Grandhotel Pupp

A hotel first appeared on this site back in the 17th century, when the spa town of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) was becoming a playground for the European aristocracy. Over the course of its long history The Pupp has been a magnet for some of the greatest figures through the ages who came here for the celebrated spas. The guest list reads like a who’s who of history, with names such as Beethoven, Bach, Kafka and Goethe having all made a sojourn here.

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Grandhotel Pupp
Country: Czech Republic
City: Karlovy Vary
Opening date: 1701

Note from the Host

General Manager Ing. Andrea Pfeffer-Ferklová
Hotel Manager: JUDr. Roman Hrabal

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Managed by: Summit Hotels
111 Rooms
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Body, Mind and Soul


Mírové námestí 2
360 91 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Tel: +420 353 109 111
Fax: +420 353 224 032

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