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Hotel Sacher Wien (English)

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The Hotel Sacher is a Viennese institution. It opened its doors in 1876. Franz Sacher invented the Original Sacher Torte in 1832. For the first time we throw light on his life, the life of one of the most creative and successful chefs of his time.
Meet the legendary Anna Sacher and her 100 pet dogs, discover an old invoice proving that Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Elisabeth, had her private deliveries of Sacher-Torte to the palace, read about the various Crown princes, their dinners and their scandals at the Sacher.
We take you through almost 200 years of Viennese history, including the doomed last days of the second world war, when almost every building around the Sacher was shattered by bombs with one exception: the Hotel Sacher.
Meet hotel guests like Graham Greene, who noted at the Sacher: ‘Here I had the good fortune to lunch with the future Duke of St. Albans’, who provided inspiring details for Greene’s The Third Man. Somerset Maugham, Charlie Chaplin, Noël Coward, Elizabeth Taylor, Ralph Fiennes, Liza Minelli, Anthony Hopkins were and are seen here. Here parades the Austria of yesteryear with its literary giants, Nobel-prize winners and nobility. See the Austria of today, as the Sacher is as much a historical legend as a modern hotel and the meeting point of celebrities, from the Queen of England to the first lady of the United States.

By Andreas Augustin. 160 pages, Hardcover (real cloth bound / gold stamping), laminated jacket, 2 reading marks (one for "her", one for "him"), 2 postcards (one for your personal use, one is your ticket to a corresponding membership at The Friends of The Most Famous Hotels in the World)..
155 x 235 mm, 700 g
Also available in German.

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