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The Importance of Being Earnest*,Testimonials (2)

augustinSince 1986, we have listed over 400 hotels. They all qualify: over 50 rooms, over 50 years old, open more than 50% of the year. We have researched the history of numerous individual hotels, recorded their history, and published it in our library.
There is a certain demand to take history earnest, with a certain twist of entertainment. Our readers are educated, intelligent travellers. They want well researched information. So we are as diligent, profound and thoughtful as possible. We know this makes THE MOST FAMOUS HOTELS IN THE WORLD such a successful library.hist 1

I am sure you have noticed that history has since become a fixed star on most websites of famous hotels (right).

We should not forget that we have inherited the responsibility to research and record the history of a famous hotel. It is an asset which is at the doorstep. It needs to be developed with expert advise, carefully nourished and accompanied for ever.
Andreas Augustin

Here is what some of our partners have to say about our work.

cornelia kauschFamoushotels provides outstanding references on the truly great Hotels of the world. The research is thorough and the attractiveness of each book combines tradition and history in the settings of todays competitive environment. Keep up the traditions, each book is a unique piece of history in its making.
Cornelia Kausch
(was the general manager of the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal in Budapest when famoushotels researched and produced the book about the history of this icon of Hungarian hospitality).

vijay wanchoo on famoushotels.orgThe Imperial's pillared verandahs, dining rooms, tea lounges, Royal Ballroom, cool and verdant gardens have been witness to the venue of many celebrated encounters between the British and Indian aristocracy and gentry. If only walls could speak, here indeed was a repository of fascinating anecdotal material for authors of romantic and detective fiction.
Andreas Augustin's books The Most Famous Hotels in the World featuring The Imperial is definitely an invaluable asset since history is a very important facet of The Imperial. It has made a huge impact coming from the most renowned keeper of grand traditions and heritage in luxurious hospitality.
Vijay Wanchoo

Sr. Vice President & General Manager

The Imperial
New Delhi

"Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok will be celebrating its jan goessing135th anniversary in 2011. Over the years it has become an integral part of Thai history. Since its opening in 1876, "La Grande Dame" has played host to many of the world's most famous  Who’s Who, and is highly respected globally for its legendary service, therefore we have a great responsibility to honour this reputation, and what better way than to have its unique heritage recorded and commemorated by Andreas Augustin's world-renowned, well crafted and beautifully illustrated 'The Most Famous Hotels in the World' book series which is widely read and enjoyed by all.
Jan Goessing
General Manager, The Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

wachtveitl'The result of the history project conducted about The (Mandarin) Oriental by The Most Famous Hotels in the World was  outstanding.
We knew a lot about our history, but Andreas Augustin and his team unearthed new material all over the world. And the book is a big success. An excellent job! We are in particular impressed by the yearly updates of the book, where new historical material is added, the VIP lists updated and new photographs are  published. Every edition is a 'new book'.'

Kurt Wachtveitl
General Manager (1967–2009), 
The Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

Since 1994 The Most Famous Hotels in the World is in charge of the history of the Oriental Hotel, Bangkok. Our book on the history of the hotel receives a yearly up-date, every year new research material is added.

wittwer'Not only am I a great fan of 'The Most Famous Hotels in the World' history research and books, I also consider the existence of these publications to be extremely important. In an industry that is as fast-moving as ours, determined as it is by so many different economic factors, it is tremendously important that we do not lose touch with the basics.

The traditions of the historic hotels of this world are not only of aesthetic value, but also bear an important message to us all. That is why it is good to know that The Most Famous Hotels in the World write about these establishments in such a capable, professional manner. The research, illustration and presentation of all publications appeal equally to the expert and to the frequent traveller.’

Reto Wittwer, President & CEO
Kempinski Hotels and Resorts 


missing image of Ulisses Marreiros"Reid's Palace is one of the most famous hotels in the world, and as such, we bear a great responsibility for our heritage and history. We are delighted about the research made in cooperation with famoushotels.org, that has enabled us to highlight even further this beautiful hotel and its landmark experiences, like the afternoon tea. It is with great pride that we have been welcoming and pampering guests since 1891!"
Ulisses Marreiros
Acting General Manager
Reid’s Palace, Madeira, Portugal


Oleksandr_Lytvyn - missing image"The Premier Palace, as Kyiv's oldest existing luxury hotel, is one of The Most Famous Hotels In The World. Opened in 1912, this legend of Ukrainian hospitality has set all standards for tourism in the country. The saying goes that he who does not appreciate the past has no future. And as such the hotel’s team bears a great responsibility for our heritage and history.
Andreas Augustin - with the help of local professionals - made a deep professional research of the historic data of the Premier Palace and of Kyiv life, as well. After one year of solid work a complete history was established and the author had a clear picture of the development of hospitality industry in Ukraine. The elegant, individual book illustrated with unique historical photographs, published in 2009, became a result of detailed work."
Oleksandr Lytvyn
General Director
The Premier Palace Hotel
In 2009 - to serve the logical language request of the hotel's guests - we published three edtions of this book, one in English, one in Ukrainian and one in Russian.


michel rey "I love this 'philosophical air of history', and I am sure many of our guests feel the same! A great challenge: a responsibility towards our founders linked with the promise to continue their work in the same spirit whilst at the same time allowing for the changes and developments of our generation.
When you run a hotel where the Treaty of Zurich has been signed, the concept of the Nobel Prize has been conceived, Austria’s Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” held her banquets – to mention just three of hundreds – one cannot ignore this abundance of history in marketing."

