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Goldener Hirsch (Salzburg)

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This is a MUST! Since 600 years (!) the Goldener Hirsch is a landmark of Salzburg, of Austria! This book tells the story of this hotel and the history of Salzburg: from Roman days to Italian tenors, from Mozart to The Sound of Music. Read the history of the Salzburg Festival, the unplanned success of The Sound of Music, its enormous impact on tourism and know all about this 600 years old building!
The hotel Goldener Hirsch opens its secret archives. On 160 pages with over 250 historic pictures, illustrations and contemporary photographs, we meet the makers and shakers of this unique success story and the famous clientele of the house, from Mozart's son Franz Xaver to the Prince of Wales.

By Andreas Augustin; Photographs by Bill Lorenz and Jaime Ardiles-Arce. 160 pages, Hardcover (real cloth bound / gold stamping), laminated jacket, 2 postcards, 2 reading marks for HIM and HER.
ISBN 3-900-692-07-6
160 x 235 mm, 720 g
Also available in German.

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