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DM Diana Majestic

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diana andreas augustin book

Do you know Milan? The metropolis of fashion. The capital of publishing and television. The city where Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper and drew sketches of helicopters in his spare time. The place where the Wiener Schnitzel – yes, with noodles – originates. Let me tell you a few more things I have found:
Milano (Italian for Milan) is the capital of Milan province and of the Lombardy region (Lombardia). It is the leading financial centre, the most vital and the most prosperous manufacturing and industrious commercial city of Italy.
And it is home to a charming hotel that we like to call our home in Milan. It is not as grand as the Grand Hotel, but a legend in its own right - and its garden, I tell you, its garden . . .
Andreas Augustin

By Andreas and Carola Augustin. 96 pages, Hardcover, laminated jacket.
ISBN 3-902118-12-1
245 x 235 mm, 680 g

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