Michel Rey
General Manager
Baur au Lac, Zurich, CH


'Time freezes and smiles back with wisdom. History is one of our strong marketing points.'
Gilles Cretalaz


"History is key and in particular for our leisure guests from  Europe and the USA, this is a key selling point."
Adrian Ellis
General Manager
Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest 

The Most Famous Hotels in the World (famoushotels.org) have researched this hotel's history, and produced a book about it).


krischek"The history of a place gives it a soul and makes it unique. Our hotel has a long history and with it many interesting stories have been developed and collected over the years.
A luxury brand has in most cases a longstanding tradition. History becomes part of the DNA."

Gerald Krischek
General Manager
Hotel Bristol, Vienna
Since 1998 The Most Famous Hotels in the World are researching and publishing the history of the hotel in a successful book. 


Famoushotels' support of our hotel school is a wonderful example of the commitment our alumni and industry friends have to our teaching mission. Thank you again for the thoughtful generousity.
David W. Butler, Dean,
Cornell School of Hotel Administration

FAMOUSHOTELS books are found in the libraries of hotel management schools all over the world.

frignani "History is a unique selling opportunity to transmit reliability, tradition and charm."
Michele Frignani
General Manager
Hotel Excelsior, Rome

famoushotels researched the history of the Grand Hotel (St Regis) and the Excelsior, both books published in the library THE MOST FAMOUS HOTELS IN THE WORLD.


reichel"History makes the difference for me. New Hotel Projects might invest more or try to be even more luxuries than others, but they don’t have history. For every guest in a hotel it is interesting to know where they are and what has happened at the property. We as the professionals on property need to make personal contact to and with our guests. History is most helpful in this respect. No one will really remember the color of the carpet in his room, but the history of the hotel and place where they stayed will be in most cases unforgettable, if someone tells you about it."
Henning Reichel
General Manager
The Falkenstein Grand
Villa Rothschild
(both Königstein, Germany) - both books were published in 2009

del campo"The hotel has a very rich history and has also played an important part in the history of the city. This adds an additional dimension – you are not only enabling your guests to experience a delightful hotel but also a part of the history of the city. It does of course also come with the great responsibility to maintain and preserve such an architectural treasure." 
Oscar del Campo
General Manager
Hotels Imperial and Bristol, Vienna

Our books HOTEL IMPERIAL and HOTEL BRISTOL VIENNA are both part of the hotel's history and heritage concept since 1996.

nollUnder the management of Kempinksi, we have produced a book about the Grand Hotel Europe, St Petersburg. After the hotel was passed on to Orient Express Hotels, we produced the next editions of this rather successful history of this legendary hotel.
Former general manager Thomas Noll remembers: "Famous Hotels have produced the Grand Hotel Europe St Petersburg history, a book that proves to be very successful from the PR and commercial point of view. We receive very positive comments and we also had excellent international press coverage initiated by famoushotels themselves. Our guests love the book, and it has become a best-seller among our various souvenir items. We appreciated the good, professional cooperation and the efficient delivery to Russia."
Thomas Noll
Former General Manager, Grand Hotel Europe, St Petersburg, Russia
The third edition of this successful book is currently in circulation. We recently discovered a rare historical letter, posted in 1912 on original stationary of the Grand Hotel del'Europe. (see more)


speth"History is not a burden but a responsibility. The Metropole is more than just a historical hotel, it is an integral part of the city, a landmark where many historical events took place. It will be here hopefully for future generations to enjoy and that is a big responsibility for us to keep the building in shape.
For the leisure market history is a decision maker. Not too many hotels like this one here are left in this part of the world.
Kai Speth
General Manager
The Metropole Hanoi
Vietnam (2010)

The Most Famous Hotels in the World conducted a 18 months history project. Today the book is in its 4th edition. New historical and contemporary material is added with every edition.

'It has been a pleasure working with Andreas Augustin and I am delighted he involved a well known local face, Roddy Martine, in the creation of our beautiful history book. Roddy added the local Scottish humour and I am impressed with the amount of research and quality of information that has gone into this book. The quality of pictures, paper and print is excellent and everyone who has read it so far confirms to me what a pleasure it has been to stroll through 100 years of history illustrated by lively photos and reflecting the glorious times the Caledonian Hotel has seen over one centenary.'

Dagmar Muehle was General Manager of the Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh when The Most Famous Hotels in the World conducted the history project from 2002-2003. The book was presented in 2003. 
divider*The Importance of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People is a play by Oscar Wilde. First performed on the 14 February 1895 at St. James's Theatre in London.
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