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Sacher: Pierre Yves Rochon Restaurant

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Anna Sacher, the new green restaurant. 


Re-Opening Restaurant „Anna Sacher“

anna sacher famous hotelsFollowing extensive renovation work, the “Anna Sacher” restaurant and the traditional Sacher banqueting rooms are now as captivating as the exceptionally colourful character from whom they take their name – the legendary grande dame Anna Sacher (left). She was the most legendary female hotelier of her time. Cranky, eccentric, an outstanding personality. At the Hotel Sacher Vienna, Pierre Yves Rochon and the lady of the house, Elisabeth Gürtler have renovated the Anna Sacher restaurant.

Gürtler has continued her successful association with the renowned French interior designer Rochon (who was in charge of various interior sensations of the most recent past!) and the Anna Sacher restaurant is now radiant in bright green pleasantly offset by black furniture with golden highlights. This interior design merely serves to underscore the splendour of the paintings by Anton Faistauer hanging in the restaurant and the priceless Lobmeyr crystal chandeliers. 

This interior contrasts starkly with the straight, unpretentious line taken by Sacher’s chef de cuisine Werner Pichlmaier in his contemporary, light interpretation of traditional Austrian cuisine. It goes without saying that he uses high-quality regional products for all his basic ingredients. The guest’s culinary experience at the Anna Sacher restaurant is rounded out by a superb selection of Austrian and international wines. Whereas a 3- or 4-course business lunch is served at midday, restaurant guests can choose the “Anna Sacher” menu or dine à la carte in the evening.

The Sacher’s traditional banqueting rooms – the Marble Room, Salon Mayerling, Salon Metternich and Schönbrunner Loge – are no less luxurious after their renovation either. The colour scheme is dominated by bright shades of beige and grey complemented by costly stucco, exquisite marble and wall-to-wall carpeting. The Salon Metternich is particularly delightful after being revamped as a Sacher arbour, with a trompe-l'œil ceiling, cheerful treillages and a conservatory with box trees.
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