Andreas Augustin

Andreas Augustin

Andreas is a citizen of the world, family father, entrepreneur, history researcher, biographer and author of over 60 books.
With his series of books THE MOST FAMOUS HOTELS IN THE WORLD®, he and his team of researchers, co-authors and photographers has created an unprecedented source of global hotel history. With THE PATH OF HISTORY he has curated and produced a series of permanent museum exhibitions.

Capturing the Romance

With THE MOST FAMOUS HOTELS IN THE WORLD he has built a global umbrella organization for all hotels of historical significance. He chairs the yearly meeting of the jury.

The library of books about the history of famous hotels is the only library about this subject in the world.

Books by Andreas Augustin:

The Most Famous Hotels in the World®

Bristol Vienna
Excelsior Rome (2)
Frankfurter Hof Frankfurt
Goldener Hirsch Salzburg
Grand Hotel Belvédère, Davos
Grand Hotel Florence (2)
Grand Hotel Kronenhof
Grand Hotel Rome
Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest (3)
Grand Hotel Europe St Petersburg (5)
Grand Hotel – Vienna
Half Moon, Montego Bay (2016)
Imperial Vienna (1999)
Imperial Vienna (2014)
Imperial New Delhi
Kamp Helsinki (4)
Mena House Giza
Metropole Hanoi
Park Hotel Vitznau
People's Grand Hotel, Xian
Pera Palace Istanbul
Premier Palace, Kiev
Raffles Singapore
Reid's Palace, Madeira
Ritz Madrid (2)
Sacher Vienna
The Caledonian, Edinburgh (1)
The Oriental Bangkok (5)
The Peninsula Hong Kong
The Savoy London (5)
Strand Yangon
Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg (6)


Die Oesterreichische Romantikstrasse (co-authored by his wife Carola)

Rambles in Salzburg / Bummeln in Salzburg (co-authored by his wife Carola)

Lifestyle and Etiquette books

Alles was Sie über Gutes Benehmen wissen müssen; Der neue Elmayer (compilation and editing, in cooperation with his wife Carola)

Der Business Elmayer (compilation and editing, in cooperation with his wife Carola) Both books are available as e-books:

Treasury (paper-back) Books

I had Tea at The Nellie — The Mount Nelson Treasury

The Raffles Treasury
The Singapore Treasury
The Peninsula Treasury
The Penang Treasury
The Sacher Treasury
Café Central Treasury – Vienna
The Mena House Treasury
I had Tea at Reid's
Falkenstein Grand
Villa Rothschild

Other books, archiving famous hotels history, include

Moments Greater Than Life – The Hilton Vienna, Austria
Meet You At Paddington, London, UK
Diana Majestic Milan, Italy
Cala di Volpe, Sardinia, Italy
Hotel Schloss Velden, Austria
Mutiara, Penang, Malaysia (7)

Andreas Augustin in cooperation with:
1: Roddy Martine;
2: Thomas Cane,
3: Noémi Saly,
4: Laura Kolbe;
5: Andrew Williamson;
6: Kurt Grobecker
7: produced by Andreas Augustin, written by Raymond Flower.

Andreas Augustin can be reached at:

Our Mission
Frequently Given Answers

What is “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”?

There are hotels of outstanding historic significance in the world. Since 1986 we professionally research the history of these hotels.

How do you select famous hotels?

People from all over the world tell us about them. We find them. Sometimes they are reopened after years of neglect. We present them to our independent jury. They finally select the hotels, each of which can call itself a “Select Member of The Most Famous Hotels in the World”. All select hotels can be found under ‘HOTELS’.

Has the “Famous Hotels” listing created a new historical awareness in our industry?

Since 1986, the picture has changed dramatically! The presentation of the history of a hotel has been recognized as a sustainable asset and a competitive advantage. Well researched history has become one of the most valuable tools of sales and marketing. Books and related material have created a new means of identification. A well researched and verified history is one of the corner pillars of a successful marketing strategy.

How do you make your historical research?

“The Most Famous Hotels in the World” is specialized in the global historic research and production of fine books about this subject. The team is taking care of this field since 1986, having researched and written the histories of many notable establishments. The archives of the organization in Vienna holds files of all hotels.

Production of books - How does this work?

We are invited by one of the most famous hotels in the world to undertake a complete research of its history. The result is an elegant, individual book. Since 1986, each book becomes part of a library called “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”. Since 2006 (Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest) we also build exhibitions. Since 2011 we install THE PATH OF HISTORY, a permanent history exhibition, in our partner hotels.

How does the hotel benefit from the books?

Each hotel has its own book about its past and current history. These books have become a very unique PR and sales tool. The leather bound editions, for example, are - needless to say - also a prestigious VIP give-away. This income secures the financial support of the organisation “The Most Famous Hotels in the World”.

What are The Friends of The Most Famous Hotels in the World?

A respectable number of admirers of famous, traditional hotels. We receive their applications by postcards from our books and of course here over the web. Please visit our page ‘FRIENDS’.