Savoy Homann

The Savoy Homann was one of the biggest hotels in South East Asia, and it had became a sojourn place of many distinguished delegations.

The original and first Savoy or Homann’s Hotel was built before 1888 and owned by Mr. A. Homann, a German immigrant who had stranded in Tatar Priangan around 1870.

In February 1937, the hotel was rebuilt (architects: A.F. Albers & R.A. de Waal) and completed by the end of 1939, then referred to as “Savoy”.

Visitors included the Kind and Queen of Siam, the Crown Prince and Princess of Belgium, the Governor General of Indo-China and Her Grace Catherine, the Duchess of Westminster.

Since January 2000 the Savoy Homann Hotel is owned by the Bidakara foundation and changed the name to “Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel”. Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel remains its reputation as one of the historical spot in the city of Bandung and still always welcoming their guests with the uniqueness hospitality of the Sundanese people.


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Savoy Homann
Country: Indonesia
City: Bandung
Opening date: 1888

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Managed by: Bidakara
185 Rooms


Jalan Asia Africa 112
40261 Bandung, Indonesia

Tel: (022) 4232244

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