By the 1870s Turin was a crucial stop on the way to the Indies and it was part of the Brindisi–Torino-Paris-London Wagonslits route.
In 1872 a Swiss man, Costantino Kraft, opened the Grand Hotel Turin. The Krafts were an imporant family of hospitality entrepreneurs (Grand Hotel Florence, etc.), who significantly influenced the Italian hotel industry. In 1904 the hotel was renamed Grand Palace.

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Country: Italy
City: Turin
Opening date: 1872

Note from the Host

General Manager Cinzia Ciompi
Concierge: Doriano Piruccio

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The Present

125 Rooms


Via P. Sacchi 8
10128 Turin, Italy

Tel: +39-011-5625511
Fax: +39-011-5612187

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