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The Caledonian Edinburgh (Leather bound)

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To the left a detailed shot of the leather bound cover of this special edition. Only 40 books were specially bound in burgundy red leather.

About the book:

By the end of the 19th century, Scotland had become the land of artists and poets, engineers and inventors. The Caledonian Railway had brought a new pace of life to the capital South of the Firth of Forth. In 1903 Princes Street Station was to become the base for a grand hotel. The Caledonian Hotel helped to consolidate Scotland’s position on the international stage by heralding a new era of luxury and travel in Scotland.

‘Of course this is a book about the Caledonian Hotel, but it is also a social study and a well cut synopsis of the history of Edinburgh.’
The Herald

Its most famous patrons, its managers, the staff of yesterday and today: in this book they all parade proudly through the pages and tell their stories, which, like many raindrops swelling to a stream, come together to form the story of The Caley, as this wonderful old hotel is affectionately known.

By Andreas Augustin and Roddy Martine. 160 pages, Leather bound / Goldstamping /, laminated jacket, 2 postcards, 2 reading marks for HIM and HER.
ISBN 3-902118-10-5
155 x 235 mm, 700 g

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