ (about Nepal and USA) and was editor in the first online newspaper in Spain, Estrella Digital. Guillermo finetuned our book Ritz Madrid and reports regularly for

Kurt Grobecker

well known Hamburg radio host and history researcher, co-authored the book Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg.

Larissa Fortak

became our research assistent for the St. Petersburg 'Grand Hotel D'Europe' project. Today she operates Gallery J&L Fortak, founded in 1999 in German,y with the aim to exhibit and promote contemporary Russian art by artists living in Russia and abroad, organising international art exhibitions, festivals, cultural projects, workshops, seminars and master-classes.

Le Diem

became our research assistent for the challenging Metropole Hanoi project, which brought her to virtually every public library of Hanoi.

Laura Kolbe

Professor of history - one of the best known Finnish authors of popular historical books - co-authored the book on the Hotel Kämp in Helsinki.

Marcello La Speranza

Graduate of the University of Vienna, is in charge of historic background research for various projects.

Markus Rametsteiner

is responsible for what you see. The Viennese web designer created the look and feel of this website.

Michelle Chaplow

is a British freelance photographer based in Andalucía, Southern Spain. Her specialist subjects include hotels, travel, tourism, press and editorial features. She is a member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and has studied photography at Seville University.

Pavlo Dyban

Pawlo Dyban has helped with our research for the Premier Palace Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine. He is a skilled researcher and the word "impossible" does not figure in his vocabulary. His own websites include and

Paul Malo

The late Paul Malo was architect, author and educator, active in preserving historic buildings in New York. He helped us researching the history of the Waldorf Astoria and is fondly recalled as an extraordinarily thoughtful and remarkably gifted, creative, and committed person.

Peter Baldinger

Austrian artist, painted various covers of our books.

Raymond Flower

(1921–2015); Historian & Author of over 20 books, among them “Palace - A Profile of St. Moritz”, “Raffles, The Story of Singapore and MUTIARA, A Perspective of Penang.”

Manfred Markowski

Austrian artist, creator of various covers of the The Most Famous Hotels in the World library.

Roddy Martine

The Scottish historian, author of over 20 popular books about Scotland and related subjects, co-authors “The Caledonian” Edinburgh.

Thomas Cane

researcher, editor and co-author, read history at the University of Manchester. A seasoned pro at digging for treasure in dusty old archives, he constantly uncovers important documents relating to the past of famous hotels. He is now based in London, where he works as a business journalist for a major media company. Tom is the co-author of our book on Florence's Grand Hotel and editor of

Theresia Pieler

Vienna based designer, created the design of various of our books.

Our Mission
Frequently Given Answers

What is “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”?

There are hotels of outstanding historic significance in the world. Since 1986 we professionally research the history of these hotels.

How do you select famous hotels?

People from all over the world tell us about them. We find them. Sometimes they are reopened after years of neglect. We present them to our independent jury. They finally select the hotels, each of which can call itself a “Select Member of The Most Famous Hotels in the World”. All select hotels can be found under ‘HOTELS’.

Has the “Famous Hotels” listing created a new historical awareness in our industry?

Since 1986, the picture has changed dramatically! The presentation of the history of a hotel has been recognized as a sustainable asset and a competitive advantage. Well researched history has become one of the most valuable tools of sales and marketing. Books and related material have created a new means of identification. A well researched and verified history is one of the corner pillars of a successful marketing strategy.

How do you make your historical research?

“The Most Famous Hotels in the World” is specialized in the global historic research and production of fine books about this subject. The team is taking care of this field since 1986, having researched and written the histories of many notable establishments. The archives of the organization in Vienna holds files of all hotels.

Production of books - How does this work?

We are invited by one of the most famous hotels in the world to undertake a complete research of its history. The result is an elegant, individual book. Since 1986, each book becomes part of a library called “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”. Since 2006 (Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest) we also build exhibitions. Since 2011 we install THE PATH OF HISTORY, a permanent history exhibition, in our partner hotels.

How does the hotel benefit from the books?

Each hotel has its own book about its past and current history. These books have become a very unique PR and sales tool. The leather bound editions, for example, are - needless to say - also a prestigious VIP give-away. This income secures the financial support of the organisation “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”.

What are The Friends of The Most Famous Hotels in the World?

A respectable number of admirers of famous, traditional hotels. We receive their applications by postcards from our books and of course here over the web. Please visit our page ‘FRIENDS’.