Monday, June 16, 2014

That’s Entertainment! Waldorf Hysteria

#Among the hundreds of great hotel books in this world, there are a few funny ones, some are entertaining, but this one is hilarious: "Waldorf Hysteria: Hotel Manners, Misbehaviour & Minibars".

Concentrating on the true questions in life, here we have the anserws to

  • What do people leave behind in hotel rooms?
  • Which hotel bar serves the most expensive cocktail?
  • Which celebrities have been banned from hotels?
  • What goes on behind the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign?

Waldorf Hysteria, presented by Fritz Gubler, publisher of Great, Grand & Famous Hotels (2008), is a fascinating, hilarious and entertaining account of more than a century of funny hotel stories and anecdotes, hotel mishaps, outrageous requests, ‘guests from hell’, hotel etiquette, sex scandal, and celebrity.

Hidden behind hotel doors, dramatic acts of love and deception, of pride, spite and rivalry, are played out. Lovers find refuge and famous personalities find a place to hide from the ever-chasing public and the relentless paparazzi.

Royals have been born, political opponents assassinated and famous personalities passed away in hotel rooms. Books have been written and state secrets passed between spies and undercover agents. Private parties for all occasions, hen and bucks’ nights, birthday parties, anniversaries and successes of all kind are celebrated in hotel rooms. It is the boys nights out that have traditionally generated the most noise complaints and been a real headache for any duty manager, but girls’ nights out can give them a run for their money these days.

A recent study revealed that three million Britons have damaged property when visiting hotels. Hotel guests have broken more than 300,000 beds and four out of five have taken something as a memento of their stay.

Meanwhile the guests travelling incognito, the famous, the once famous and the secret lovers, try desperately not to be seen, however their nervous, wandering eyes make them immediately noticeable, which makes them even more nervous and even more visible. The wannabes, desperate for fame, are the most difficult guests because they will do anything to stand out from the crowd. Their usual modus operandi is to make a scene at reception, complaining loudly about the service in a bid to be noticed.

In Waldorf Hysteria you will discover that some of the best stories come from the misadventures, the pratfalls, faux pas, the bad behaviour, eccentric guests, the prying paparazzi and the celebrities that are encountered in hotels.

With fascinating photographs from multiple photo library archives, hotel etiquette advice from long ago, and even a few cocktail recipes, this book is a celebration of the lighter side of hotels.

Book details:
Presented by Fritz Gubler
© 2008 Great, Grand & Famous Pty Ltd
Paperback, 120pp, 148mm x 210mm
100+ B&W photographs
More about and where to get it: Waldorf Hysteria

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Premier Palace Kiev

For the first time we have released a foreign language publication before the English version. Premier Palace Kiev appeared in Russian first, the Ukraine and English versions later.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Diana Majestic

DIANA MAJESTIC - This book was the first "designer" book of our small coffe table seris of books.


And it inspired us to a little movie: Diana Majestic - the cool classic hotel in Milan, the fashion and media metropolis of Italy! Go to the book: Diana Majestic 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I had Tea at Reid’s


Our Reid's Teabook is the hit of the season.


‘I had tea at Reid’s’ is your companion to Tea at Reid’s and to tea in general. Andreas Augustin successfully dilutes any legitimate concerns about an institution that raises questions like if tea or milk comes first, scones with cream under or on top of jam, little finger up, down or away? In view of these pressing issues he presents an enlightening book on a subject so important that it became an affair of state to more than one of the Queens of England.

go to the book: I had Tea at Reid's



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